How do I upload photos to my eharmony account? eharmony can’t see photos

eHarmony is the very first online dating service to match people using a scientific method. In the 32 Dimensions model, a compatibility matching mechanism is employed to complement couples based on their traits. Users who upload photographs are much more likely to receive messages than those who don’t.

Some of the rules may appear to be overly strict but keep in mind that eHarmony is trying to protect its users by avoiding scammers and fake profiles. Every user must complete a long and complex questionnaire about their interests, habits, and preferences on the website. 

After you fill it out, the site will match you with the perfect individual based on your shared interests. It’s also crucial to include a photo of yourself in which other users may see your face. eHarmony is a dating service that connects people based on their likes. The two people are introduced to one another through their online eHarmony accounts when the eHarmony system recognises a compatible connection. 

Every eharmony member should have at least one photo approved and shown to their matches. Your images tell a visual tale about yourself that you share with your matches. Because users with more images have more communication. In this article, I will provide you with the steps for uploading the photo to your eHarmony account and everything related to it. So without any further delay let’s jump to the point!

How to upload photos on eHarmony?

Follow the steps below to upload photos:

  1. Select the dropdown arrow at the top of the screen where your picture is located from your Home Page.
  2. Click on “Edit Profile”
  3. You can either click on the plus sign (+) next to your photo or on the “Edit Photos” item in the menu bar from here.
  4. You can then either drag and drop or click “Select Photo” to browse your directories for a suitable photo to upload.
  5. Our Customer Care staff will review your photo once it has been posted.

Facts regarding photo approval on eHarmony

Users on must post photographs to their online profiles prior to appearing on the dating service. When choosing images for your profile, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ensure that the picture is clear and that your face can be seen. They recommend that you grin since persons who smile appear to be more appealing. If you are unhappy with your appearance, it may seem frightening to post a photo that truly represents you.

You must be the central character in the photo, not the fish or any other dish if you wish to upload a photo of yourself eating fish. Many people find photographs of dead animals distressing, and you must be mindful of vegetarians and vegans on the website.

To know more about the photos on eHarmony, check out my other blog wholely based on this where you will find all the answers related to photo approval.

eHarmony has rejected your photo for the following reasons:

  1. Either you’re not visible in the picture or it’s blurry.
  2. The picture contains nudity.
  3. The image that is sexually suggestive or vulgar
  4. The snapshot depicts a child or children alone.
  5. A pet, an object, or a scene is depicted in the photograph.
  6. The photo contains personal or identifying information.
  7. The image depicts unlawful behaviour or action. 
  8. There are vulgar symbols, gestures, or gang signs/colours in this photo. 
  9. The photo has been changed in such a way that it significantly alters your appearance. 
  10. The photograph contains a dead animal.

Why can’t you see photos on eHarmony?

This is because the option to view photographs on eHarmony is only available to paying members. If you are a basic member, you will see blur pictures of your matches.

The system sends you matches, and you’re lucky if the person with whom you’ve been matched has photographs for you to look at. If that person’s profile has more images, you’ll see a link that says “More Photos” or “View More Photos.”

The bottom line

Remember, eHarmony and your matches on eHarmony want to see pictures of you and not your group. Many of the users were dissatisfied since their match’s photos had too many other people, making it difficult to identify their match. 

If your photo is rejected by eHarmony, don’t get too worked up. Perhaps it was a little blurry, or you didn’t upload it in the correct format. Because they want to keep the quality of their website, which is what made it renowned in the first place, the company has some guidelines when it comes to photos.

You can only upload photographs of yourself right now. Review the photo uploading standards by checking my other blog. I hope this was helpful.

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