New Ideas: The Only How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription Resources You Will Ever Need

As you know, free Zoosk is limited to access. So, if you want full access, you must pay for the Subscription. Once you have subscribed, you can cancel it at any time if you don’t like it. 

Canceling a Zoosk subscription using this method will only apply if the Subscription has been directly paid to the Zoosk website. If it is so, you can follow the same path. Cancel it too. 

Moreover, you can engage your mobile or PC/ laptop for this. 

How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription online Resources

How to cancel Zoosk Subscription on website of the company:

Here are the steps:

• Access the Zoosk Website or type it in google

• Find a button called ‘Log – in ‘located at the corner on the right.

• Locate your Zoosk display name and click on it. 

• From the drop-down menu, choose Account Settings.

• There is an option’ Subscription’ on the menu in the ¹left’ menu. 

• Click on ‘Zoosk Subscription.’

• Press’ Cancel Subscription.’ 

• Press’ Confirm.’

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How do I cancel my Zoosk Subscription through- iTunes, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod? 

Here are the steps to cancel Zoosk Subscription through- iTunes.

• Access’ Settings.’ 

• Keep scrolling down till you find iTunes and App Store.

• Tap on that now.

• Tap on your Apple ID or Email address. 

• Press’ View Apple ID.’ 

• Scroll down again and press on Subscription. 

• Locate and press ‘Zoosk Subscription.’

• Tap on Cancel Subscription

• Tap’ Confirm.’

How can I cancel Zoosk Subscription Android?

• Access Google Play Store and click on it 

• You would find three horizontal lines on it. Click on them to access the menu.

• Choose ‘Subscriptions’

• Press on Zoosk

• Tap’ cancel Subscription.’ 

• Go ahead and follow the remaining instructions till you get a message’ Subscription Cancelled. ‘

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Does Zoosk cost money? 

Zoosk is freely accessible, but it does not allow too many factions, which the paid app does. 

Zoosk free allows you to open it, pin your photographs, and know who wants to date. 

Zoosk – The cost: 

Zoosk is reasonably priced when one compares them with sites of a similar nature like Match eHarmony. 

One argument is that Zoosk provides very few additional features. The description and design are not clearly explained. 

Zoosk, a one-month Subscription, would cost you $ 29.99. In case you apply for six months, it would only cost you $12.49 pm 

How to unsubscribe from Zoosk? 

Here are the steps: 

1. Access the Zoosk website 

2. Locate the Login button at the top right corner

3. Your Zoosk name would be displayed. Click on that.

4. Choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu. 

5. On the left side menu, press on the subscription menu. 

6. Tap on “Cancel my subscription’.

How do I cancel or stop payment to Zoosk?

You can do this from your smartphone. Here are the steps. 

• Activate your mobile browser 

• Log in to 

• Next, Access your Zoosk account 

• On the left corner at the top, you will find three lines. Tap on these. 

• Now tap on the gear icon, which is available close to your nickname. 

• Press Subscription

• An instruction ‘Cancel Subscription’ would appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on that. 

Now your Subscription is canceled and can stop payments.

What is Zoosk’s cancellation number?

888- 939- 6675 is the customer service number of Zoosk which also serves you if you wish to cancel your membership.

Q: How do I cancel my zoosk subscription through Amazon?

A: To cancel your subscription through Amazon, you must have purchased it from Amazon only. For that, first of all, you need to login to your Amazon account. And select your subscriptions and turn the auto renewal button off adjacent to Zoosk subscription. 

Once you turn auto-renewal off, it will not bill your account any further for subscription. However, you can access your account till the end of your subscription period. You can cancel zoosk subscription through Amazon using website ie. or Kindle device, or Android device as well. 

Let me help you with steps to cancel zoosk subscription through Amazon using different devices.

From desktop website: – 

  • First of all browse
  • Login to that using your login credentials.
  • From the main menu, click on your apps & devices.
  • It will direct you to the Apps & devices page.
  • Now, you need to click on “Your Subscriptions.”
  • Then scroll and click on zoosk from the subscriptions list.
  • And tap on turn off auto-renewal for zoosk subscription.

