100+ Romantic Nicknames for Boyfriend that They’ll Like

Nicknames! Uff, our favourite part of a relationship. Nicknames have their essence, we might forget the person but can never forget what they used to call us. It becomes the TITLE of the memories with them.

We girls love it so much that all our friends have a nickname we have given them but sometimes when it comes to giving a nickname to our boyfriends we get confused about what nickname should we to our special one, THE ONE. hehe

I have gone through this too sweetheart and so I’m listing more than 100 nicknames for your boyfriend that they’ll like to be addressed with.

100+ Romantic Nicknames for Boyfriend that They’ll Like

  1. Love

Most of the couples prefer using this as a nickname when they are alone and no one could hear them. This creates a sense of love and vibes of comfort.

  1. Darling

This adorable nickname for your lover is derived from an Old English nickname and is frequently used in the later stages of a relationship.

  1. Cutiepie

Using this name when you both are in an early romantic mood is a good call.

  1. baby

This timeless cute name for your guy is so sweet and long-lasting that every time you speak it, he’ll swoon for you.

  1. Boo/ bae

If your partner is the kindest person you know, use this charming nickname to refer to him when you’re alone.

  1. Sweetheart

Call your guy this adorable name if your love is as sweet and sugary as candy.

  1. Babbu

This moniker is especially appropriate for lovers who consider themselves to be cute but nasty.

  1. Captain

Is your boyfriend capable of steering the love boat even in unfamiliar waters? If you answered yes, give this moniker a shot!

  1. Mr Handsom

When you want your lover to feel loved but also like the man of the house, give him this cute nickname!

  1. Sunshine

Try this charming name on for size if your man oozes warmth and love!

  1. Bubu

If you can’t help but notice how lovely your boo thing is, this nickname is perfect for you.

  1. My moon

If your soul mate is destined for the bright lights of the universe, give him or her this lovely name.

  1.  Life

There are different words in different languages that mean life. To be honest, I have my human’s number saved as Zindagi (in Urdu). I do call him that and he loves it.

  1. Hottie

This nickname is a classic one but an effective one too. Boys love to be appreciated for how they look, yes it is true. Every human loves to be praised.

  1. Juju

This one is a cute one but when said in a sexy manner, becomes a turn on. Tried and tested.

  1. Hubby

It’s just a lovely little nickname for your guy (or husband-to-be).

  1. Mister

Make it a throwback to the best night of both of you…

  1. Brownie 

If your man is a sweet-natured boyfriend with brown eyes or brown hair then he’ll love to be called this.

  1. Booby

It’s romantic to call your man “Booby.” It makes them think they were good in touch.

  1. Captain

Yes, you and your partner are both in the relationSHIP so why not make things romantically customised? 

  1. Honey

It simply showcases your love.

  1. Honey Pie 

It is a delicious dessert and when you address someone with this name, it means they are a delicious dessert. Combine these beautiful words to give a clear message about how you feel about your partner.

  1. Baby Boo

When you call your man this, they usually get an idea that your love for them is an old-school romantic love.

  1. Jaana/ Jaan

This one is the most used and famous one in India. It simply means life.

  1. Blue

It represents the sky if you have an obsession with the sky. Also, it is a moniker for a partner who has gorgeous blue eyes or hair.

  1. Blue Eyed Boyfriend 

A boyfriend with bright blue eyes.

  1. Copycat 

A term for a guy that imitates your every move.

  1. Cosmo

It is a great name for an epic partner.

  1. Blueberry 

It is a sweet nickname for a dashing partner.

  1. Hot chocolate

If you love chocolates then this one is perfect for your boyfriend.

  1. Bolide 

It is a sweet name for a self-assured boyfriend.

  1. Lil Dove 

If your boyfriend is a positive young man who promotes peace then this name is for him.

  1. BonBon 

This is a wonderful name for a guy that brings sweetness into your life.

Other romantic nicknames are as follows:

  1. My Man
  2. My One and Only 
  3. Monkey bun
  4. Nemo 
  5. Neptune 
  6. Nibbles 
  7. Sweetheart
  8. Jupiter
  9. Venus
  10. Woody
  11. Peppa
  12. Doremon
  13. Naruto
  14. Kakashi
  15. Boo Hentai
  16. Nickel
  17. Night Light 
  18. sunflower
  19. Nieko
  20. Muffet
  21. Waffle
  22. Nugget
  23. Toey
  24. Num Nums
  25. My Other Half 
  26. Peachy 
  27. Rose
  28. Peachy Pie
  29. Omi
  30. Twinkle
  31. Jockey
  32. Como
  33. Universe
  34. Hampster
  35. Berrie
  36. Apple pie
  37. Peanut 
  38. Vampire
  39. Pearl
  40. Pebbles
  41. Bunny
  42. Perfect 
  43. My Prince
  44. Pumpkin Pie 
  45. Chiku
  46. Jaaneman
  47. Teddy
  48. Cutiepie
  49. Crushy boo
  50. Dude
  51. Buddy
  52. Joy
  53. Bitchy bitch
  54. Wizary 
  55. Enchanter 
  56. Pikachu
  57. Daddy
  58. Doodoo
  59. Lantern 
  60. My boogie boo
  61. Panda
  62. Sexy star
  63. Nothern star
  64. Heartie
  65. Happy-hoppy
  66. Lil love
  67. Licky vikiy 
  68. Sweetiepie 
  69. Mister mushtach 
  70. Sin-ger (a nasty short tempered person) 

Love is always expressed in a relationship between two people, whether through words, gestures, or acts. 

From the above, choose the appropriate nickname for your partner to rekindle that stale love or embarrass him in front of his friends.

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