100 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush Today

Texting is an excellent way to flirt with someone. Before seeing them in person, try not to get your hopes up too high. Being well-prepared can make you feel more at ease. 

If you are meeting them in person then make sure you are ready. If today is that day then you are at the right place…YES! 

It’s not common to have flirty questions prepped for your crush. You want to ask them a question that demonstrates your interest without being overbearing. 

The ideal questions to ask your new crush when flirting are ones that help you get to know them and draw attention to their personal lives. 

Furthermore, these inquiries will pique their curiosity and assist you in learning more about them, their interests, and their personal preferences. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too subtle or excessive. You also don’t want them to feel confined or uneasy.

So, without any more words let’s jump to the questions.

100 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush Today

  1. Do you want to put your hand on my shoulder?
  2. Do you get a kick out of nasty talk?
  3. What was your initial reaction to me?
  4. Are you interested in going on a romantic date with me?
  5. What are your plans for me right now?
  6. How did you get to be so seductive?
  7. Is it possible that I’m making your heart skip a beat?
  8. Is it okay if I call you bae?
  9. What is your preferred method of seduction?
  10. Do you ever think about me?
  11. Is it just me, or are we meant to be together?
  12. What else can I take from you than a kiss?
  13. Will you be my boyfriend or girlfriend?
  14. Which do you prefer: bread or bed?
  15. What kind of attire would you like to see me in?
  16. So, how do you want me to help you?
  17. Do you have any idea what kind of underwear I’m wearing right now?
  18. What kinks do you have?
  19. Would you hold it against me if I told you that you have a hot body?
  20. Is it hot in here, or are you the only one who notices?
  21. Which portion of your body do you think is the most attractive?
  22. Which aspect of me do you find most appealing?
  23. Which body type is your favourite?
  24. What is it about you that makes me fall in love with you right away?
  25. Do you want to make the first move or should I?
  26. What’s the best way for me to turn you on?
  27. Have any of your prior partners been unfaithful to you?
  28. Which of us is the more trusting of the two of us?
  29. Do you believe I make an effort to see the good in others?
  30. Do you enjoy it when I stroke your back?
  31. Are you happy with your personal life?
  32. Do you want to try something different in bed with us?
  33. Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person? Is it possible that I’m a jealous person? What are your thoughts on jealousy in general?
  34. Have you ever been one of the “cool kids” at school?
  35. To you, what does romance entail?
  36. Did you go through a “moment” as a kid?
  37. What do you do for a living besides being sexy all day?
  38. Your lips appear to be alone. Would they be interested in meeting with me?
  39. What would you do if you found me naked in the middle of nowhere?
  40. Do you have any make-out movements you’ve never done but have always wanted to try? Now’s your opportunity to shine!
  41. Is it true that to know me is to love me? Are you willing to learn more about me?
  42. What enticing question would you like me to ask you?
  43. Do you think we’ll have children? If so, how many are there? Is this a deal-breaker for you?
  44. Do you make an effort to get others’ respect or admiration?
  45. Do you think I’m concerned about my appearance?
  46. Is there anything I do that makes you feel truly loved?
  47. For you, what does the ideal date night entail?
  48. Which of my characteristics do you admire the most?
  49. What’s one romantic meal you’d want to have?
  50. Is there a particular type of music that “get you going”?
  51. Do you believe there is a formula for keeping a relationship happy?
  52. Is there a romantic film you’d like to see with us?
  53. What kind of date night setting would you prefer?
  54. What is one physical feature that you admire about me?
  55. What do you think my favourite feature of yours is?
  56. What value do you place on honesty and truth?
  57. Do you have any personal goals that you haven’t shared with me?
  58. Do you believe I’m a good money manager? So, how about you?
  59. Is there somewhere particular you’d like to show me one day?
  60. Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
  61. Is it terribly hot or really freezing outside? Choose between the two extremes!
  62. Do you believe you have a defect that I wouldn’t accept?
  63. Do you have any lingering questions about me that you’re trying to avoid?
  64. Is it more intimate for you to kiss or hug?
  65. Is it okay if we have good male/female friends?
  66. What aspects of our relationship should we work on?
  67. Are you okay with correcting flaws in our relationship, even if it takes a long time?
  68. What would be the first thing you’d want us to do together if we had all the money in the world?
  69. Do you ever think of me when you hear a song on your playlist?
  70. Do you believe you’ve learned everything there is to know about me? Would you like to ask me anything at all?
  71. Can you sum up who I am in three words?
  72. Do you believe our first kiss was memorable, or did it fall short?
  73. What would you say it’s like to be in love? Is there anything in particular that you’re experiencing?
  74. Does my favourite clothing make me look good?
  75. What cuisine would you select if you could only eat for the rest of your life?
  76. Do you believe that physical touch is an important aspect of romance? Furthermore, which gestures do you find particularly romantic?
  77. Do you think any of our friends have a wonderful relationship? Should we follow in their footsteps?
  78. When we first met, what was the first thing that came to mind about me?
  79. Have you ever fulfilled an erotic fantasy?
  80. What would you do if you only had one day left to live?
  81. Who is the one person you wish you could fuck in this world?
  82. What is the filthiest thought you’ve ever entertained?
  83. What is the most enticing praise you’ve ever received?
  84. How come you’re still single despite being so perfect?
  85. Was it an earthquake, or were you the one who shook my world?
  86. Hello, I’m working on a phone book right now. Is it possible for me to get your phone number?
  87. Is it because the sun came out, or because you just smiled at me?
  88. When you dropped from heaven, did it hurt a lot?
  89. Is there an airport nearby, or is it only my imagination?
  90. I’ve got a blemish on my lip. Will you give it a kiss to cheer it up?
  91. What are the things you would expect me to perform if I were completely under your control?
  92. Would you adopt me and show me, unconditional love, if I told you I was an orphan?
  93. Do you believe in “love at first sight,” or should I continue on my way?
  94. Could you please tell me everything there is to know about yourself?
  95. Is there still room in your life for candy?
  96. Would you apprehend me right now if you were a cop?
  97. Which would you prefer: good beauty or intelligence?
  98. Hey, I recently purchased a new phone. I’m still not sure how it works. Is it okay if I phone you to put it to the test?
  99. Would you like to join me for a bite to eat?
  100. Could you kindly assist me for a few moments? That is if you understand what I mean.
  101. Are your parents as attractive as you are?
  102. Would you mind holding my hand while I go for a walk?

…But most of all

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Make use of this list to charm your way into your crush’s heart. I strongly advise you to maintain prudence at all times in order to avoid getting into unneeded difficulties.

Depending on how things go, you may be able to deepen your relationship with your crush or dig a hole for yourself. 

At last, you should be able to evoke a few laughs. 

Wish you luck…

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