From your Kindle Fire device: – 

In the Kindle device, you are already logged in to your Amazon account. Just click on the app then select the menu and click on my subscriptions. Once the list of all the subscriptions is open, turn off auto-renewal for the Zoosk. Boom! Now you have opted not to auto-renew it further, however, you can use the current subscription till it ends.

From your Android Device: – 

  • If you have the Amazon app store in your Android device then you need to open it.
  • After that click on the menu, then click on “My Subscriptions” 
  • Now follow the same steps mentioned above and turn the automatic subscription off for Zoosk. Then it will not be charged to you further. And your subscription will not be continued further.

Q: How Can I Pause My Zoosk Subscription?

A: If you are fed up with searching for the love of your life and want to have a short break before totally giving up on it, then I would suggest you pause your Zoosk account for a while. However, your Zoosk subscription will be active, you won’t be able to pause it anyways.

While you pause your account for a while your zoosk profile will be hidden temporarily till you resume it again from your end. However, your message history will remain the same. But you won’t receive any new messages. No more promotion emails from Zoosk. 

However, they will update you regarding your subscription to renew and reactivate. But you won’t be able to cancel the subscription renewal in a paused Zoosk account.

Let me share the steps with you to pause your zoosk account using a computer: –

  • You need to login to your zoosk account on website using your web browser.
  • Then on the upper right corner, you will see your profile name, click on it.
  • You will see a dropdown menu, click on it and select Account Settings from there.
  • Then tap on edit just adjacent to Account status.
  • You will see an option as “Pause account”, tap on it and it will prompt you to confirm to pause your account. click on it and your Zoosk account will be paused.

Let me share the steps with you to pause your zoosk account using iOS or Android device: –

  • You need to open your Zoosk app on your mobile device, then click on the main menu presented by 3 lines on the top left corner. 
  • Then click on the settings icon. After that click on the edit button adjacent to Account status.
  • Now you need to click on the Pause Account button. It will prompt you to confirm a pause account. Click on confirm button and your zoosk account will be paused.

Q: What Happens if I Cancel Zoosk in the Middle of the Subscription Term?

A: You can cancel your subscription any time, however, the Zoosk will not refund your money. Your current subscription will continue and it won’t be auto-renewed further. Moreover, you will be able to avail benefits of your current subscription until it expires.

Q: How do I cancel my zoosk subscription and get a refund?

A: There is no provision for cancellation of Zoosk subscription and getting a refund for it. 

Q: Does the Zoosk Subscription Renew Automatically?

A: If you have selected auto-renew turned ON then yes, it will be renewed automatically every month. Else if you have turned it OFF, then it won’t be auto-renewed. However, you will receive an email or message to renew it, before it expires. So that you can enjoy uninterrupted services.

Q: Canceling Your Zoosk Subscription on the App Store?

A: You need to follow the same steps mentioned above as canceling your Zoosk subscription through iTunes.

Q: Canceling Your Zoosk Subscription on the Google Play Store.

A: Follow the instructions mentioned above to cancel your zoosk subscription through the Google Play Store as an android device.

Q: How to turn off auto renewal on Zoosk? 

A: Auto renew is the option which benefits both the app developer and the user. It benefits the app developer with assurity for service subscription recurring payment. And for the user it helps in enjoying uninterrupted services without any worry regarding renewing it. 

Let me help you with the steps to follow to turn off auto renewal on Zoosk through mobile devices.

  • Goto your Zoosk application in your mobile
  • Then you need to go to your profile in the Zoosk app by clicking on 3 lines on the top left corner.
  • After that click on settings represented as gear icon.
  • Select your subscription and click on turn off auto-renewal.

Boom! There you go and your auto-renewal on zoosk has been turned off.

Let me help you with the steps to follow to turn off auto renewal on Zoosk through the desktop.

