Contact BlackPeopleMeet Customer Service is a large online dating service in the United States for unmarried black individuals. It was first released in 2002. People Media, Inc. is the company that runs it. In the year 2002, the company was established. 

Its headquarters are in Hollywood, California, United States of America. is a dating site for African-American people looking for love. 

The platform could be used for dating, finding pen pals, and connecting people. It is necessary to register. Users can download audio, video, and photo albums using the BlackPeopleMeet profile system. 

They can also use the live chat feature, as well as post and browse photos. The creation of all profiles is completely free. “Building Relationships. Connecting Lives” is BlackPeopleMeet’s mission statement.

There are many reasons why users contact black people meet. In this article, you will find how to contact them and the best timing to contact them.

Official Website; Black People Meet

How to contact Black People Meet?

Going to the Black People Meet help desk is your best option for addressing your customer support issue. I can advise you on the best way to go there if you use the above link. 

Toll-Free Number:

(866) 320-0106

Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 7:00pm

What are the reasons for people contacting BlackPeopleMeet?

  1. Refund/cancelling
  2. Refund of membership dues
  3. I need to speak with customer support urgently.
  4. I need to talk to someone
  5. I want everything except my credit card,” says the narrator.
  6. I upgraded, but the charge is on my credit card, and it isn’t working.
  7. Won’t you take my credit card?
  8. Please don’t ask me to pay again 
  9. I signed up for this site and paid for the entire month, however, it took longer than expected
  10. I’d like to obtain some assistance with my problems. Why am I unable to contact anyone after having paid for…
  11. This account was supposed to be cancelled months ago, but it wasn’t, and I was charged **$.
  12. I can’t get into my account; it’s as if I’ve been locked out.
  13. Cancel the black people’s meeting; I’m not interested.
  14. I must have typed in the erroneous email address 

Details about the customer support of BlackPeopleMeet

The customer support website for the dating site is very short in information. The FAQ portion of the customer support page is merely a list of the most frequently asked questions. While this is beneficial to site users, few of the Help and FAQ sections provide any assistance. Most are merely a few paragraphs long and do not provide a comprehensive overview of the site’s features. You can reach out to customer service by filling out an online web form or calling a toll-free number (866-320-0106).

Frequently asked questions

Is call back available for Black people meet customer service?


What is the best time to call them?

9:30 am

How do BlackPeopleMeet works?

Within minutes of completing the quick and simple registration process, you may begin browsing the available singles. There are a number of various ways to connect with other users on BlackPeopleMeet, but the most fundamental two are Matches and Search. 

Members can filter search results by age, location, and other profile data, and are presented with daily suggestions of compatible companions. If you find a profile that you like, you have a few options for expressing your interest. Sending a Flirt is a completely free choice.

This will send an automated message to the user and add your profile to their Inbox. A paid subscription is required for full access to your Inbox. Paid users get access to additional features such as sending messages, chatting, and using the ConnectMe service.

For whom is BlackPeopleMeet created? is an online dating site for black people aged 18 and up. Despite the fact that this is a speciality dating service, everyone, regardless of ethnicity, is welcome to join. Users can choose from the following choices when registering:

  • Man looking for men
  • Man looking for a woman
  • Woman looking for a man
  • Women looking for women

How does the BlackPeopleMeet enrollment process work?

Interested individuals can sign up for this online dating service for free to get a feel for how the site works and the available dating pool. Black people meet can be accessed via a web browser or through apps for Android and iOS devices depending on which device you own.

What are the Pros of BlackPeopleMeet?

Nothing much, a few extremely pleasant gentlemen, you get to meet new people, okay-looking women

What are the Cons of BlackPeopleMeet?

Unauthorized recurring charges to my credit card; Cancelling auto-renew never works; Cancelling auto-renew never works; they charge you anyhow; False representation It’s difficult to close your account and get a refund.

The bottom line is the largest black singles dating service in the United States. Because BlackPeopleMeet does not do any type of identity verification, members are more likely to encounter fake profiles and fall victim to online fraud. Also, free members have very limited access to the dating app/site.

I hope this was informative and helpful. If not then let me know in the comments what you are looking for.

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