How do I change my match preferences? | How To get more matches on eharmony?

Lets Find out How can I get more matches on eharmony.

The world’s first algorithm-based dating service, EHarmony, was developed in 2000 by clinical psychologist and Christian theologian Dr Neil Warren and his son-in-law.

After you’ve completed the Compatibility Quiz, eHarmony provides all of your compatible matches in your Matches section for you to review. There will be no need to wait any longer. You have the authority to choose who you want to meet and when you want to meet them. 

Following those initial matches, the site will continue to bring you any new eHarmony members it thinks may be a good match for you based on your match preferences. But all the humans keep changing; mindset changes which are why eHarmony provides you with the feature to change your preference and filter them.

So, here you will find how you can change your match preference of eHarmony and how you can get more matches.

What are eHarmony match preferences?

The eHarmony search function is simple to use, but it raises crucial problems that should be considered carefully. Make a list of your dealbreakers and be honest with yourself. If you can’t imagine yourself dating a smoker, it’s wise to narrow down your options.

Matching on eHarmony can be made more accurate by selecting a limited range of match settings. If you use settings that are too specific for these preferences, you may only get a few matches:

  1. Geographical scope
  2. Religion 
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Drinking 
  5. smoking

How to change your match preferences?

To get to your Match Preferences page and make changes, go to:

  1. Please sign in to your account.
  2. At the top of the page, select the Matches tab.
  3. To review your Match Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the list.
  4. Select “Change Match Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Consider increasing any settings where you are comfortable, such as age, location, and height, to increase your chances of finding a wider range of matches.
  6. Click “Find Matches” after you’ve made your modifications.

How to change the age range on eHarmony?

You may modify the basic information about your match settings – such as your age, ethnicity, income, and more – as well as your account settings – such as your billing information and password – under eHarmony’s settings.

Here are the steps to change the age range on eHarmony:

  1. Go to, log in (if you haven’t already), and then choose Settings in the top menu to see your settings.
  2. You’ll be directly transported to your Match Settings, where you may update the categories at the top or see more categories to edit by clicking the right/left arrows.
  3. To edit a piece, first, select it. Not all parts are as simple to modify. You can adjust the preferred age of your matches with a simple click.
  4. To set your chosen age range for your matches, click each box and type a number. 
  5. When you’re finished, click Save.

Can you filter matches on eHarmony?

Yes, Sports, Music, and Outdoor Activity are all options for filtering matches. 

In the “Number of results” tab, you can make one selection from each of the menus, and the system will show you how many matches have what you’ve selected in their own Interests. 

Click “Remove Filter” to clear your Matches list, and your list will re-populate with all of your matches.

How does eHarmony search help you in dating?

Every dating experience necessitates a time and effort commitment. When you’re clear on what you want in a companion and a relationship, however, your dating approach may become much more deliberate. 

eHarmony search filters can help you keep focused on the attributes that are most important to you in a possible match by acting as an accountability companion on your journey.

One of the big benefits of utilising dating apps is that you can get answers to some of these essential questions before you even start talking to a possible match.

Tap the symbol in the top left corner of your screen to access the search criteria portion of the app. You can tap the words “Match Preferences” in the top right corner of your screen on the website.

You’ll be able to personalise your search based on a variety of factors here, including:

  1. Age (e.g., dating over 30, dating over 50, dating over 60, etc.)
  2. Height
  3. Smoking customs
  4. If a couple has or want to have children,
  5. Religion
  6. Ethnicity (for example, Black dating, Latin dating, and so on)
  7. Income
  8. Education
  9. (For example, international dating, local dating, etc.)
  10. Radius of search

How to delete a match on eHarmony?

With just a few clicks, you can erase a match. You will no longer be able to see the profile. This step cannot be reversed, and deleted matches cannot be unblocked. Follow these steps:

  1. To begin, go to the “Matches” section.
  2. Then, in the upper-right corner, click on the profile of the person you wish to remove from your list. 
  3. A menu will appear, which you may open with a single click.
  4. There is an option to “Remove partner” there.
  5. To confirm your selection and remove the match from your list of matches, click it.

The bottom line

Sometimes we overlook a crucial preference. You can change your selections at any moment, whether it’s for religion, age, or geographic distance. Using these search criteria from the outset will help you understand how you and your matches align on important elements of your lives.

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