How to Impress a Boy | 9 Perfect Tips Given By a Guy

Do you want to impress a boy? Does he not seem to notice you? Do you want to be more than just friends with him? It is important that you do not come across as desperate or clingy. 

You need to maintain your independence and never appear too eager. Be careful how you act around him and what you say. 

If you follow these guidelines, he will be impressed by you and will soon ask for your phone number.

How to Impress a Boy | 9 Perfect Tips Given By a Guy

When you’re looking to impress a boy, don’t think so much about what he wants—think about what will make you happy, and do those things.

Boys like girls who are confident, so the more you’re happy with yourself, the more they’ll want to be around you. Start by making a list of the things you like about yourself. If there’s something on that list that you want to improve, start working on it right away.

 For example, if you want to become more confident in social situations, try joining a club or taking a class where you can practice your communication skills. In the meantime, be charming! 

Use body language like eye contact and smiling to show your interest in him. Just be sure to relax and have fun when you talk to him. For example, ask him questions about himself by saying something like, “I love your watch! Where did you get it?” You can even tell him that he looks handsome today to boost his confidence!

But wait there is a question, do girls really try to impress a boy they like?

Of course, girls do. Girls wouldn’t be human if they didn’t! haha kidding but true.

Girls want to impress everyone. From our parents and teachers to our friends and colleagues, right down to the cute guy at the coffee shop who always asks us how we are, but only if he’s not too busy with other customers.

Regardless of whether or not there’s anything between you and that particular boy apart from friendship, it’s still important for him to like you because if he doesn’t, it can make your life difficult.

Imagine if you were in school and all the girls hated you. Or what about if your new boss disliked you because she thinks you’re arrogant? You’d want them to see you in a different light. You’d want them to see that actually, you’re a pretty awesome person who is worth knowing!

The same goes for a guy. If he doesn’t like you, it can really get you down.

So how do you go about impressing him enough that he’ll want more than just a friendship with you? Well, here are 9 Perfect Tips for guys:

 1. Be the girl who doesn’t need a man to be happy.

According to a survey conducted by Unilever, men find it more attractive when women are independent. If you’re the kind of girl who doesn’t need a man to be happy and fulfilled in life, you will make that guy fall for you in no time.

The best thing about this tip is that it’s not just limited to impressing guys. Being an independent woman has its own rewards altogether. When you don’t need a man in your life anymore to make you feel complete and loved, your self-respect increases automatically. Plus, being single suddenly won’t seem like such a horrible thing anymore.

2. Don’t be too clingy, you don’t want to seem desperate.

You don’t want to be too clingy—that can make you seem desperate. No one likes someone who tries to force themselves on you, and no matter how attracted we are, we just can’t stand that. Keep a little bit of mystery about you and don’t act like all or nothing; keep some things for later.

But before that, be yourself! Let him see your true colors. Don’t be afraid to have some fun—maybe play a quick game or two with him and his friends, or invite him over for pizza and maybe some Netflix? Don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Approach him first, show that you’re interested and confident in yourself.

Being confident is one of the most attractive qualities that a girl can have. If you want to get his attention, you have to approach him first. That doesn’t mean you need to go up and tell him how much you love him or anything like that, but start off with a simple greeting. The next step will be to ask some questions about him so let him know that you are interested in who he is. Remember, when talking to anyone for the first time, whether it’s a guy or not, it’s important to smile! Nothing will make someone want to keep talking with you quite like a beautiful smile! Anything after that is just icing on the cake: be yourself and let your personality shine through!

4. Be kind to all people, and have good manners.

I think we can all agree that being kind and having good manners is always a good thing. But, being nice to others is especially important when you want to impress a boy. No one wants to date an unkind person, right?

If you want to catch the eye of a guy and make him like you, then be kind! Your kindness will impress him. Here are some simple ways that you can do this:

  • Be polite in public!
  • When talking with others – be kind. Do not say rude things or criticize others in front of your crush or other people.
  • Be respectful toward other people such as waiters, teachers, and even strangers. If there is someone who does something for you – thank them! It takes only seconds, but it makes the other person feel appreciated for what they did for you. For example: if someone helps you find something in a store or helps carry your books at school – thank them! This will show him that he should not take your kindness for granted either.
  • Be polite toward strangers such as people who open doors for you or give up their seats on the bus so that you can sit down instead. Thank them politely as well so they know that their kindness was noticed by somebody!

5. Have your own hobbies and interests, but still make time for him.

If you are worried that spending time on your own interests will drive him away, don’t be. There is a big difference between being present and engaged when you’re with him and being glued to your phone or laptop. If he sees that you have hobbies and interests that are totally separate from him but still make time for him in your busy schedule – he will automatically see you as a more attractive partner.

