Bumble and Spotify: A Musical Match That Will Work

Bumble, the famous mobile dating app, has been adding new features. First, they introduced Gifphy gifs to the up-users flirt game, which we love but aren’t sure how many people use. Men had 24 hours to respond to a message from a woman to avoid ghosting. Spotify integration will allow users to integrate their music preferences into their profiles.

We all have various musical preferences: some like it loud, while others like it quiet. We probably don’t want to be stuck in the car arguing over which song to play with our partner. Bumble satisfies this requirement by allowing you to connect your Spotify account. This blog will teach you about connecting Bumble with your Spotify account.

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What is Bumble and Spotify integration?

You can’t just stroll up to the other individual and start a conversation with him or her. As a result, you must make your profile as appealing as possible. It’s similar to preparing a CV for a job interview: you need to stand out. One of the best methods to demonstrate that you are a music aficionado is through music. Bumble allows you to link your Spotify account so that others can view your favorite artists and music.

Users of Bumble can easily link their dating profile to their Spotify account, allowing them to include the artists they listen to in their profile. Users can tap on an artist displayed in someone’s profile to be directed to the artist’s Spotify website. This could pave the way for future integrations that allow potential daters to get to know one another even better.

Bumble’s Spotify integration allows users to view which musicians they most frequently listen to on the popular music streaming service. The issue is that it rarely refreshes to reflect what you’re currently listening to. It frequently displays musicians you’ve listened to in the previous weeks or months. There are a few fast tweaks that might work.

How to connect Bumble with Spotify?

To add top artists to your Bumble profile, connect your Spotify account:

  • In the lower-left corner of your screen, tap the grey silhouette.
  • To launch the profile editor, tap “Complete my profile” in the circular photo in the center of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the Linked Accounts section.
  • The green bar that says “Connect your Spotify” should be tapped.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your Spotify login details; tap “Login.”
  • You will be requested to accept the Terms & Conditions of Use if you are already logged in.

What will happen after connecting bumble and Spotify? Will it help in matching?

We all have different tastes in music, for instance, some like old classic music while other people like rock music. We probably don’t want to be sitting in the car and fighting with our partner to play the song of our choice. Addressing this requirement, Bumble lets you connect to your Spotify account.

I suppose there are advantages, such as helping you find people who share your musical tastes. However, I believe that online dating should not be ruthlessly, algorithmically honest. It’s why we can cherrypick photos rather than having your five most recent Facebook uploads reflect your entire life.

What is the best way to modify my Spotify top artists?

Tap the More link to the right of the section title to adjust the date range for your top artists or to see other items such as top tracks or top albums. You can change the view to 6 months or a lifetime by tapping the links at the bottom.

Why isn’t my Spotify account connected with Bumble?

The first thing you should attempt is logging out and then back into your Bumble account. This works when you try to sign into your Spotify account because it fixes the syncing issue. Before you begin, ensure that the Spotify app is not operating in the background.

The bottom line

Tap “Hide artist” under the circular artist photo if you don’t want all of your top artists to appear. Rather than disconnecting Spotify from Bumble, some users claim that signing out of both Bumble and Spotify will resolve the issue of out-of-date top artists. 

To exit Bumble, open the app, tap the user symbol in the upper left corner, then the gear icon in the upper left corner. Scroll down and select “Log Out” from the drop-down menu.

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