Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About That Little Green Dot On POF

The POF website has a lot of different features that can be confusing at first. One common question is what does the green dot on pof mean or what does the green dot mean on pof. It is important to know this because the green dot indicates that someone has verified their email address, which means you won’t have to worry about getting scammed by fake POF members anymore!

What Does The Green Dot Mean On Pof ( Plenty Of fish )

  1. The green dot means that the person is currently online
  2. It also means that they are available to talk or chat with you
  3. If you see a red dot, it means they are offline and not able to chat with you at this time
  4. For people who have yet to register on POF, the green dot will appear as soon as they sign up for an account
  5. You can click on any of these dots and send them a message if you like what you see!
  6. When someone has blocked your messages from coming through, their green marker will be replaced by a red one – this may mean that they’re no longer interested in chatting with other members or just don’t want any more messages from strangers (or both!).
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Whats the green dot on POF mean?

Green dot: This means that the person you are messaging with is online. Yellow dot: This means that the person is not on this application. But it could also mean that they were just on this app recently.

Why do I see the little green dot next to my profile pic on pof

  1. The green dot on POF means that the person is online and looking for someone to chat with
  2. The green dot on POF can also mean that the person has messaged you before, but it’s possible they’ve forgotten
  3. If a girl has a green dot next to her name, she’s not interested in dating anyone at this time
  4. A guy might have a green dot if he wants to talk about something other than dating – maybe sports or music
  5. If you don’t want people who are just looking for hookups, make sure your profile clearly states what type of relationship you’re after
  6. You may be able to find out if someone was messaging you by clicking on their picture and reading their message history.
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How can I make the little green dot go away from my profile pic on pof.

  1. go to your account settings
  2. click on “payment and shipping”
  3. uncheck the green dot option
  4. scroll down to the bottom of the page
  5. click save changes at the bottom right corner of your screen

So why is there a little green dot next to my profile picture when using POF.

It indicates that you are available on the Pof platform.

When someone has a “little” green icon next to their photo, what does that mean on POF ?

It means he is online.

Why You Should Care and Understand what does the green dot on pof mean

POF is a popular dating website with over 40 million POF members, and as such, it can be difficult to identify whether someone has been verified on POF or not. POF profiles that do not have the green dot usually result in scammers who will use them to lure people into their trap!

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How To Spot A Scammer:

POF profiles without the green dot are usually fake and have been created by scammers to lure people into a trap. POF members who use their own pictures verified email addresses, and real names will display a green dot next to them on POF!

What To Do If You’re Being Scammed:

If you think POF members are being scammed, POF encourages you to report the POF profile and contact POF customer service. POF will then take the necessary steps to block the POF member.


The green dot on pof is an indicator that someone has verified their email address. This means you are not at risk of being scammed by fake members anymore! If this sounds like something you would want to do, visit the POF website and follow these steps to verify your account today.

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