Now I know what you’re thinking – isn’t this contradictory? Won’t have my own hobbies mean we spend less time together? The answer is yes – it does mean that. And if you want to get closer to a guy (and keep him interested), then spending less time with him feels like an effective way of going about it. 

However, from experience, I can tell you that if he knows what your interests are, and knows that they take up a fair amount of your free time (but not all of it), then he will look at the situation in its entirety. He will see the “big picture” so to speak, rather than just focusing on the here-and-now if he sees that there is something else in your life to focus on other than the relationship itself (i.e., yourself).

6. Don’t post all of your relationship stuff on social media, it can be annoying and make other people uncomfortable.

As much as guys love social media, they don’t want to see every part of their relationship there. Try to keep your relationship low-key and only share a few intimate moments with the world. A photo or two is fine, but posting all of the special moments you shared together can make a guy uncomfortable. Not only will he feel like his privacy has been invaded, but other people may start to view him differently because of it. If a guy senses that he’s being taken advantage of for social media posts, he could pull away from you in an effort to gain his privacy back.

7. Flirt with him a little bit, don’t be afraid to tease him or play around with him.

This is a very tough one. What you want is to flirt with him, but what you don’t want to do is make him feel uncomfortable. What I would recommend is that you just play around with him a little bit and tease him back if he teases you. This will let him know that his jokes are funny and that he has made an impression on you. Just so long as we are clear about one thing though: don’t be mean! Don’t say anything to hurt his feelings or make fun of him when he messes up in front of you – this can ruin the whole impression if you play it wrong.

On the flip side of this, be careful not to go too far on the other end either by being too coy or fake-girly as this will come across as being insincere and just trying to impress which can have the same effect as mentioned above. You don’t want to try too hard either – it should always feel genuine!

8. When he tells you something about himself, remember it because it shows that you care about what he has to say.

As he tells you something about himself, ask him to tell you more, or simply get him to explain his hobbies and interests. Listen attentively and show that you are listening by asking appropriate questions. The best way to remember what he has told you is to write it down in a private diary or journal. This also shows him that you care about what he has said and will be bringing it up again in future conversations.

9. Just be yourself! 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to impressing a boy is just to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because that’s just going to make you appear fake to him, and he won’t want to date you anymore. Let your real personality shine through, and if he doesn’t like the real you, then he’s not worth your time anyway. 

Be honest and upfront with him from the start, so that he knows what kind of person he is dealing with. Lay all of your cards on the table so that there are no surprises for either of you down the road. It will give him more confidence in getting closer to you as well. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be yourself around him! He will only like you more because of it!

Boys are simple creatures and they want a girl who is mature, confident, and willing to express her emotions without fear or embarrassment.

If you’re not mature enough then you will be more likely to attract immature boys.

Mature guys tend to steer away from immature girls because they’re not ready for a serious relationship. After all, it’s hard to have a decent conversation with someone who doesn’t know what she wants in life. Another reason why you need to be mature is that if you make him wait for too long, he will think that you are playing games with him and eventually lose interest in you.

You must feel confident about yourself. If you struggle with your self-esteem then simply fake it until the feeling becomes real because nobody likes the girl who has no confidence at all. 

Without confidence, people won’t take anything that comes out of your mouth seriously. If you act like a shy girl who cannot even say what she wants or how she feels then it will look like you don’t have any backbone at all and aren’t able to stand up for yourself when someone else tries taking advantage of your kindness and putting his needs before yours (which happens often).

Don’t try to impress him. Trying to impress someone doesn’t make you more attractive to them—it makes you less.

The thing about trying to impress someone is that it’s the opposite of what you’re supposed to do if you actually want to attract them. If you spend all your time pretending to be someone else, trying hard, and putting on a show, then all you’re doing is running away from who you really are and putting up an unhealthy barrier between yourself and the other person. It’s no wonder things don’t work out!

The best way to attract someone isn’t by being something else—it’s by being your best self. If he likes what he sees, then he’ll like it, even more, when he sees the real thing and realizes that there’s nothing fake about it. Don’t impress him; just be yourself, and let the chips fall where they may.

The bottom line

You can impress a guy by working on your confidence, flirting with him, and being yourself. When you approach a guy that you like, make eye contact and smile at him – he’ll know that you’re interested right away. 

Then, try complimenting him on his appearance or personality to show that you like him. If you have time, strike up a conversation to get to know each other better. If you’re in class together or have mutual friends, see if you can hang out sometime outside of school or work. 

You could also send him a text to ask if he wants to grab a bite to eat after school. No matter how you try to impress him, stay true to your own interests and values!

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