Users in 2014 Were Down to Earth [infographic] users were down to earth in 2014! Read the infographic below and learn how to be more attractive to your dates.

What is the meaning of down-to-earth: When you describe someone as down-to-earth, you’re praising them for being more concerned with practical matters and actions rather than abstract theories. This is what did. Users in 2014 Were Down to Earth [Infographic] compiled a list of the most often used words in its users’ profiles, and I had no idea people were so enthusiastic about Zumba. 

During December, nearly every website publishes at least one nostalgic post titled “Let’s look back at 2014 in a funny and maybe telling manner.”

Electrician, warmhearted, inviting, crochet, welder, Zumba, quickest, cosmetology, ladies, and sewing were among the most common words. 

Singles included the following terms the most:

  1. Travel (1,005,346 profiles had this)
  2. Down to earth (232,348 profiles had this)
  3. The film, “Frozen” (5,501 profiles had this)
  4. The word, “selfie” (5,613 profiles had this)

As the year was set to be a past, the employees at created a delightful infographic depicting the habits of their millions of single customers searching for love online. The website was responsible for 5.48 million dates in 2014!

To note that, like many other platforms, make sure its users are making good memories and honestly, I appreciate it a lot.

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