What are The Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles

Men have a lot of thoughts about what they don’t like on female profiles on POF. Things that are overused and turn them off, things that just make them not want to message you, and other things that are just plain annoying.

We compiled all the complaints from our male friends into this blog post so we could share with you some insight into what men really think about your profile.

You may be surprised by some of these insights!

What are The Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles

Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles

  1. Women who use the word “feminist” in their profile
  2. Women who say they’re looking for a relationship but want to chat with men first
  3. Women who don’t have any pictures of themselves on their profile
  4. Women who are only interested in Asian, Latino, or White men
  5. Women whose profiles include phrases like “I’m not here to play games” or “no need to message me if you’re just going to ask me out.”
  6. Statements that make it clear that she is looking for a sugar daddy and not a serious relationship (e.g., “I’m really just looking for someone I can spoil.”)
  7. Men’s pics showing them holding large amounts of cash, gold chains, etc.; women should avoid posting pics like this as well)
  8. Pictures of cars and homes- these items are symbols of wealth and status; women shouldn’t post anything related to money because it makes them seem shallow or materialistic). These points may be too sensitive so they should be avoided at all costs!
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Things Men HATE About Female POF Profiles – Things That Turn Us Off

  1. “I’m looking for a relationship.”
  2. “I love to laugh and have fun!”
  3. “No, I don’t want kids”
  4. “Yes, I’m ready for a commitment”
  5. _ (fill in the blank) _ (fill in the blank) (fill in the blank) (fill in the blank) _(fill in the blank).
  6. “What are you doing now?”

Things Guys Find Annoying on a Female’s Profile Page

  1. Having a profile photo with an animal
  2. Putting up too many photos of themselves
  3. Posting selfies all the time
  4. Talking about their exes on their profiles
  5. Too much information in the “about me” section
  6. Using emojis more than words when they message people online or in texts
  7. Too many pictures of pets
  8. Pictures with the ex
  9. Picture with her friends doing something embarrassing
  10. Too many selfies in a row
  11. Too much information about her hobbies and interests (i.e., ‘I like to read, watch movies, go shopping’)
  12. She’s looking for love but she has too many cats as a pet

Here are Some Other Points You Need To consider While making profile

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No Profile Picture

Men on POF don’t like it when a woman doesn’t use an image on her profile. It’s okay to put an image if you are with your friends, but make sure the image is one where you are more attractive than your friends.

Men on PlentyOfFish will not want to message you if you don’t put an image. But, some women might not have a profile picture for privacy reasons or other reasons. If you are looking for a man and want him to message you, make sure that your profile has your best photo and is confident.

You should put your best image on your PlentyOfFish profile. If you are not sure, you can take pictures with friends. But do not forget that on those pictures, you are more attractive than your friends. Image on this PlentyOfFish website is very important for the men who want to date you. They will like it and may even know who you are if they see a picture of yourself on your PlentyOfFish account.

Face Shot

The way that men look at you is important. If they only see your face, it will make them think that you are trying to hide something. Men want to know what a women looks like from the full length of her body. They need to have facts like if you are fat or skinny. So showing your whole body is necessary so they can see the real woman inside the clothes. Of course, not all men just want a perfect woman but at least by showing your whole body photo, it shows that you are a confident person with self-respect for yourself and others around you.

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No Information about Yourself

Usually, some men don’t like the PlentyOfFish profile of women who do not put their information about themselves on it. If you are a woman who does not put your information on your PlentyOfFish profile, it will make the men dislike your POF profile. Men need to know more about what you are like in order to know if they want to talk with you or date you.

As a woman, you should put your information on your PlentyOfFish profile. Men can then know who you are and what they need to do in order to know more about you. But many men will find out about your information by sending messages or asking for it directly from you. It is still important for them to see that it is available on your PlentyOfFish profile as well though!

Great male looking for female profiles for pof

  1. Looking for a great male looking for female profiles on pof
  2. I’m looking for someone who is in my age group and has similar interests as me
  3. I am not interested in anyone who smokes or drinks
  4. If you are interested, please contact me via email __@gmail.com
  5. Send the subject “great male looking for female profiles” in the email so that I know it’s an interest match request from this post
  6. Please include your name, age, location and what you do when you’re not working to help me get to know you better!

Examples of good female pof profiles

  1. Include a photo of you in the profile ( Use clear, high-quality photos that represent your personality )
  2. Keep your profile short and sweet
  3. Use keywords when describing yourself
  4. Be honest about who you are looking for
  5. Show that you’re fun, outgoing, and adventurous (include photos of what you like to do)
  6. Don’t be afraid to take some risks with your dating life!
  7. Be confident and have a sense of humor
  8. Include a good mix of professional and personal photos
  9. Share what you’re passionate about in life
  10. Don’t include too much information – keep it simple!
  11. Keep the text concise, but be sure to mention things like height or relationship status if they are important to you


This is a lighthearted blog post about what men really think about your profile. We hope you found it helpful! If you’re looking for some serious help with making your POF profile more attractive to the opposite sex, we can do that too – just contact us and let’s chat.

In the meantime, here are five things guys hate seeing on female profiles on POF: 1) The “I don’t want kids” disclaimer 2) Too much information in one sentence 3) You call yourself an artist when all of your photos show food 4) Your bio doesn’t match up with how old you say you are 5) Heading out soon? Don’t tell me where yet because I’m not coming over.

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