How to Know That eHarmony Match Has Moved On? 

In today’s time, we come across a variety of people, particularly on dating sites like eHarmony. While some are great communicators there are some who are just not right to be called a gentleman. 

If you don’t like one of your matches, you can delete their profile before or after the conversation begins. You can delete a match by heading to their profile and hitting the menu (three dots) on the top-right. When you delete or remove a Match, it is permanently removed from your account.

The “delete match” option on eHarmony addresses the issue a person has with his or her match by allowing users to permanently remove a match from their list of matches, cease any conversations with the blocked match, and prevent the blocked match from viewing the older chats with them.

In this article, you will come to know about why someone moves on and what mistakes of yours can lead to this.

How to Know That eHarmony Match Has Moved On? 

You can delete a match by heading to their profile and clicking on the menu (the three dots) in the top-right corner: You’ll see the option to “Delete Match” for matches with whom you haven’t yet communicated. 

If you’ve used eHarmony for a long time now, you can decline/block someone you’re not interested in (because you know what you are seeking in a conversation and you are no longer interested in newbie chat), and their profile will be greyed out and you won’t be able to contact them anymore. “Xyz has moved on, which means you’re getting closer to finding your perfect match!” says a message on their photo.

You won’t ever know that they blocked you if you never attempt to message them  If you do see their profile and try to contact them, you will be directed to move on. If this occurs, you will be aware that they have blocked you aka they moved on.

Where can I find out when my match was last online on eHarmony?

Once you’re logged in, you can see when your matches were last online directly beneath their photo. If a member hasn’t been in over two months, we remove them from your Matches list to give you the best opportunity of finding your next great relationship. Nobody wants to be ghosted before they’ve even begun.

The Online Right Now tool also shows you which of your matches have been the most active on eHarmony recently and are most likely to react to your messages. The little green dot next to their photo will indicate whether or not your match is online right now.

Why do matches move-on eHarmony?

Your bond must be so deep that you and your partner fully understand each other and have no needless trust difficulties. Without such qualities, the match you’ve found will not work and will come to a horrible end, forcing you to go on.

  1. Trust: it is one of the finest aspects of a relationship, as well as one of the most vital. Because of our trust concerns, many of us have already experienced breakups or betrayals. If you can’t build up trust then there are chances your match will move on.
  1. Fake account: It’s possible that the individual with whom you found a match on eHarmony or another online-dating platform had a fake profile and had supplied incorrect data and photos. So, everything had to be set aside and we had to move on. Similarly, if your account is fake and your match comes to know this, they will surely block you.
  1. Interest: A relationship’s most crucial job is to spend time, effort, and emotions. If the individual you were seeing or had a match with is not interested and is busy all day, not even having enough time to communicate, your bond will ultimately loosen, and the last one will have to move on. Thus, if you are not able to give enough attention to your match then they won’t be waiting for you (a stranger).
  1. Communication: it is a very crucial aspect of any relationship. A clear conversation can strengthen your link, but a lack of communication, particularly the inability to communicate on a daily basis, will loosen your bond and finally lead to the decision to move on to the next person. That is why you need to have proper communication with your match.

The bottom line

If you had been conversing with the user you matched with for months and then the chat abruptly ended, your bond began to deteriorate. You may claim that the match had moved on or that you were drawn to someone else. There is no need to panic; instead of annoying everyone or attempting to damage yourself, one should manage the matter properly and quietly.

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