OkCupid Profile Tips That Blow the Competition Out of the Water 

Are we putting our best foot forward and attracting the best possible matches online? There are a few simple steps we can take to improve our OkCupid results. We know that great photos and a killer opening will help, and we know that a lot of what will work “in real life” will work online.

It’s time to quit being boring and start becoming alluring! I have got all the advice you’ll ever need to meet attractive women right here. If you’re like the majority of men, internet dating isn’t working as well as you’d planned. 

All you have to show for your efforts is an empty inbox or dates with women you don’t particularly care for. You might even get the feeling that your messages aren’t interesting or emotionally exciting enough to pique her interest.

OkCupid is for everyone, regardless of who you are or what you’re looking for, and there are plenty of people waiting to meet you! However, getting started might be daunting, especially after nearly a year of isolation. So, to help you, I have put together some tips and ideas to help you make your profile stand out and increase your chances of finding amazing matches i.e OkCupid Profile Tips That Blow the Competition Out of the Water, in this article.

OkCupid Profile Tips That Blow the Competition Out of the Water 

It’s always going to be a bit prominent and exhausting when it comes to writing a dating profile. The finest thing you can do is show as much of your personality as you can. And what if someone finds your profile and likes your pics and bio? Following are some tips for you for your OkCupid profile:

  1. Write a good bio: Write a bio that reflects your unique personality! On OkCupid, user profiles with the terms “dog,” “travel,” “music,” and “love” receive the most matches and likes. So write about what you “love” and you’ll be sure to attract the attention of someone who shares your interests.
  1. Keep a record of your photos: Include a pun about one of your images to indicate that you’ve put more work into it than merely putting ‘age, height, location’ in. Plus, it’ll make everybody who sees your profile take a second look at your images, which is always a good thing!
  1. Specify your interest: Users who specify that they are interested in long relationships on OkCupid have the best success. So, whether you’re seeking a relationship solely or are open to different forms of connections, make sure your profile reflects your preferences.
  1. Be unique: Users who define themselves as spontaneous, as well as those who describe themselves as intense and strange, obtain the most matches on OkCupid. Let folks know if you’re impulsive — or even intense. Don’t be afraid to be open and honest about yourself.
  1. Be on right time: Between 7 and 10 p.m., log in. Because the majority of users are online at this time, you’ll have a better chance of finding a match!
  1. Answer OkCupid’s questions: The more questions you answer on OkCupid, the higher your possible match score will be, allowing you to better determine who you’re most matched with. On OkCupid, the most frequently asked topics are about dating, lifestyle, and ethics.
  1. Discuss your best characteristic or hidden talent: Show off anything you’ve got going on in your images! If you’re at a loss for words, they’re strange/fun topics to discuss. 

OkCupid profiles are divided into nine sections, with the option of adding more if desired. An appealing OkCupid profile will urge her to read all the way to the end and make her want to have a talk with you. That means that each section you choose to complete must be effective. You’ll be fine if you highlight a few appealing characteristics in each section. Maintain a positive attitude – negativity in a person’s profile can be off-putting, especially if she hasn’t met you yet.

How to make a dating photo better?

Here’s how to make photo of an OkCupid Profile better That Blows the Competition Out of the Water :

  1. Crop the photo correctly. You should include at least one full-body shot in your lineup, but it shouldn’t be the first. Cropping your primary profile picture in such a way that your face is prominently displayed is crucial since it also influences how your thumbnail photo displays throughout the site:
  2. Between you and the background have a lot of contrast. Blending into the background is the last thing you want to do at an OkCupid.
  3. Let your eyes be seen. It’s crucial to maintain eye contact since it makes you appear more trustworthy. Don’t cover them up with a pair of sunglasses since they’re the window to your soul and all that.
  4. Make sure you are the only one in the picture. If you’re going to employ a lineup, save the group photographs for later.

The bottom line

OkCupid profiles are divided into nine sections, with the option of adding more if desired. This is the section to nail if you’re going to nail anything – especially the first line. According to research, describing how you embody a specific trait is more appealing than simply stating that you possess it.

Update your profile to reflect your desire for long-term connections. On OkCupid, users who define themselves as spontaneous receive the most matches. On the platform, those who describe themselves as intense and strange have the most success. The more questions you answer, the better your chances of being matched.

If you get stuck while writing your profile then I insist you check out my blog on the same where I have provided some samples too. I hope this was helpful.

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