10 Things I Learned about Dating Colombian Women

Colombia is among the world’s finest countries. It offers an excellent climate, some of the best forests, beaches, unique plant and animal species, and a diverse cultural landscape. One of the most noticeable characteristics is a passion for coffee. Colombian coffee is an integral part of the country’s culture.

Okay so this was about the country, now let’s come to the women of the country… ahhh I just love these women. They changed my thinking about a relationship and dating.

If you think you know what being in a relationship is like then you are wrong! No, really. There are many people out there like us, don’t worry. 

In this blog, I will share with you the 10 things I learned about dating a Colombian woman so that if you are dating or planning to date one then it will mentally prepare you. Continue reading.

10 Things I Learned about Dating Colombian Women

Once upon a time when I was in the same situation as you, I used to think the same that I know how a relationship is and what it is like to date until I met this gorgeous woman (I won’t take her name) who made me realize how much I did not know about dating. 

My girlfriend has changed the definition of a relationship for me. She even taught me a lot of things that as a human we must possess in ourselves. We’ll talk about this some other day. For now, let’s just see how it is like to date one.

Following are the 10 things I learned about dating a Colombian woman:

  1. They are sweet and caring

When I was in the early stage I mean the time when I haven’t met my girl, there hasn’t been a single time when I felt ignored by the Colombian women after I tried approaching them. 

From experience, I can say that they don’t have the same attitude as the Western women- who act as if they are don’t know what- and they are always sweet and gentle. 

Even when they reject you, they do so gracefully and thoughtfully that you don’t feel hurt. Whereas,  when wester women reject a man they show as if they deserve the king of this universe!  No, I am not criticizing, I am only and only sharing with you my experience.

  1. You will experience a great relationship

Colombian women are just so good when it boils down to being in a relationship. I can say this because I have been with a few Colombian women earlier. They are like the finest piece of art! Yes, I am not joking. 

Once my girlfriend sent me a hoodie with a letter in which she said, “I know you are overburdened with work these days, even so, you takeout time for me once a week and drop a good morning and good night message daily, and I’m more in love with you; this a small gift for you! Take your time and space, do not worry that I will get mad or lose interest. I love you.” 

I was flat… I instantly knew she was the one I always wanted.

  1. Goodbyes go on another level

If you want to date a Colombian woman, you’ll need to learn how to properly greet and bid farewell. It’s something along these lines: Enter a room, bar, or restaurant and hug and kiss everyone (yes, even strangers). 

Continue hugging and kissing as before, but don’t leave at that point. continue talking for another 10-15 minutes before repeating the cycle. The moral of the story is that you should get used to hugging and kissing people you know and strangers alike.

So if you are planning to date a Colombian woman then better be ready to experience a great physical relationship. Because that’s how people are. Their love language is physical touch.

  1. They’re a tough group if you mess

I wondered what had happened to that precious, delicate Colombian when once I roasted her bad. I commented on her mood swings saying that she becomes like shit, talking nonsense during that time. (a little bit more I said which I can’t tell you here). 

Oh god, I tell you, this woman became a devil kind, I felt like I’m not going to survive a day more. Honestly, I regret messing with her.

That day, I learned two important lessons. Don’t presume that everyone, especially those from distant nations, would understand your snark; and, second, never upset off a Colombian!

  1. Be ready to be in a noisy environment

When a Colombian is talking, for some reason, especially over the phone, becomes quite loud. Similarly, when I go out with her friend circle, we are, without a doubt, the loudest table in the restaurant. 

So if you are not someone who loves to talk loud then be prepared t tolerate the noise. I am not criticizing but this is how Colombian women are, typically.

  1. Your “food life” is sorted

When you’re dating a Colombian, you’ll almost certainly spend a lot of time trying to figure out where you can get Colombian things, which isn’t always easy. 

But getting your hands on some of those arepas, pan de queso, bocadillos, and Ducales is always worthwhile.

My girlfriend is such a good cook that the aroma of these dishes is enough to make me drool to death… I mean not really but you get me, right.

  1. You should start learning Spanish right away.

I’ve been there, done that, and highly warn you to NOT follow in my footsteps of NOT LEARNING! Start learning Spanish NOW if you genuinely want to date a Colombian woman and imagine a future with her! 

No matter if she is fluent in English, chances are her family might not be well versed and it can make her a little upset if you are not able to talk to her parents.

  1. Family is the priority

As I just said, if you can’t talk to her family, it might upsert her because for a Colombian woman their family is their priority. Colombia has also always impressed me as a place where the importance of family is paramount. 

Everybody is caring for each other, and the extended family seems to be just as essential as the main family. Two incidences brought home how important family is to Colombians, which is one of my favorite aspects of the nation.

  1. If you don’t know how to dance, learn it

Your girls will surely love you more if you could dance with her well. Dancing is a significant part of Colombian culture, and you won’t get away with doing your dad’s movements (trust me, I’ve tried). Learn some basic Salsa steps, or pick one of the many other genres, and give it a go. You may (and most likely will) discover that you truly enjoy it.

  1. They’re warm and friendly.

Colombians place a high value on affection. They are very honest about their feelings. If they care about you, they will tell you and show you. They enjoy cooking for their partners and families, as well as presenting gifts and dedicating songs to them.

When it comes to expressing our feelings, we Brits, particularly Scots, are a cautious bunch. All that, plus a stiff upper lip. And I believe that I am on the more extreme end of the spectrum. But, if you’re not a fan of walking hand in hand or sharing a cheeky kiss and cuddling in public – whether on the street, the train, or even at work – you’d best get ready to embrace the shift, or start looking again!

Frequently asked questions

What is dating like for Colombian women?

I’d say you won’t regret it. The points I mentioned above are all that can describe a Colombian woman. Colombians are superb seducers because they are prideful and don’t want to embarrass each other, because (invent your own excuses) – you can expect a surprise at any time like I got a hoodie when I could barely make time for her. After all, it is said correctly that it is the land of magical realism!

In Colombia, what is considered impolite?

Speaking with your hands in your pockets or chewing gum with your mouth open is impolite. It’s terrible manners to slouch and lean against things. 

In Colombia, punctuality is not strictly enforced. For social and casual engagements, expect people to adhere to a looser “Tiempo Colombiano” (Colombian time).

What’s it like to date a Colombian?

It’s a compliment that Colombian men want to put you on display but be prepared for a barrage of compliments and questions from his male relatives in return. Colombians are incredibly open people, and you may find yourself meeting a majority of his friends and family even if your relationship is casual!

The bottom line

Colombian ladies are lovely, daring, and friendly. They are usually concerned about their family and friends. They willingly become committed wives and dedicated moms when they find the love of their lives. This kind of behavior is admired by Western men who regard Colombian brides as valuable assets.

At last, I only want to say that a woman is a woman, they are all beautiful and unique in their own way. So, you are all ready to date a Colombian woman now. 

All the very best to you.

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