POF Meet Me Search Radius Feature: Find Members Near You

The POF Meet Me Search Radius is a great way to find members near you. It uses the GPS on your phone to show you how far away other members are from your location. You can also search by zip code or city, and get instant results!

Plenty of Fish is one of the favorite online dating websites. It has 100 million active accounts and every day more than 10 million people visit it. They all share the same goal which is to find their special ones, either lovers or best friends.

POF Meet Me Search Radius Feature: Find Members Near You

If you are not a member yet, it’s your time to join Plenty of Fish. You can access the site online through your personal computer, laptop, or other devices. If you want to access it via your phone as you can do it anywhere and anytime, you can also download the app on your smartphone. Please get this free app on the App Store Store for the users of iOS, on the Play Store for the users of Android, and on the Windows Store for the users of Windows phones.

Plenty of Fish is a good dating website. All its features are easy to use. Some of them are the criteria you want to see someone who is interested, the inbox features for single people who can inbox you and contact you every time, the features called “Meet Me” for single people who want to know you so close, the features to search including basic search, advanced search, and search by username, the feature to test your chemistry with the other online dating users in this website, and so on.

One of the most special features of Plenty of Fish is Plenty of Fish Meet Me.

It is very important to know that distance is important in a relationship. This feature lets you know your Plenty of Fish Meet Me search radius. You can also set your own search distance. If you have never seen this feature, you will be surprised by how far many people go to meet their partners. With this feature, you can find people who are more than 300kms away. For your information, you can choose your own search distance if you do not want to contact people too far.

Distance is a serious issue in some cases. Users who live in the far area can find you and contact you. Some users said that this paid-to-use freebies search radius is seriously flawed. Actually, this feature is great, but it is horribly executed. According to what some people wrote in some of the threads posted about this paid-to-use freebies search radius, these distance issues are the same as the paid members for use freebies.

If you want to know more about the issue, you can visit the forum and join the threads. Hopefully, you can get the best answer. I would like to suggest that the representatives of Plenty of Fish pay more attention to users’ feedback. So, you can contact them directly and share your suggestions and problems with them. Maybe you will get a more useful and prompt reply from Plenty of Fish. 

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Is it possible to change Meet Me ages and distance?

If you try hard enough, you can change it all you want but the site will change it back. They’ve always done that and it is super annoying. I’m guessing it because there aren’t enough people in your area/age range to show you so they widen the search to make it appear that there are. It makes it so much more difficult to wade through potential matches and it’s one of the many things I hate about that site.

In Conclusion: POF Meet Me Search Radius Feature

You might be surprised by how many members are near you! Get started with the Meet Me Search Radius now and see what’s out there. It’s easy to find other singles in your area, all thanks to modern technology like GPS on your phone. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse or taps of your screen for instant results that make meeting new people easier than ever before. Ready? Start searching today!

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