How Do I Delete My Favorites on

With about 10,000 paying customers, is one of the most popular dating sites on the Internet. This is due in part to the site’s clear ease of use. makes it simple and intuitive to create, read, and message profiles, among other things. Based on profile information or information that you give, the site has numerous ways to locate who you’re seeking or who you could be compatible with. The best part is that they’re all quite simple to use.

It’s important to keep organised when trying to “get your date on” on Sometimes all you want is to be able to correctly erase your “favourites” or “likes” so you can find out who your next love interest is in a more effective manner.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to erase your “favourites” or “likes.” In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that. Please make sure you have your login details before we begin so you can access your account.

How Do I Delete My Favorites on

When you’re seeking to clean up your favourites list, the first step is to just log in to your account. 

  1. After that, your “My Account” page will provide you with a variety of alternatives.
  2. You can delete favourites or likes from your account in a variety of ways. 
  3. Taking profiles off of your search results is one option. Any members who are visible will be hidden.
  4. Click the “X” in the corner of their account on your search results page to delete profiles from your search results, which also removes them from your likes or favourites list. 
  5. You may also go to a specific member’s profile page and select “Remove from search” to remove them from the search. 

That member will no longer display in your search results after that. They won’t show up in any of your other lists, such as your “likes” or “favourites.” Finally, keep in mind that the member will be unaware that you have made any action. This is a personal matter that only you will be aware of. Because there is a limit of 10,000 “deleted profiles,” you won’t be able to erase everyone on the planet.

On, there are several options for deleting favourites. Favourites are also referred to as “likes.” To begin, go to and create an account. In the future, you can undo your decision by going to the “Removed profiles” page in your account settings menu. 

By going to your account settings page and clicking on the “Removed Profiles” link, you can undo the profile removal. After that, choose the checkbox next to their username from the drop-down menu. After that, at the bottom of the list that appears, click the “Show” button. They will then reappear in subsequent search results. The final option for removing someone from your favourites list is to blacklist them. 

Can you blacklist someone on

Blacklisting a member is another option to remove a member from your favourites list. You can do so by hovering your mouse over the three dots on their profile page or on a text they’ve given you. The member will thereafter be barred if you click “Blacklist.” They’ll be removed from your favourites list as well.

Here is how you can blacklist someone on

  1. To blacklist someone, go to their profile and click the three dots, or click the three dots on a message they sent. 
  2. A drop-down box will display when you click the three dots. 
  3. Select “blacklist” from the drop-down menu.

After you’ve blacklisted someone, you’ll be unable to communicate with them. They will be removed from your “likes” or “favourites” lists as well. The member will not be notified that they have been placed on the blacklist. 

They’ll still be able to look at your profile, but they won’t be able to send you messages. If you require extra assistance from and have been disappointed by your inability to reach a human on their customer service team, we can aid you. We’ve put together a page that makes it incredibly simple to do so. Our contact page can be found here.

The bottom line

On, there are several options for deleting favourites. You can do this by going to your profile and clicking the “X” on the profile of a member you want to remove. In the future, you can undo your decision by going to the “Removed profiles” page in your account settings menu. Blacklisting a member is another option to remove a member from your favourites list.

If the profile pic and basic information are still visible in your “Favorites” list, but you can’t click on it to view it, she has either changed her profile to “hidden” (i.e. disabled it) or it is still awaiting approval for recent modifications, such as new photos. This is a security feature that protects users from stalkers, abusive ex-partners, and other threats that are all too typical on dating services.

I hope this was helpful.

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