Does Bumble tell you when someone was last online Or When They Last Viewed You?

Bumble debuted in 2014 and quickly gained traction. The female-friendly app’s appeal originates from a Tinder-like design with no unsolicited or vulgar messages. The ratio of male to female users is practically ideal, ensuring that everyone has a roughly equal number of potential matches.

Bumble is a new app that allows you to meet people of the same sex as you and look for companionship. Users can switch between Best Friend Forever (BFF) mode or networking mode, so it’s not only a dating app.

However, those new on Bumble find it a bit confusing as to what different color dots mean or does bumble tell you when someone is online or not. In this article, I will explain how Bumble shows it all. So, unlike other sites beating around the bush, Let’s get to the point.

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Does Bumble Tell You When Someone Is Online? Or When They Last Viewed You?

The answer is NO. You won’t be able to check if a user is online on Bumble, unlike prominent social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. This makes it more difficult for stalkers and creeps to follow you down and guilt you into a confrontation. By concealing user activity, the app appears to have more active users than it actually does.

The Bumble employee explained that “there isn’t a mechanism on the platform that lets others know if someone is currently using aka is online on Bumble.”

New users of the Bumble app will also receive a temporary ‘New Here’ profile badge during their first few days on the platform. So, while there’s no way to tell if the person you matched with has used the Bumble app in the recent 24 hours, you can rest confident that the individuals you’re seeing have used it in the last 30 days.

Yes, I said that… you can see if someone has used the Bumble app in the last 30 days by looking at their profile. When someone appears in your stack, it’s likely that they have recently used the Bumble app. You can also check whether or not a user has used the app in the previous 30 days.

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What Does Bumble’s Yellow Dot Mean?

Bumble profiles can contain two little dots: a green dot and a yellow dot, as you’ve surely noticed. Both of these dots represent a match.

What does the green dot mean?

The green dot indicates that someone swiped right on you, but you swiped left or haven’t viewed their account to swipe right on them. The yellow dot indicates that you’ve both swiped right on each other.

How do you know if your match is online on Bumble? 

As mentioned above, you can’t see if someone is online or not. Just drop a text… there’s not much you can do about it because Bumble doesn’t let you observe their behavior. Be patient; people have personal lives and things to do, so don’t expect a fast response.

However, do not send unsolicited messages to their inbox. It can be stressful to receive 15 messages from a match on a dating app, and they might ghost you, which you don’t want.

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What is snooze used for on Bumble?

The “Snooze” function on Bumble allows users to halt their activity on the app without having to delete their profile. This can be done for various reasons, including mental health or a digital detox. 

If you see someone on Bumble, it’s because they’ve used it in the last 30 days. Users can go to the settings menu to enable Snooze and suspend activities in the app. According to the website, Bumble was “formed out of a desire to reimagine the outmoded rules of dating.”


Bumble provides many features that make it easy to find someone, even if you don’t have access to their activity status. You’ll be able to see who’s online on many other dating apps, so you’ll be able to do it. Regardless of their activities, don’t hesitate to send a match message. You never know when they’ll open it up and see it for the first time. Sending a killer message is the best tactic you can use.

Nobody enjoys it when they are ignored, but do you want to keep in touch with someone who ignores you? Simply, your time and effort are not worth it. If you liked this individual a lot, you might enjoy someone else even more.

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