OkCupid is Wrong About Men’s Dating Photos

No wonder why you have stopped here. I understand how stressful it could be for men when it comes to pictures, especially, the pictures that are supposed to be on their dating profile like OkCupid. 

Not smiling, looking away from the camera, and bad group shots are among the worst OkCupid images. On OkCupid, first impressions are crucial. When you use terrible photos, you get fewer likes, matches, and responses.

This article focuses on some of the worst photographs that guys upload on OkCupid. Check to see whether you have any objectionable images before continuing.

OkCupid is Wrong About Men’s Dating Photos?

If you’re a male who uses online dating sites/apps, you’ve probably heard the rule that you shouldn’t smile in your profile photo. Even better, don’t grin and keep your gaze away from the camera.

According to OkCupid’s findings, not smiling and not making eye contact were better. OkCupid examined a sample of 7,140 photos from people aged 18 to 32 who lived in big cities and were averagely attractive. Then, “after a little more filtering”, they came across the data set for their investigation. OkCupid’s excuse that they “feared it might skew results” is a complete lie. Other trends that were more responsible for profile performance were likely masked by the data set’s over-sifting.

Only roughly 3,570 images per gender out of 7,140 total. This is a decent sample if you’re assessing a condition that will be present in all of the photographs. OkCupid’s sample was 50/50 men and women. However, there would only be a few hundred males who were not smiling and were looking away.

Men used to upload one photo and no profile text to OkCupid; now, they upload multiple photos as well as a profile message. During the same time period, tendencies seen among a small group of male daters are expected to convert into a realistic strategy for all men. Perhaps his personality type rather than the photo’s qualities when taken out of context explains which photo tactics worked best for him.

The findings of the study inspired a new sort of male dating photo in which the subject avoids smiling and eye contact on purpose. These images are classified as “avoidant” because they appear to strangers as if the subject is afraid to look them in the eyes.

What are the mistakes men make on OkCupid pictures?

Some of the mistakes that most men make that result in getting them fewer likes are as follows:

  1. Pictures that doesn’t have you in them

Each photo on your profile must include you. Though you’re not in the photo, it appears as if you’re concealing something. A statement or a picture of a beer isn’t going to make a woman swipe right. It’s pointless to use a photo that isn’t of yourself.

  1. Photos in which you don’t look alike

Keep in mind you appear the same in all of your photos. Don’t use a photo of someone with long hair and another of someone with short hair. All of your photos should have the same style. In the photos below, the man is clean-shaven in one and has a beard in the other. He has an entirely different appearance, which is disconcerting. For women, using photos in which you appear to be different is a red flag. “Which guy am I getting?” women wonder. Using photos of yourself that make you look different will damage your results. Take a look at your photo. Then take a look in the mirror. Remove any photos from your profile that don’t match your current appearance.

  1. Using photo manipulation tools.

On OkCupid, real photos are essential for success. You don’t want to employ photos that look to be contrived or fake. Photograph oneself doing things “in the present” because they appear more authentic. Don’t push yourself too much. Simply unwind and be yourself. Make sure the photo is genuine because it’s a dating photo.

  1. Posting pictures with ladies or in a group

Men are advised not to use images with women in dating apps. “Standing with a member of the opposing sex is one of the worst things you can do,” Hinge discovered. Any hope of matching up vanishes in an instant. Men using terrible group photographs is a major issue on OkCupid. Women don’t have time to find out who they are by looking at a picture. One group photo should be included, but it must be of the appropriate sort. A group shot with a male friend on both sides of you is the finest. This demonstrates your sociability and friendliness.

  1. Car pictures

In your online dating profile, do not use images taken inside your car. Car selfies have never been shown to help guys gain more likes in an online dating study. It can be utilised in your profile as long as you’re doing anything intriguing. A selfie taken inside an automobile is the epitome of uninteresting.

  1. Putting on sunglasses

When looking straight at the camera, men are 102 per cent more likely to get a like. This also means no sunglasses. Women are drawn to your eyes because they are one of the first things they notice in your profile. Stop avoiding the camera with your back to it. Smile and look at the camera.

  1. Posting old pictures

I really don’t get why men on OkCupid use images of themselves as youngsters in their profiles. For whatever reason, guys appear to believe that the image aids in getting the right swipes. It isn’t the case. Women like to see recent images rather than those from 20 years ago. Photos like the one below should not be on your profile.

The bottom line

Make sure you keep eye contact with the camera when taking photos for your OkCupid profile. At least one full-body photo should be included so that women can view you from head to toe. 

Show yourself participating in activities that provide insight into your life, such as attending a concert, wine tasting, or travelling. If you have a dog, include a photo of your pet. Your chances of getting noticed will skyrocket if you use the photographs above in your profile.

I hope you find this helpful.

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