What is online dating like for a man?

Dating is no less than going hiking. Because some people make it to the top of the hill, some return from halfway, while some struggle to even walk a kilometre

Being a man it gets hard to date online because mostly what we receive is REJECTION, IGNORANCE  and left on seen.

But, I’ve had wonderful luck with online dating. The majority of the women I’ve dated in the last few years, including one significant relationship. Ps: we are still together for the past year and my girl is a really good match for me.

In this article, I will tell you how my ice breaker is and Share my experience by which you can get inspired and use it for yourself. 

What is online dating like for a man?

  1. Men feel as if they want to reach out to as many girls as possible, but when there is no return on the time they invest in starting, they begin to feel out of place. Sometimes they end up quitting dating.
  1. It can be lonely not knowing how to start a conversation, especially if you’re new to the dating scene or site and haven’t had a female companion in a long time. 
  1. but when someone starts talking to you or notices you, it’s almost heartbreaking when you realise you’re just a fragment of the bush and she’s talking to a lot of other men who are so much better than you.
  1. Men become anxious. And this at times makes things worst.
  1.  If you meet a woman at a pub and tell her you’re on online dating sites, your worth drops dramatically suddenly.
  1. A man is on an internet dating site because he has lost his hope of finding love in person, which is common for many males in today’s world.
  1. As a man, for a dating site, you must literally establish a strong identity. Because only then you’ll attract more women and be able to pick the perfect match from a pile. If not then you’ll have to face rejections for Nth times until you find The One.
  1. But in the end, however, everything works out and you find a match.

How to start online dating a girl?

  1. Text around 3-6 girls after 7 pm: Once a week, say on a Friday night, I’d message six random girls. They were usually girls who seemed to be independent and looked decent in their pictures. Because I prefer classic ladies, bold, sweet yet self-reliant.
  1. Exchange words for a few days: When she replies to your text, talk formally until she asks you to not be formal enough. I’d usually get a response from 1-6 of them and exchange a few texts for a few days with them before inviting them out for a drink or brunch.
  1. Go for a date: Once the girl is ready for a date I’d get together with them. If I wasn’t interested, the conversation would stop with a simple ‘glad to meet you and that would be the end of it. But if both of us liked it then we went out together often.
  1. Don’t date more than 3 girls together: If you are already dating more than two girls then why would you want to lose your chance? I would only date two to three individuals at a time. And if I was dating two or more people, I would not message new girls and would only use Zoosk or Happn on rare occasions, just to keep my account active.
  1. Repeat, after all your dates bid goodbye: If things don’t work out with any of them then restart the process of finding a date. I’d log onto my dating apps and restart the process as I realised people weren’t exactly the right fit or they aren’t interested in me. 
  1. Respect the rejection: men usually see rejection as a great deal and sometimes they do unethical things after being rejected, which is totally wrong. When I used to get rejected, I respected their decision and never bothered the lady texting or by any means. Be a man of ethics, girls love such men.

This may sound really simple but it’s not that much. Most importantly, the few serious women I’ve dated have been far better matches for me than the ladies I dated previous to online dating. Count me on as a supporter.

Tip: You’ll be successful if you make a plan and set positive perceptions when dating online. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll end up leaving the fashion house empty-handed. 

Remember, there’s a reason some people do online dating: there are a lot of absurd people that look incredible but will hollow your soul!

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