OkCupid Profile Examples for Guys & Girls 

OkCupid Dating is the world’s most popular dating site that allows you to reveal more about yourself than simply a photo. It has multiple-choice questions to mathematically match you with a compatible date. The discovery method assists you in finding wonderful people who are passionate about sharing their passions with the rest of the world. It has over ten million members all over the world who utilise it to locate their ideal partner.

I understand how difficult it is to write a dating profile, let alone an OkCupid profile, which is far longer and more detailed than those on Tinder or Bumble. If you’ve optimised your profile to stand out, you’ll have a better chance of finding exactly the type of person you’re searching for. A great profile should be truthful and well-written, but it should also be polished. 

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the finest profiles and explain why they work, as well as what you can do to improve your own.

OkCupid Profile Examples for Guys & Girls 

“My self-summary”

It is OkCupid’s first and most popular “About me” prompt. Because this OkCupid profile option is so broad, coming up with an original and engaging way to summarise oneself can be difficult. List three of your favourite things as a starting point. Limiting your list to three items keeps your summary concise and encourages readers to discover more about you rather than assume they already know everything there is to know about you.

Example for men:

Jack, 27

My self-summary

Hiking, drinking strong coffee, wildflowers

Example for ladies:

Jessica, 26

My self-summary

Horror comedy, saffron tea, cycling

“favourite memory from my childhood”

According to my research, most people use the typical “my self-summary” OkCupid profile prompt, so picking the lesser-known “favourite memory from my childhood” prompt will help you stand out from the crowd. Posting a hilarious or wholesome recollection strikes the perfect balance of intimate and scary, and will entice people to swipe right for additional information.

Example for men:

George, 30

Favourite memory from my childhood

I loved to go trekking so my family used to take me for it every year.

Example for ladies

Martha, 29

Favourite memory from my childhood

We used to go for stargazing.

“favourite thing about where I live”

Unless you’re abroad, the majority of individuals who visit your OkCupid profile are likely neighbours. So responding to the prompt “favourite thing about where I live” with something fairly broad about your city, such as “sunshine, mountains, the people,” isn’t very persuasive. Profiles on OkCupid that include a very particular intriguing fact or anecdote are considerably more likely to cause a double-take.

Example for men:

Meenu, 24 

My favourite thing about the place I live

All the dogs love me and the people look up at me.

Example for ladies:

Sam, 29

My favourite thing about the place I live

My city has the best sports club.

“Most people who know me would say…”

Consider your OkCupid profile to be a dating résumé. Your potential partners don’t need to see a list of attributes you believe you possess (funny, warm, team player). Instead, when you share things your friends would say about you, let your personality speak for itself. 

Example for men:

Marcas, 28

Most people that know me would say I’m

The most likely to order takeaway and the least likely to cook

Example for ladies:

Cia, 23

Most people that know me would say I’m

The most likely to organise a game night, but the least likely to attend a football game

“Things I am not”

When it comes to the OkCupid profile prompt “Things I am not,” using emojis is a great way to show off your sassy side. Because emojis can be construed in a variety of ways, using them in your OkCupid profile will prompt follow-up inquiries in your discussion.

“Me, a Haiku”

Choosing “Me, a Haiku” as your OkCupid profile prompt is daring. Simply choose three traits or hobbies to include in your profile and play about with the syllable format to meet the 5/7/5 syllable format.

Example for men:

Mandy, 27

Me, a Haiku 

Fitness coach

Animal rights campaigner.

Dabbler in macrame.

Example for ladies:

Kety, 36

Me, a Haiku 

life coach

My hobby is sky diving.

My life is fueled by caffeine.

More examples for “my self-summary”

“I’m filled with thoughts. I’d love to meet more like-minded people to chat with or play video games with! I’m always working on a number of projects (and never finishing any of them, ha) and I’d want to meet more like-minded individuals to talk to or play video games with! However, feel free to mail me about anything; I find even the strangest messages amusing. I’m happily married, and I’m solely here to meet new people.” 

“I want to learn about as many other cultures and societies as possible. Long-distance relationships haven’t always worked out for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to travelling a decent distance to get to know someone and see if we’re a good match. I have a wonderful set of compassionate and supporting friends that mean the world to me, therefore I’d like to meet someone outgoing and upbeat who isn’t scared to socialise with everyone.”

Tips for writing a better OkCupid profile

This isn’t any other dating site, where you can get away with 2-3 fantastic lines containing humour and emojis to sum you up. Some tips that I would give you are as follows:

  1. People on OkCupid put a lot of thought into their bios, and they expect the same from you. 
  2. They want something, whether it’s friendship or a relationship, and they’ll take their time weeding out the ones who don’t seem right for them.
  3. Tell people the things that really matter to you and them while writing your self-summary. Be open, honest, and genuine. 
  4. Tell a narrative and act as if you’re having a cup of coffee with someone right now. Go into great depth and be open. 
  5. Confidence, ambition, drive, and a sense of adventure are all key qualities to have in your profile. 
  6. It’s essential to emphasize your passions, but you don’t have to do so in a boring way. 

Note: OkCupid provides you with a series of questions to answer in order to increase your chances of meeting someone. 

The bottom line

Use the tips and examples in this article to help you enhance your OkCupid profile and obtain more matches. Remember to sum yourself up in a way that makes you appealing and fascinating to the correct people, but don’t be afraid to be yourself. 

However, since this is an online dating site, you are permitted to glisten a little. Then, without coming across as arrogant or pretentious, show off your individuality in a pleasant and engaging way. Be self-assured, but also humble and playful.

I hope this was helpful.

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