50+ Funny, Famous Celebrity Interview Questions to Ask 2022

Have you ever played “interview trials” with your friends? Well, that’s the term my circle came up with. It basically is a question-and-answer game. But the twist is that we usually ask the celebrity interview questions. 

Any famous person, couple, family, group, or animal is referred to as a celebrity. Tom Cruise is a good example of a celebrity. Here’s a list of 50+ popular funny questions to ask in 2022. 

You can use these questions in a theme party or you can use them randomly too amongst your people and have a good time together. If you meet any celebrities then you may ask them some funny questions, I’ve listed them below.

50+ Funny, Famous Celebrity Interview Questions to Ask 2022

The goal of entertainment writers and journalists is to ask probing questions that uncover the true nature of renowned people. It can be difficult to come up with clever yet funny questions that will reveal insights into these superstars’ personalities. Here are some dumb yet  funny questions that were asked to celebrities: 

How much weight do you have to lose to fit into your costume?

When Anne Hathaway was asked how much weight she had to lose to fit into her costume, she replied, “I dropped a lot of weight.” Interviewer Chris Van Vliet asked Hathaway how much weight she shed to get into the Catwoman suit while promoting The Dark Knight Rises. She let out a dramatic scream and replied, “Forward, young man.”

Why do you want to be in movies after being in the showbiz business?

When a reporter questioned Justin Timberlake about why he wanted to be in movies after being in the showbiz business. Mila Kunis jumped in to defend Timberlake while promoting their film in Russia, telling the reporter how ridiculous her question was in excellent Russian.

Why does a feminist never stand up for a man who is being harassed for eve-teasing?

When Priyanka Chopra, the classic queen of sass, was asked why a feminist never stand up for a man who is being harassed for eve-teasing? She then went on to explain the fundamental distinction between gender equality and feminism, being the badass that she is. “Physiologically, males and women are different,” she explained. There isn’t any question about it.

What kind of underwear do you wear underneath the Avengers costume?

When Scarlett Johansson was asked what kind of underwear she wears underneath her Avengers costume, she said, “It depends.” “What is going on?” Johansson asks, laughing awkwardly and nervously. When did individuals start inquiring about their underpants in interviews?”

Funny questions to ask celebrities 

  1. Do you ever go for a sleepwalk?
  2. Do you have a knack for accents?
  3. Do you have any anxieties that seem unreasonable to you?
  4. Do you ever find yourself singing while showering?
  5. Do you have any skills that you think are ineffective?
  6. What’s the worst smelling place you’ve ever visited?
  7. What is the strangest inquiry you’ve ever received?
  8. Do you have a habit of singing in the shower?
  9. What is your most terrifying or bizarre fear?
  10. What was the most fascinating thing you read or saw this week?
  11. What would you like to be remembered for?
  12. What message would you send to your fans?
  13. What superpower would you have?
  14. What is the most worthless skill you possess?
  15. What would be on your life’s joke reel?
  16. What’s the most ridiculous commercial you’ve seen recently?
  17. Are you a fan of spice?
  18. What is the worst wardrobe mishap you’ve ever experienced?
  19. What is the greatest kitchen disaster you’ve ever made?
  20. What are some of the most ridiculous questions you’ve ever been asked?
  21. How well can you imitate other people’s accents?
  22. What portion of your body would you be willing to give up?
  23. What would someone do to get your undivided attention?
  24. Do you have any other languages under your belt?
  25. What places would you like to go?
  26. What would you be doing right now if you weren’t famous?
  27. That do you know who is the messiest?
  28. What is the most ludicrous thing you’ve been duped into doing or believing?
  29. What would you do if you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl?
  30. What is the strangest favor you’ve ever received from a fan?
  31. What was the best/worst date you’ve ever had?
  32. Would you date someone who is a fan?
  33. What would you call yourself if you were to change your name?
  34. What is your most vexing pet peeve?
  35. What is your most vexing habit?
  36. Do you find it difficult to adjust to your new status as a celebrity?
  37. Who or what inspires you?
  38. What is your most terrifying or bizarre fear?
  39. What superpower would you have?
  40. What do you think a decent theme song for your life would be?
  41. If you had a boat, what would you name it?
  42. What is the most inexcusable way you’ve been hurt?
  43. Which fictional figure would you most like to meet in person?
  44. What has been your best and worst purchase?
  45. What are some examples of praises that actually insult?
  46. What kind of animal would you like to have as a pet?
  47. Have you ever desired to meet one of your favorite literary characters in person? What is the name of that character?
  48. What compliments have you received that have turned out to be offensive or rude?
  49. What would you do if you were offered a free sixty-second commercial slot during the Super Bowl?
  50. What music would you choose as a theme tune to describe where you are right now in your life?
  51. What are some of the items you’ve spent money on and later felt were a complete waste of money?

The bottom line

What would you ask a celebrity if you had the chance to interview them? When celebrities have a new project to promote, they are bombarded with so many inquiries that their responses might become monotonous. The key is to come up with questions that will reveal a side of their personality that is rarely revealed.

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