100 Questions to Ask a Friend – A Complete List

These interesting questions to ask will help you connect with your friends and other people you meet no matter what the occasion is. 

Simply by asking one of these questions, you can learn something new about someone. 

Check out the list of entertaining questions below for the complete list.

  1. What was your favourite snack as a kid?
  2. Which day of the week is your favourite?
  3. Which month is your favourite?
  4. Which of your classmates was your favourite?
  5. Do I make you happy?
  6. Do you want to make a difference in the world?
  7. Do you have an item that you collect?
  8. What do you imagine God to look like?
  9. Do you like to walk about in shoes or in slippers?
  10. What number is lucky for you?
  11. Have you ever crossed something off your bucket list?
  12. Do you enjoy following people on social media?
  13. What is your present bad habit that you’d like to change?
  14. Do you hold a special place in your heart for Christmas?
  15. What was the most extreme weather you’ve ever encountered?
  16. What behaviours are keeping you from reaching your objectives?
  17. What is the most common way that your friends describe you?
  18. What do you like to wear when no one is around?
  19. What have you recently purchased?
  20. Have you tried keeping a journal before?
  21. What do you daydream about most often?
  22. What are some of the things you wish you could forget quickly?
  23. What is the most attractive feature of your face?
  24. Have you ever received an unusual gift?
  25. What’s the strangest item on your to-do list?
  26. What are some of the childlike things you still enjoy doing?
  27. What is it that your brain tries to get you to do, and you have to fight it?
  28. What were the three most important lessons you learned from your last relationship?
  29. What do you believe is the greatest way to get rid of a hangover?
  30. What foreign languages would you like to learn?
  31. How smart do you think you are?
  32. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve been persuaded to do or believe?
  33. What is something you know to be true that no one else believes?
  34. What instrument has the most amusing sound?
  35. If you were forced to leave the country, where would you go?
  36. Do you give a damn what other people say?
  37. What is the most dreadful colour ever created?
  38. Is it possible that you’ve been spotted dancing in front of the mirror?
  39. Which component of the driver’s test will I fail if I fail?
  40. Have you ever attempted to communicate with your dog?
  41. What would you do if you had the ability to live indefinitely?
  42. What is the name of a male ladybug?
  43. Do you have any weird habits?
  44. Are you someone who blushes easily?
  45. What can virtually always make you happy?
  46. Do you think there are soulmates?
  47. Do you think you’d fall for someone like me?
  48. What kind of humour do you have?
  49. Do you possess any hidden superpowers?
  50. Have you ever tried to impress someone by lying about yourself?
  51. Is it more likely that you will die from hunger or from overeating?
  52. What is the strangest text you’ve recently received?
  53. Do you believe in love’s invisibility?
  54. With whom would you like to switch lives?
  55. What would you take if you had the chance to steal something?
  56. If you owned a five-star restaurant, what kind of cuisine would you give your patrons?
  57. What’s the most expensive event you’ve ever been to?
  58. Who is your most vehement foe?
  59. What food should have a greater flavour than it looks?
  60. When flying out of the country, what’s the first thing you pack?
  61. Do you use social media to express yourself?
  62. Which member in your family is the tallest?
  63. What characteristics did your parents pass down to you?
  64. Who do you admire the most?
  65. Is it possible for you to show me the oldest item in your closet?
  66. What superpower would you choose if you only had one?
  67. What should you do if you find yourself alone?
  68. Will you ever wish for a child to be named after you?
  69. Do you want a cat to be your buddy or do you want to be a cat?
  70. What’s one portion of your body that you wouldn’t mind losing?
  71. What does a great vacation look like for you?
  72. Which would you rather have: being in charge or being in charge?
  73. What three things would you educate your future child if you could only teach them three things?
  74. What is the most obnoxious television commercial you’ve lately seen?
  75. Which game is the most addicting for you?
  76. What would you be if you had to dress up every day for the rest of your life in a different Halloween costume?
  77. Who or what would you listen to if you had the chance to listen to a singer or a band for the rest of your life?
  78. Have you ever extracted a tooth only for the purpose of receiving money from the tooth fairy?
  79. What is one skill that you think everyone should have?
  80. How many times have you had your heart broken?
  81. What do you do first when you return home after a trip?
  82. What would you buy if you had a billion dollars?
  83. What songs make you want to sing along every time you hear them?
  84. What brought your parents together?
  85. What has been your most egregious kitchen blunder?
  86. Which would you choose if you could only drink coffee or tea for the rest of your life?
  87. Which action film is your personal favourite?
  88. What keeps you going?
  89. Which of the countries you’ve visited is the most beautiful?
  90. Would you prefer to cook at home or go out to eat?
  91. Which of your skills is the most useless?
  92. What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever done in school?
  93. How frequently do you change your bedsheets?
  94. Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks?
  95. Do you prefer to save or spend more money?
  96. What is the strangest belief you’ve ever heard?
  97. What’s the most insane wager you’ve ever made?
  98. Who would you meet today if you could meet anyone in the world?
  99. What kind of pizza is best for you?
  100. What has been the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
  101. Have you given any thought to the name you want to give your future child?

It can be difficult to come up with questions to ask your friends, whether you want to learn something new, improve your friendship with a friend, or simply have an interesting chat. So, to make things simple I have written these 100+ questions for you!


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