100+ Funny Questions to Ask a Guy That Are Nothing But Fun

One of the most fundamental things for learning to take place in our brains is having fun. There are a wide variety of ways to learn new information and facts while having a good time. 

A good laugh, without a doubt, can mend practically anything! However, there are times when we run out of ideas and might use some assistance.

Check out these 100+  hilarious – and bizarre questions to ask that will give you the perfect excuse to have a good time.

100+ Funny Questions to Ask a Guy That Are Nothing But Fun

  1. If you were not straight, would you like to sleep with your clone?
  2. If you could marry yourself, would you have a great sex life?
  3. If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
  4. Who is your all-time favourite celebrity who people don’t like?
  5. What kind of conspiracies do you believe in?
  6. What do you believe I’m thinking at the moment?
  7. What do you believe is the most dreadful way to die?
  8. What is it that makes you cry?
  9. Are you self-conscious about what other people think of you?
  10. Which superpower would you never want to possess?
  11. What does a nice human being mean to you?
  12. How many zombies have you killed so far? How many persons are there? Why?
  13. Do you fold the toilet paper flap over or under?
  14. What are three items on which you would never spend your money?
  15. What is the most outlandish dream you’ve ever had?
  16. Right now, what’s the funniest joke you can come up with?
  17. What food do you believe to be the scourge of your existence?
  18. What would be the theme music for your life?
  19. What is something about you that I don’t believe?
  20. What is the most amusing childhood incident you can recall right now?
  21. What do you suppose you’d do if you didn’t have to work a day in your life?
  22. Have you ever observed that products that should be simple to open never seem to be?
  23. What do you think your post-apocalyptic employment would be if you survive the apocalypse?
  24. Right now, what’s the most inventive insult you can think of?
  25. How do you deal with folks you don’t care for?
  26. Would you better sing or dance in front of an audience? Why?
  27. What skill do you have that no one else knows about? Carry it out!
  28. Do the socks you’re wearing right now have any holes in them?
  29. What was the wretchedest meal you’ve ever cooked? Describe the experience and tell us about the lucky person who got to try it!
  30. What do you do if your little toe hurts?
  31. What kind of insect would you prefer to be, and why?
  32. Which of the ancient Greek Gods or Goddesses would you rather be, and why?
  33. Which Olympic sport would you prefer to win? What is the reason for this?
  34. Assume you’ve boarded the quickest and highest roller coaster. What expressions would you make?
  35. Which animal would be the cutest if it could talk?
  36. Would you want to be a vampire or a zombie? 
  37. What’s the most pathetic way you’ve ever been hit on?
  38. Which animal tail would you choose if you could have one?
  39. What portion of your face would you be willing to give up and why? Which one would you most like to see replicated?
  40. What would you do if you suddenly began to develop at a rapid rate?
  41. In what circumstances would you wish to be unnoticed?
  42. What was the best prank you ever pulled as a kid?
  43. Would you rather be a magician or have an unlimited supply of cash?
  44. If you awoke one day with the capacity to communicate with one animal, which one would you choose and why?
  45. What kind of raw food do you enjoy that isn’t seafood?
  46. What would you do if you had a treasure that no one could find?
  47. Last night, what did you dream about?
  48. What was the subject of yours, and who did you send it to?
  49. What is the most common first impression people have of you?
  50. You’d be a millionaire if they paid you for what one thing you are pro at?
  51. What is that smell that you like but that other people find repulsive?
  52. What is the strangest food you’ve ever tried and liked?
  53. Have you ever burped more loudly than you expected? What happened to that?
  54. What’s that job you’ve always wanted but are too embarrassed to admit?
  55. Is decaying flesh smellier than cheese? Why do you think that is?
  56. Which strange competition would you choose to participate in? You must make a decision!
  57. What record would you break if you were invited to participate in the World Guinness Records? People, we all have unique abilities!
  58. Come on, tell me about your phobia! Everyone has at least one.
  59. What kind of insect would you prefer to be, and why?
  60. What’s the most insane thing you’ve ever imagined doing?
  61. Do you prefer paperback books or e-books to read? What is the reason for this?
  62. What is your tried-and-true home remedy for hiccups?
  63. What is the worst movie title you’ve ever heard, and why do you think that is?
  64. On a long flight, how do you pass the time?
  65. What is something that is extremely important to you but that you never have the opportunity to discuss?
  66. What are the little things that you always get worked up about?
  67. What does the ideal burger look like to you?
  68. What is it that you can talk about for hours on end?
  69. What is the most ridiculous incident that has happened to you?
  70. What’s your worst kitchen blunder?
  71. What animal do you think is the sexiest on the planet?
  72. If you were on death row, what do you suppose your last meal would be?
  73. If all animals could communicate, which species would be the most impolite?
  74. Which of your friends reminds you most of a character from a TV programme or movie?
  75. Have you ever forgotten to bring your wallet when it was time to pay for a meal?
  76. Do you still sleep with a plush animal in your bed?
  77. What is it about that piece of clothing or accessory that everyone despises but you secretly adore?
  78. What would you do if you could duplicate yourself? Why would you do something like that?
  79. What is that strange thing you do to unwind when you’re alone? Tell it like it is!
  80. What would you say to yourself if you could talk to yourself as a youngster, and why?
  81. What would you say to yourself if you could talk to yourself when you’re older, and why?
  82. Would you go back in time to see what your parents did when they were teenagers? Why do you think that is?
  83. What is the worst name you’ve ever heard for a feminine product?
  84. What’s that movie where you can’t stop giggling when you watch it? What is the reason for this?
  85. Do you prefer smelling and enjoying your farts while you’re alone at home, under the covers? 
  86. When you replace parts on an automobile over time, when does it no longer be the same car you bought? To make it a new car, how many parts do you need to replace?
  87. If you die and discover that everyone gets to choose a twelve-foot by twelve-foot square to spend eternity alone in without being able to change it, what would you do?
  88. What is the most amusing poo form you’ve ever seen?
  89. What’s the most ingenious solution you’ve come up with for a toilet that won’t flush (and you were probably at your crush’s house!)?
  90. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard a politician say?
  91. What’s the name your parents were almost going to give you? It’s a good thing they didn’t!
  92. What was your school nickname? – We were all given amusing nicknames! –
  93. What is the most amusing pet name you’ve ever heard?
  94. What is the strangest pet you’ve ever had, and why?
  95. It’s time to reminisce: what’s your funniest childhood memory?
  96. When you were a kid, did you eat snot or bird poop?
  97. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while you’ve been extremely inebriated?
  98. Why is ‘mirror-mirror on the wall’ and not on the cupboard door?
  99. Is it better to hang toilet paper above or under the toilet?
  100. Have you ever taken a candy bar from a corner store?
  101. Do you think I’d be able to drink that many beers?
  102. Have you ever been caught on an exam cheating?
  103. How long do you think my hair can grow?
  104. Can you show me your phone’s hidden apps?
  105. What dance movements would you break out if you were held at gunpoint and told that if you didn’t wow them with your dancing routines, you’d be killed?
  106. What would be the hat that would be the hat to end all hats? What might you put on your head that would cause people to stop what they’re doing and stare in awe?
  107. Have you ever been called out at school because you were wearing something inappropriate?

It’s no secret that asking an unlimited number of questions is one of the most effective methods to keep a discussion alive and interactive. 

Note that while this list of questions may or may not be amusing in and of itself, the responses that result have a lot of potentials to provoke laughter and keep the conversation going.

Have a good time. Cheers!

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