The OkCupid Phone Number (That Actually Works)

OkCupid is a dating service that was founded in January 2004. OkCupid’s reputation is demonstrated by the fact that it has been around for 15 years and is constantly expanding. So, if you’ve ever had any reservations about how or whether OkCupid works, now is the chance to put those worries to rest.

Once you’ve completed your OkCupid profile, the OkCupid algorithm analyses your preferences as well as how you respond to match questions to locate the right individuals for you. Each profile will display your compatibility score based on the answers that match. Then you can select whether or not to swipe right on a profile based on this information. Because of the algorithms, you’ll only see folks who are also seeking you!

If you are facing any problem regarding anything on Okcupid then you can contact them for help. 

You can contact [email protected] with any questions about your account or privacy.

OkCupid does not provide customer service over the phone. Scammers have been known to make up bogus OkCupid customer service phone numbers. 

They do not have a customer support number; instead, they ask that you go over their help articles, which are constantly updated with useful information, and, if necessary, contact them using their contact form.

Reasons why people contact OkCupid customer care

There are many reasons why people contact

  1. Problems with your login/password
  2.  losing access to the account, what to do?
  3. Technical problems or bugs (also see our Troubleshooting help section)
  4. “Your account will be closed” alert message.
  5. Sign-in troubleshooting
  6. Account takeover report
  7. Bug Reporting
  8. Why can’t I Like any people?
  9. Editing email subscriptions/ notifications
  10. Why am I not seeing enough matches, how to?
  11. iTunes buying error message troubleshooting
  12. why won’t you let me sign up?
  13. Why am I seeing Redirect ads on the mobile website?
  14. “Please assist us in receiving our emails.”
  15. Cancelling paid subscription
  16. Refunds
  17. Subscriptions can be transferred.
  18. If you purchased A-list (or a boost) but don’t see it in your account, please contact us.

For Whom Is OkCupid Ideal?

  1. Singles looking for a large user base and the highest chance of meeting a large number of local singles.
  2. Those looking for a dating site with a lot of features available to free members.
  3. Female singles who don’t want to be the ones to strike up a discussion with their matches.
  4. Older singles who believe that Bumble’s user base is too young.
  5. Singles who wish to save money by purchasing many months of a premium membership in advance.

Why was my OkCupid account banned?

On OkCupid, they do not allow hateful, harmful, or harassing content. Unwelcome sexually explicit content and messages are considered sexual harassment by them. They will suspend your account if they discover that you have violated their Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service.

This is to safeguard the privacy of people who may have reported you, as well as to enable the moderation staff to concentrate on current reports and problems. 

On the moderation team, they embrace diversity and inclusion, and they have highly qualified members of staff from diverse backgrounds and life experiences who assist them make educated decisions.

If the ban has been lifted and your profile reinstated, OkCupid will respond to your email. If this ban has happened by mistake according to you then contact them.

Why should I get an OkCupid premium? What will I get?

Premium OkCupid members have an unlimited number of likes, increased visibility, and access to advanced search filters, including the ability to search for profiles based on criteria. 

You can also look at the responses to the other profile’s questions and curate the greatest ice breakers to use as a deal-breaker. 

All of this is included in the paid basic version.

What should I not do on OkCupid?

  1. Do not send unhealthy messages
  2. Do not bring up how you believe the date is going with your date in the middle of the date.
  3. Do not inquire about the number of OkCupid dates the other person has had.
  4. Do not go to your date in person until you have first gained permission.

The bottom line

OkCupid, a free online dating site, in my opinion, is the best. You create a profile and upload photos of yourself, like with most dating services. 

OkCupid also uses an algorithm to assess your attractiveness. There’s a “quickmatch” tool where you may offer a thumbs up or down to the user you’re looking at.

You can contact them anytime if you face any problems with the app. If you found this article helpful then do let me know in the comments below.