Coffee meets Bagel review 2022- pros & cons, rating, pricing

How astonishing it is that we all have a common choice when it comes to picking one from coffee or tea. But indeed it gets lonely when you and your coffee mug has no companion to enjoy the drink with- here is when the need for a dating app ignites. 

There are people like me who are so much in love with coffee that they have a coffee bean cushion, stickers, Starbuck cups etc. so let me tell you, there is a dating app named coffee! 

Okay okay no more jokes. 

The Coffee Meets Bagel dating app first went live in April 2012 in New York City, with plans to expand to Boston and San Francisco by the end of the year. Soo, Dawoon, and Arum Kang, along with a team of developers from San Francisco, built the brand. All three sisters are prominent businesswomen with Harvard degrees. 

In this guide, I will walk you through the questions that brought you here and you will find all the details you are seeking about Coffee meets Bagel. So without any delta let’s get started.

What is Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating platform. It is an excellent dating app with a simple interface. However, this also implies that there aren’t a lot of options. Some people may enjoy this, while others may find the lack of options irritating. 

Coffee Meets Bagel has a huge number of moderators that can assist with reports and other general concerns because they’re not as readily available for direct contact as we users like. The app’s support page allows you to file a request, but there is no live chat or phone number for people who require a quick assistance. 

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that helps you find your perfect match. They use algorithms to present you with a list of 5 daily matches from which to choose. The idea is that you’ll meet fewer singles who don’t share your aspirations or are just not right if you say it this way.

Things to know about Coffee Meets Bagel

  1. CMB is a dating app located in San Francisco that was created in 2012.
  2. On Google Play, the app has 3.5 stars and over 95,000 reviews.
  3. On the Apple Store, the app has a 4.5-star rating and over 128,000 reviews.
  4. Since its launch, the app has resulted in over 50 million matches.
  5. When Coffee and Bagel Collide On Season 6 of Shark Tank, he made an appearance.
  6. Mark Cuban is a real estate mogul who owns CMB was offered for $30 million.

How is coffee Meets Bagel and who should use it?

Coffee Meets Bagel app is designed to be an easy-to-use platform for finding matches that have been hand-picked to fulfil your dating needs. It is a modern twist on the classic dating app. A free subscription gives you access to the majority of the features, which is just like the cream cheese on this bagel! We like how they appear to have simplified the dating app experience.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a good option for Singles looking for a fresh take on dating or anyone who is sick of scrolling through countless profiles on other online dating apps, and for those who prefer singles or free apps with a la carte options.

Coffee Meets Bagel is not a good option for Singles searching for a laid-back, hook-up atmosphere. Because the traditional Coffee Meets Bagel crowd is a little younger, older singles are welcome. Women who desire to look at a wider number of men shouldn’t use this dating platform as it might not be as good for them.

What is Beans on Coffee meets bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel’s in-app currency is Beans. CMB takes it a step further by allowing users to earn this cash without having to spend any money. This can be accomplished by signing in on a frequent basis, giving reviews, and so on. You can buy beans in the Bean Shop if you aren’t earning enough or if you are running low on them.

How to sign in on Coffee meets Bagel?

Your phone number or your Facebook page can be used to create a Coffee Meets Bagel account. 

Following are the steps for the same:

Using Your Phone to Signup

  1. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, download it.
  2. Choose “proceed with phone number” when you open the app.
  3. Please include your phone number.
  4. Wait for the SMS verification to appear 
  5. Let it auto verify.
  6. Fill out your personal information 
  7. Select your dating preferences.
  8. That’s it!

Facebook Sign-Up

  1. Install the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Choose “continue with Facebook” when you open the app.
  3. The app will guide you through the process of connecting to your Facebook account.
  4. Approve permissions as they are requested by the app.
  5. Fill out your personal information. 
  6. Select your dating preferences.
  7. You are all set to go!

What are the pros and cons of Coffee  Meets Bagel?

The pros are as follows:

  1. Custom matching is provided using compatibility techniques.
  2. Every day, you’re given a sensible and manageable list of singles.
  3. Through activities, you can earn in-app currency.
  4. Your inbox doesn’t fill up with unwanted photographs and cheesy pickup lines, you’ll only get messages from profiles you’ve liked.

The cons are as follows:

  1. You only get 5 matches per day, which can slow down the process.
  2. With roughly 60% of users identifying as female, the gender split isn’t even.
  3. The matching algorithm isn’t as sophisticated or effective as those found on eHarmony or other dating services.

What is the pricing of Coffee Meets Bagel?

The cost differs depending on your choice of how many months you want to use the premium features. The more months you choose, the more discount you get: 


1 month $34

3 months $74

6 months $199

12 months $179


That is free of cost with $0

On the Coffee Meets Bagel App, who sends the first message?

The CMB app’s original objective was to give women a place to go where they wouldn’t be harassed with obscene or unwelcome messages. As a result, no messages will be sent until the lady expresses interest in the match and starts it.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel a popular website?

Certainly in the tens of millions! The actual number of total users on the Coffee Meets Bagel app has always been a bit hazy, but co-founder Dawoon Kang confirmed publicly in 2019 that the brand had reached 10 million users, and that it has continued to expand since then.

The bottom line

The majority of singles on are looking for long-term partnerships, not casual hookups. “More than 90%,” according to their personnel. If you’re bored of matching with other singles who don’t have long-term relationship objectives, CMB is a far cry from Tinder.

App for coffee and bagels is completely free to use, but they do offer a paid premium service with additional benefits. If you commit to 6 months in advance, you’ll get the best value on Premium. 

CMB, like Bumble coins, has its own in-app currency called “beans,” which you must purchase in order to have access to premium features and other bonuses. They also reward you with beans simply for using the app, which you can earn by liking profiles. So, if you are wanting to give it a try then go for it!

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