100+ Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Like You

How many times have you tried to flirt with the girl or let’s say your girlfriend? 

People tend to stop healthy flirting with their better half once they are assured that the girl/ their partner is into them. They tend to think that flirting is no longer required but that is not at all true; it only makes the relationships or bond lose their spark (of course, not always).

Sometimes flirting or asking flirty questions can help a lot. Knowing some good flirty questions to ask a girl helps you stand out from the crowd of other men chasing her. 

The majority of guys will only ask the most basic questions, which she has already heard and answered a million times which instantly makes her feel disinterested in you.

Considering this fact, I have listed below 100+ flirty questions to ask a girl to make her like you.

How to ask a question, flirting?

Slow, seductive, and assured is the way to go. 

Not rapid, personable, or nervous. Many of the questions below are centred toward discovering what she enjoys doing in her spare time.

 When she says something, it’s usually the ideal time to make a move and impress her.

If she gives a weird answer, don’t be scared to Crack a joke and show your humour level. Tell her if you don’t agree with her. This allows her to join in the conversation more attentively, and it’s now a two-way conversation. 

Many sites suggest you imagine her in some way which is not at all ethical because if you like the girl and want her to like you back, it’s not a hidden fact that you are already in a mood when with her.

100+ flirty questions for her

  1. Why are you like this, girl?
  2. Are you in the mood? For eating…
  3. I am hungry after seeing you.
  4. I wonder your name means beauty, am I right?
  5. I guess I found my obsession, oh did you know it’s you?
  6. What do you mean…ughhhh you are possessing me by doing nothing?
  7. What’s there on your face? (when she asks, “what,” say, “Oh beauty”)
  8. Did you notice I am trying to flirt?
  9. Are you currently bored?
  10. What is your favourite way to dress?
  11. Which type of PIZZA is your favourite?
  12. Where do you think your sense of humour came from?
  13. Which skill would you desire to master the most?
  14. Have you gone on a blind date before?
  15. What was your day like without me?
  16. What is your distance from me?
  17. Do you like it cheesy or plain? I mean burger…
  18. Which countries have you visited except my heartland?
  19. Do you have a pet that you adore?
  20. What’s the finest present you’ve ever received?
  21. Are you the type of person who posts pictures of her food on social media?
  22. Is this the “type” you’re looking for? Umm… am I
  23. What has been the most memorable day of your life?
  24. What is the nicest compliment you’ve ever received?
  25. What superpower would you choose if you had one?
  26. Do you have time to come over to my house for a glass of wine?
  27. Have you noticed that the majority of Tinder dates are a disaster?
  28. What is the most heinous act you’ve ever committed?
  29. Which Disney film is your personal favourite?
  30. Do you know of any foods that are aphrodisiac?
  31. What do you think your strongest skill or talent is?
  32. Do you prefer to dress up all the time?
  33. Are you currently bored?
  34. What is your favourite way to dress?
  35. Which type of pizza is your favourite?
  36. Where do you think your sense of humour came from?
  37. Which skill would you desire to master the most?
  38. Have you gone on a blind date before?
  39. What was your day like?
  40. What is your distance from me?
  41. What is the most memorable gift you’ve ever given?
  42. What was your most memorable year?
  43. Do you consider yourself to be living life to the fullest?
  44. Do you have any hidden abilities?
  45. Do you have a favourite way of unwinding?
  46. Consider you a goddess, what would be your ideal occupation?
  47. Is this seat reserved for me?
  48. What are you doing staring at me like that?
  49. Is it true that you’re currently flirting with me?
  50. Are you more introverted or outgoing?
  51. Do you consider yourself to be a creative person?
  52. Is there anything about me that you dislike?
  53. Do you believe first impressions are usually correct?
  54. What is it that you are resisting?
  55. Are you a good keeper of secrets?
  56. Do you think our kids are adorable?
  57. Do you think we’d make a nice relationship or annoy each other to death?
  58. Do you believe it is a man’s responsibility to defend his woman? 
  59. Do you believe I’d be able to defend you?
  60. Do you believe I’d be able to live up to your high expectations?
  61. Are you a ticklish person?
  62. What was your initial reaction to me? Has anything changed?
  63. Did you have any thoughts about me when we initially met?
  64. What could we do for 24 hours together without being bored?
  65. What are your thoughts on porn? Is it better to be immoral or to be awesome?
  66. What do you want us to accomplish in the next few months?
  67. What is the strangest aspect of your family?
  68. What kind of person do you want to be or envision yourself becoming in the future?
  69. What do people think of you when they first meet you? Are they correct?
  70. When you meet a guy for the first time, what is the first thing you notice about him?
  71. Are you like this all of the time or just when you’re around attractive males like me?
  72. What would you say about your best buddy if you had to describe him or her in a single word?
  73. What is the most effective approach to deal with stress?
  74. What do you think other people think of you?
  75. How would you sum up your life’s mission?
  76. What three wishes would you make if you had three wishes right now?
  77. What would you do all day if money were no object?
  78. Describe your perfect date if money was not an issue.
  79. How would you sum up your life’s mission?
  80. What three wishes would you make if you had three wishes right now?
  81. What would you do all day if money were no object?
  82. Describe your perfect date if money was not an issue.
  83. How would you spend $5,000 if you were given a check?
  84. What would the title of your life be if it were a movie, and why?
  85. What’s more crucial? Which is more important: money or love?
  86. Which filter is your personal favourite?
  87. Is it possible for you to do accents other than your own?
  88. Is it possible to fall in love with someone on social media?
  89. What is your favourite internet activity?
  90. Is it possible for me to have your phone number so that we can talk?
  91. What hour do you go to bed on a regular basis?
  92. When you’re bored out of your mind, what do you do?
  93. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  94. Could you tell me the meaning of your name?
  95. Do you have a good understanding of your siblings?
  96. Have you ever gone on a trip outside of your city?
  97. What is your preferred working time?
  98. What piques your interest?
  99. To whom do you share your most private thoughts?
  100. Which classic film is still vivid in your mind?
  101. Have you noticed how attractive you are as a woman?
  102. You have beautiful legs, I wonder how they would look on me… can you tell how?

…But most of all

It’s difficult to approach a complete stranger for a talk, and it’s even more difficult if she’s as stunning as a movie star. 

It isn’t every day that a man has the opportunity to meet a lovely woman he admires up and personal.

Thus, it is important to take things slow with the right questions.

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