  • Open web browser and open zoosk desktop website.
  • After that login to it using your zoosk credentials.
  • Once you are logged in, click on your profile icon on the top right corner, mentioned as your avatar.
  • Then click on the main menu and select settings.
  • From there select your subscription and click on turn off auto-renewal.

There you go! Your auto-renewal has been turned off on zoosk.

Q: How to Cancel Zoosk Subscription on Paypal?

A: Let me share step by step guide to cancel zoosk subscription on paypal: –

  • You need to login to your paypal account through any of the web browsers.
  • Once you logged in, double click on your profile that you can see on top of your page.
  • After that you will be able to see a section as “My Money”, click on it.
  • Select “update” under the “My pre-approved payments” section.
  • Now select Zoosk from there and click on cancel, and confirm your selection for cancellation of pre-approved payment for recurring monthly subscription, you need to click on “cancel profile”.
  • Once confirmed your Zoosk auto-renew will be turned off.

Your zoosk subscription through Paypal will be cancelled.

Q: How To Renew a Zoosk subscription?

A: You can opt for zoosk subscription either of 4 that is monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. If you have cancelled your subscription and want to renew again after a short while, then you need to look for the option as “Subscribe Now”. It is available in the left column on the desktop website. 

Once you have clicked on it, you will get to see the options available in your country with the payment method you are using. Select the appropriate one and you will be able to renew your Zoosk subscription.

Q: How does someone remove their payment info from the Zoosk dating app?

A: To remove your payment info from the Zoosk dating app, you need to add the other one. That is the only way out available right now. You can’t delete the payment info, until you add another.

Q: How hard is it to cancel Zoosk?

A: Cancelling your zoosk subscription is not very hard, you can simply follow the steps mentioned above and will be able to cancel it.

Q: How to unsubscribe from zoosk on facebook?

A: To unsubscribe from the zoosk app on facebook, first of all you need to login to your Facebook account on the desktop web browser. As this option is not available on facebook mobile app. After that you need to click on the arrow on the top right corner of the facebook desktop page.

After that you need to click on the “settings” just above the logout option. You will see the fifth option as “Blocking” in the left column. Click on it. And you will be redirected to the page for various options with blocking. 

You need to click on Blocking apps and type “Zoosk” in the textbox. Once you have typed, it will show you various options available similar to it. You need to select the Zoosk from there and it will be automatically added to your block list and you will be unsubscribed from zoosk through facebook.

Q: How To Get a Zoosk Subscription Refund Using Social Networks?

A: You can use Zoosk social media handles as well to get a refund for your zoosk subscription. You can contact them through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can send them a text message on any or all of the handles.

Q: How To Get a Zoosk Subscription Refund by Email?

A: You need to send an email to the Zoosk team to [email protected] from your registered email address. 

  • You should mention in your email that you have cancelled your subscription and a reason for the refund you are entitled to get.
  • You should mention your login details in the email so that they can check and verify your details. 
  • Along with that you can mention any terms and conditions if any particular for your state.

They will review your case manually and do the needful.

Q: How To Get a Zoosk Subscription Refund via Letter?

A: To get Zoosk subscription refund via letter, you must be residing in a state where a particular refund rule implies. However, you should cancel your subscription within 3 business days since you have subscribed. So, you can send an written letter to Zoosk team to the address as: – 

Zoosk Customer Care – Spark Networks Services, 

Attn: Refund Request, 

3300 N. Ashton Blvd, 

Suite 240, Lehi, UT 84043.

You should send a letter post through a registered mail service. And it should include a copy of notice with your signatures and date for option cancellation. Along with that make sure to mention your login details that is your registered email address and user name.

Q: In What States Does Zoosk Three-Day-Refund Rule Apply?

A:  The Zoosk three-day-refund rule applies in a few states, let’s make a list of those: – 

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Iowa 
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin

Verdict: – I have shared all the details about Zoosk. If you still have any queries, you can comment below, and we would definitely try our best to respond to them.

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