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Since the outbreak of corona, video dating has been increasingly popular. People can date while feeling entirely safe in their own homes and on the eharmony platform thanks to this functionality. Members can also save time and money by using video dating. 

Even going on a fun Video Date can be less expensive than going on an in-person date. Face-to-face contact with someone you’re dating (or want to date) has a special quality to that as well, and it often doesn’t happen until you meet the person off-line for the first time. 

eHarmony’s Video Date eliminates that nerve-wracking step by allowing you to “see” potential love interests far sooner than you would if you had waited for an in-person date.

There’s a reason why eHarmony is the most popular online dating site i.e. it is the best known for finding the perfect match. With their new Video Date function, they are a true trailblazer, plus they have one of the largest online communities, so there are lots of singles eager to connect with you!

So today, I will tell you everything you need to know about the video call feature of eHarmony.

Does eHarmony have a live chat?

Yes. You can “see” your love interests far sooner with eHarmony’s Video Date than you could with an in-person date. In some ways, the Video Date makes the process of meeting new people much safer and risk-free. Maybe your Video Date will show you someone who isn’t a suitable match for you, but maybe you’ll meet the person of your dreams.

The new Video Date tool on eHarmony will help you separate the good from the bad matches and save time. We know that having a face-to-face connection with someone early on can really screen out good matches from terrible matches, and no other online dating site has this feature. 

Members can video-chat with potential mates using eHarmony’s Video Date service. As long as you are a paying customer of whatever level, there is no restriction to how much you may use this service or who you can contact over the video conference. You could make a thousand calls to all of your appealing matches in one day – and it should work perfectly to connect all of them.

What to do to use this eHarmony video call feature?

You must subscribe to one of the company’s memberships in order to use this function. There are numerous membership options available, with prices ranging from $35 to $65 per month depending on the length of the subscription. Consider a free trial membership as a great way to get a feel for the site and the wonderful community of members.

The Video Date feature on eHarmony allows you to see a high-quality video of your love interest in real-time. You’ll want to send a message to your match once you’ve logged into a subscribing account membership. When your match answers to your message, they are effectively added to your contact list, and you can Video Date chat with them.

After exchanging a few messages with their match on the site or in the app, Premium Members can use the Video Date feature. This keeps strangers from phoning you and ensures the safest experience possible. Your Video Date has no time limit, so go ahead and talk for as long as you want!

How to have a video date on eHarmony?

  1. Activate the function in your communications or in the profile of a match.
  2. To begin a Video Date, click the video camera button.
  3. Please keep in mind that in order to receive a notification, your match must be online. 

Note: Schedule a time together for a better date.

eHarmony customer service live chat

If you want to contact eHarmony then you will have to call them or reach out through their help desk. eHarmony does not have a live chat option, but it does provide a phone number. There are three ways to contact them in total- through call, through help desk and through the mail.

The best phone number for eHarmony is 844-527-7421, which you can find out more about and use our free call-back service by locating and clicking the link above. 

The bottom line

Remember that full access to the Video Date function requires a paid subscription, but eHarmony offers a variety of membership options with a variety of other exclusive features to help you meet that special someone. Join the excitement by registering today.

You can stay in the familiar eHarmony environment while using Video Date without giving any personal information. Communication between eHarmony members is always private, whether by direct chat or Video Date, and you have the choice to stop communicating with your match at any moment, as well as avoid future communication.

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