100+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl You’ve Just Met

Almost anyone can establish a fascinating presence with the correct words and gestures. Look for anything you have in common with your new friend or date or someone you just met. Even if you have nothing in common, you can always exchange stuff that interests you.

Remember, ladies (most of them) love talking about things that are off-topic, I mean they are interesting. This is how one can impress a girl. Take notes!

These are over 100 questions to ask a girl that will undoubtedly spark a lively discussion. You can ask a few or all of them. These questions are wonderful on their own, but yes you’ll have to ask her a lot of follow-up questions to have a truly great chat.

100+ interesting questions to ask a girl you just met

  1. What is a dish you have never tried but would like to?
  2. What is something you despise having to pay for?
  3. What would it be like to live in a universe filled with clones of yourself?
  4. Do you believe aliens exist?
  5. What are you concerned about right now?
  6. What are some of the strangest places you’ve visited?
  7. What’s wrong with this, although it sounds right?
  8. What meal is wonderful but difficult to consume?
  9. Who was the craziest/most intriguing instructor you ever had?
  10. What activities do you engage in as an enthusiastic person?
  11. What was your most recent photograph?
  12. When is restriction accepted?
  13. What’s the most uninteresting superhero you can think of?
  14. What’s the scariest non-horror film you’ve ever watched?
  15. What have you forgotten to mention?
  16. What would you ask if you knew the answer to one question?
  17. So, how does it feel to be you right now?
  18. What brings back memories for you?
  19. What would you do if you only had two hours left on this planet?
  20. What is the most beautiful word in the English language?
  21. Who makes you laugh the hardest?
  22. What lessons did your father impart to you?
  23. What have you learned from your mother?
  24. What is the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?
  25. What was the best gift you’ve ever received?
  26. How often do you check your reflection in the mirror during the day?
  27. What do you bring to a friendship that others don’t?
  28. What’s a dream that keeps coming back to you?
  29. What gives you a sense of security?
  30. What has been the most fortunate event that has ever happened to you?
  31. What do you want people to remember you for after you’ve passed away?
  32. What is the most fascinating aspect of science?
  33. What is the best monetary investment you’ve ever made?
  34. What is one of your terrible habits?
  35. What do you have reason to be thankful for?
  36. Who do you want to be envious of?
  37. What is one image that will stay with you forever?
  38. Give an account of a near-death experience.
  39. What does Heaven mean to you?
  40. What do you think Hell is like?
  41. When did you realise it?
  42. What can you do to make things better?
  43. When do you feel the most like yourself?
  44. What is the most incredible real storey you have ever heard?
  45. What’s the most disgusting food you can’t get enough of?
  46. Which brand are you the most devoted to?
  47. What is the most embarrassing incident that occurs to you on a frequent basis?
  48. What would you want your new life to be like if you had to vanish and start all over again?
  49. What movie or book has the most memorable lines for you?
  50. What was one of the most memorable concerts you’ve ever attended?
  51. Where are you no longer welcome?
  52. What do you believe could be done to make the media better?
  53. What’s the most recent show you’ve seen in a row?
  54. What is the most obnoxious movie trope?
  55. What is a common experience shared by many individuals that you have never had?
  56. What are some common misunderstandings regarding your hobby?
  57. What is the most intelligent thing you’ve ever witnessed an animal do?
  58. What is the most irritating sound?
  59. What’s your spooky tale about a haunted house?
  60. What was the last thing you looked up on Google?
  61. What’s the silliest argument you’ve ever had with someone?
  62. What strange odour do you find particularly appealing?
  63. What’s the coolest wild animal you’ve ever seen?
  64. What is the most important lesson you’ve taken from a work of fiction?
  65. What is the meal that you crave the most?
  66. Who has the best/worst luck in your life?
  67. When you encounter a new fashion trend, does it make you grimace or make you laugh?
  68. What’s your favourite example of you or someone else attempting to be devious and failing miserably?
  69. Which do you think is the most likely post-apocalyptic dystopia?
  70. What fashion trend are you fed up with?
  71. What’s dirt cheap that you’d pay a lot more for?
  72. What’s the most disgusting mosquitoes myth you’ve ever heard?
  73. What kind of ice cream would an adult ice cream truck services, and what music would it play?
  74. Which company do you detest the most?
  75. When was the last time you laughed at an inappropriate time?
  76. What would a good tagline for each month be?
  77. What are some of the disadvantages of having particular superpowers?
  78. What is a term that is a lot of fun to pronounce?
  79. What present trend do you hope will continue in the future?
  80. What actors or actresses are unable to perform a new role because they have mastered their most well-known role?
  81. What’s your favourite restaurant for delicious food?
  82. What’s the coolest slow motion video you’ve ever seen?
  83. Which celebrity do you believe is the most grounded?
  84. What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever consumed?
  85. What is the most valuable item you’ve ever broken?
  86. What kinds of dishes do you enjoy or excel at preparing?
  87. What are some life skills that are rarely taught but are incredibly beneficial?
  88. Which movie universe would be the worst place to spend the rest of your life?
  89. Which computer would you select if you could hack into any computer?
  90. Even if you’ve never met them, who do you feel like you know?
  91. What animal is the most ridiculous on the planet?
  92. What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten as a gesture of goodwill?
  93. What do you consider to be the most momentous event of your lifetime?
  94. What happens on a regular basis in your country that most people in other countries would find unusual or strange?
  95. What obstacles would be included in the most incredible obstacle course the world has ever seen?
  96. When you hear that, what makes you roll your eyes?
  97. What do you believe you’re much better at than you are?
  98. Should kidneys be available for purchase and sale?
  99. What do you think is the most inventive usage of emojis you’ve ever seen?
  100. When was the last time you got to say, “I told you so.” to someone?
  101. What’s the most spectacular manner you’ve ever witnessed someone quit or be fired?
  102. Which criminal offence would you wish to be immune to if you couldn’t be convicted of any other?
  103. What is something that will never go out of style, regardless of how much time passes?
  104. What female actors appear in nearly every film or television show they appear in?
  105. People used to be buried with objects that they would need in the hereafter; what would you want to be buried with you so that you might utilise it in the afterlife?
  106. What’s the finest or worst practical prank you’ve ever performed or been the victim of?
  107. What sources do you use to acquire your news?
  108. What are some red flags to be aware of in everyday life?
  109. What is a movie that you can watch over and over again and never get bored of?
  110. What do you believe youngsters will ask you to tell stories about when you’re older?

The typical questions about school, employment, and hobbies might become boring after a while, and they only scratch the surface of what makes someone special. 

Use this list of 100+ odd questions to ask as a starting point for establishing bonds with friends, family, coworkers, and others. Just be aware that these inquiries may come back to haunt you.

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