Complete Black Cupid Review 2022 – Is It Perfect or Scam?

If you’re looking for a great way to meet more women online, then check out Black Cupid review. I recently discovered this dating site and was impressed by the number of women who have already signed up to date using this service.

A dating site is judged solely on one thing that is how good it is in finding you the types of matchups you’re looking for. In this way, Black Cupid performs admirably.

By no means is it the best dating service out there, but it does what it does well, and finding pairings in a larger city shouldn’t be too difficult.

Black cupid is a specialist site that caters to both black people and those who want to date them. Users come from all around the world, and the site is consistently growing. In this guide, you will find out everything you want to know about Black Cupid and whether it is perfect or a scam.

Complete Black Cupid Review 2022

When compared to other dating services that cater to everyone, the Black Cupid dating site claims to have roughly 300,000 users, which is not a large number. Because this isn’t a typical dating site, but rather a speciality one, the number of users will be lower than on other, more general dating services.

The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times to date and has a 3.9-star rating. For those willing to pay a membership fee, Black Cupid has a number of fantastic features. And if you want to contact a possible match, it’s something you’ll almost certainly need to do, just to be able to answer any messages you receive.

It’s simple to create a profile on Black Cupid. As soon as you check in for the first time, you’re given a list of nearby matches. In your profile, you can enter a lot of information. If they come across incomplete profiles, they will simply move on to the next matchup.

In terms of the user base, a 4 to 1 male to female ratio is quite high. But, I suppose, it depends on what you’re looking for in a matchup at the end of the day. If you’re a man seeking a woman, you’ll have fewer alternatives, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find one. 

Unlike many other services, Black Cupid lets you send messages to users who have member profiles. There is no method to get in touch with a regular site visitor. You’ll eventually look into a subscription-only to be able to speak with other regular users.

The pricing strategy for the site is spot on. Remember, this isn’t your typical dating site; it’s a speciality site, and niche sites have higher prices. However, when compared to other speciality dating services, the fees are really reasonable, especially considering all of the great features available to members. If I had to choose, I would choose a longer membership plan, particularly if you expect to use the service for a long time.

Is Black Cupid perfect or scam?

When it comes to dating services, there is always the possibility of being scammed. BlackCupid is no different. Meanwhile, the service crew keeps a close eye on all registered users. When the team discovers a rule infringement, scam suspicion, or the lack of images, for example, the profile is marked as ‘suspected,’ and the user’s registration is denied.

The verification process is open to all registered members. This choice necessitates your identification. To establish your identity, send a scan of your passport or driver’s licence. It should be noted that the information acquired is not shared with third parties. As a result, with all of the precautions in place, the probability of fraud is quite low.

What are the pros and cons of Black Cupid?

The pros of Black cupid are as follows:

  1. The signup process has been simplified. Users can create an account for free in around 2-3 minutes.
  2. Premium membership is available at an affordable price. The platform is regarded as a low-cost platform by the community.
  3. Profiles in great detail. Members can share as much information as they like with other users. There are various fields to fill out on the site.
  4. Members can use a variety of search techniques to discover someone who completely matches their interests.
  5. Available all over the world. Visitors from all around the world are welcome to participate in the platform.
  6. Verification procedure that is robust. Users must give an ID to the BlackCupid team in order to get their profiles confirmed.

The cons of Black cupid are as follows:

The bulk of functions, including those that allow communication, are only available to premium customers.

Only Android smartphones can download the app.

How to join Black Cupid?

To join Black Cupid, go to their website and create a profile by following the instructions that pop while you sign in.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to a website or get an app from google play
  2. Select ‘View Singles Now’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Put your first name here. It’s worth noting that using fictitious names will make your verification process impossible.
  4. Indicate if you are a man or a woman, and who you are seeking. 
  5. Choose your age group. 
  6. Create a password and enter your email address.
  7. By checking this box, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.
  8. To use the platform, click on ‘View Singles Now’ once more.

However, there isn’t a version for Apple phones. If you have a Black Cupid account, you cannot cancel it; however, you can disable it.

Is Black Cupid worth it?

The BlackCupid platform assists single black people throughout the world in finding their special someone. Other races, on the other hand, are not restricted from using the service. 

People of many nationalities who wish to date black people are encouraged to attend. Apart from dating and casual encounters, many create accounts to make new acquaintances, learn about different cultures, and so on. 

This type of site is highly regarded around the world as one of the best black dating services. The site is completely user-friendly and suitable for people of all ages.

Can you turn off your account?

To turn off your profile, select “profile settings” from the “options” tab in the top right corner of the screen while reading the website. Scroll down until you reach the “turn off profile” area, and then click it. 

You have the option to reactivate it at any moment. If you don’t utilise your account for an extended period of time, Black Cupid will close it. If you’d rather remove your Black Cupid account than just turn it off, the quickest way to do so is via email. Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Please deactivate my account.”

What are the features of Black cupid?

The features of Black cupid are as follows: 

  1. Take a look at who has liked your profile.
  2. Only send messages to paying members.
  3. Find out who has looked at your profile.
  4. Make a list of all of your favourite matchups.
  5. Take a look at who has favourited your profile.
  6. You can save profiles that you want to see later. 
  7. Matchups can be found using many more parameters than a standard search.
  8. They’ll get an email letting them know that their profiles have been liked.

What is the pricing of Black Cupid?

Black Cupid offers two membership levels: Gold and Platinum. Gold membership is the more affordable of the two, and it contains many of the essential features we’ve already discussed. Platinum membership is the most expensive choice available, and it includes all of the benefits of Gold membership plus even more.

As a Gold or Platinum member of Black Cupid, you can also use an instant messaging system to communicate with other members. This is a far more efficient method of communication than waiting for a message to come into your inbox. You can view other users’ accounts anonymously, and they will be unaware of your actions.

Gold membership:

$24.99 for a month’s membership

$49.99 for three months ($16.66 each month)

$99.99 for a 12-month membership ($8.33 per month)

Platinum membership:

$29.99 for a one-month membership

$59.99 for a 3-month membership ($20.00 each month)

$119.99 for a 12-month membership ($10.00 per month)

The final thoughts 

Black Cupid has a design that is fairly similar to the other dating platform sites. The top of the page has everything you need, including your profile, settings, messages, search, and matches. There is also a quick search box on the site where you can rapidly alter parameters to conduct a fresh search. A counter also displays how many individuals are online at the same time as you.

Despite the fact that it lacks the vast user population of other Cupid services, there is plenty here to assist you to find a suitable mate. Everything is easy to find, and you’ll be exploring Black Cupid like an expert in less than five minutes. You’ll need to look into membership to reach out to people, but it also comes with a slew of other cool features.

To identify your ideal mate, Black Cupid uses a search-based algorithm. To block a user, go to their profile and look for the option to block them on the right-hand side. When you go to your profile, you can unblock them at any time. It’s an easy process to report a user who breaks the rules.

The bottom line: if you are willing to give black cupid a try then surely you may.

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