eHarmony Advice – 5 Reasons She Won’t Call You Back

Founded in the year 2000, eHarmony is an online dating service. The site employs in-depth questionnaires and personality exams to match people who are compatible. eHarmony is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, but it has a reputation for helping people form long-term, secure relationships.

So, have you ever met a woman through eHarmony who appeared to be really interested in you but never phoned or texted you back? You’re not alone if you’ve had this happen to you. Give them a week or more if you’ve been seeing them for a few days and she hasn’t phoned. This is a great time to react to a few people’s online profiles or go out for a night and meet someone new. 

Remember that there are a lot of females out there and that staying positive and hopeful is your greatest bet for finding a nice one. But if you still want to know what the reason could be for her not calling you then there are five reasons why a lady rejects you right after you meet her. I will tell you those reasons today, keep reading.

eHarmony Advice – 5 Reasons She Won’t Call You Back

Don’t freak out or allow your nervousness to get you. Keeping things in perspective is the most important technique to avoid fear and anxiety. Determine what assumptions you have about why he hasn’t phoned, and then consider whether those thoughts are causing you any unpleasant feelings. 

Instead of thinking about all the negative things, you must tell yourself optimistic ones. It might be because she is busy and will call you later. If you believe this is not sounding like her then it could be one of the following five reasons:

  1. She was never truly interested in you.

Many girls just like men prefer to talk to new people and once they feel satisfied they quit talking.  There is a chance she was simply enjoying the attention you were giving her when you first met. Some women do it out of arrogance or a lack of self-esteem and that doesn’t have to do anything with you.

  1. She just wanted to talk once.

She was flirting with you to make her partner jealous, make herself feel better, or both, either because she was upset at him or because they had just had a dispute. There is also a chance that she thought you would be a good person for her so she wanted to try for once but after talking she changed her mind or something like that which resulted in her not calling you back.

  1. She’s been dumped recently.

Ladies barely trust people especially when they were dumped or cheated in the current time. It’s a human tendency, even men do the same at times. She could have been a woman who genuinely cared about you, but she had lately been dumped by another man. She then rebounded to the guy who had just dumped her before you could phone or text her. Or it could be that she only wanted a person to hear her out until she feels better and possibilities are that she was satisfied with it and cut the talk with you!

  1. She isn’t any longer interested.

She could have been a woman who was initially interested in you, but you may have unintentionally said or done something during your first meeting that put her off. Women who are only mildly interested in you have a habit of talking themselves out of contacting or texting you back later.

  1.  She’s in a relationship with another man.

She is committed to some other person, but she meets and dates so many men that you didn’t really impress her or stand out enough to warrant a follow-up text or phone call. Many women, particularly those who are more attractive, have so many dating alternatives that they never get around to giving some nice gentlemen a chance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I share my phone number with my eHarmony match?

Offer your phone number as a way to contact you if you feel comfortable or if he asks to start taking it offline. Guys are often more comfortable asking you out by text or phone call than they are via email. It gives it a more personal touch and makes it more real for them!

Why is it that no one on eHarmony responds?

The first reason you might not hear back from a potential date is that they’re too busy to respond. This doesn’t necessarily imply that they don’t have enough time to date, but it could indicate that they have a limited amount of time to respond to everyone who messages them. Patience is required. Don’t get too worked up if they don’t respond.

Who should be the one to make the first call?

Regardless of gender, the individual who feels a connection initially should initiate the call. In most partnerships, one individual is the first to notice the possibilities. The spark is noticed by one individual before the other.

What is the best way to communicate with someone on eHarmony?

Your communication options are located beside the information box. If you wish to send them a message or answer to one they’ve sent you, click the envelope. If you want to send a “smile” to convey that you’re interested in them but aren’t sure what to say or ask them, click the face.

The bottom line

It’s critical to approach and make the acquaintance of as many attractive, desirable ladies as possible if you want to locate the appropriate woman for you. It’ll only be a matter of time before you locate a woman who will return your calls and texts and call you first if you stick to these techniques.

How you react to a woman who doesn’t call reflects how you feel about yourself more than it does about the person. If you’re upset because a stranger hasn’t called, it’s likely that you’ve jumped to some negative conclusions. Focus on yourself and speak positive things about yourself to turn things around.

I hope you find this helpful.

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