21 Hard Questions to Ask Yourself (& to Answer Honestly)

I feel that asking questions is important for self and personal development. It’s natural for your thoughts to go blank if you’ve never asked yourself these questions before. You might want to keep track of your answers in a journal and refer to them years later.

What your mind focuses on is directly determined by the questions you ask yourself. You will obtain negative responses if you focus on self-limiting, negative questions. 

When you begin to ask yourself empowering, deeply insightful questions, you set in motion the thinking and behaviours that will propel your life forward. To make things easy for you, I have listed 21 questions that you must ask yourself.

I know some of the people reading this came here just for fun; they won’t be enough serious to read this 3 minutes article! Some will just close the site while some will criticise me for writing something they didn’t like but then there will be that one person out of 10 who will genuinely ask these questions and will encourage oneself to be a better person in the coming future.

21 Hard Questions to Ask Yourself (& to Answer Honestly): Here are the lists

  1. What does success mean to me?

We all have a different meaning of success, we need to figure out what it actually means to us. You need to know it. Success is not just about earning or reaching that one position; it is beyond that and you have the answer within yourself. You are just a step away to know the answer.

  1. Do I regret my failures?

When we fail at anything, we might sometimes form a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we believe we are failures, we will begin to act like failures, and before actually being, we will be. And realising that you are regretting instead of learning, can aid you before you are clouded in depression.

  1. In a year, how would my life be different?

Consider what isn’t right in your life, whether it’s a self-destructive habit, a mountain of debt, loneliness, or anything else. Improvement is your only goal when you are asking yourself a question and it is important to not cuss yourself because you don’t see a better you.

  1. What were my biggest mistakes?

Your blunders most likely taught you those important lessons that helped you grow as a person. But knowing your mistakes can guide you to be a better person.

  1. Am I a good person for others?

People most likely cared about other people’s lives, were generous, and set a good example. Make an effort to make a good first impression right now.

  1. Is the definition of courage wide enough to cover my life?

We tend to think we have enough courage to tackle life but do you know we all have this point where we lose courage and this is why you need to ask what it actually means to you.

  1. What are my three most important values for me?

You probably have a lot of values in you that means a lot in your life but those most important ones, do you know what they are?

  1. What value does it serve me to hold on to live a life?

This is the follow-up to the above question. Make sure you answer yourself honestly if you want to excavate who you really are.

  1. What kind of gesture can I make today for someone else?

Make someone smile, give a hand to someone in need, or call your mother and listen to her tell you about her week and things she wants to share. Even small gestures can have a significant impact on someone’s day. Moreover, experts have discovered that doing acts of kindness makes people feel better.

  1. What makes me happy?

In all those lively issues we forget what makes us happy, what helps us relax. Asking this to yourself will surely make you smile and honestly, this will be the best thing you will do to yourself today- making yourself smile.

  1. Is it true that I don’t appreciate myself?

As I said above, we are indifferent to ourselves most of the time and we are becoming someone who deserves us! Yes, I said that. Start giving some attention to yourself.

  1. What am I putting myself in danger of if I don’t do these things?

By “these things” I mean those things that you are trying to do. You know it, right! Analise these things.

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how good is my consciousness?

Your ability to make the handle the things in consciousness matters a lot. You need to know how good or bad you are at it.

  1. For what do I hope to be remembered?

We remember people for their great things or their good qualities, what is it in you that will make people think about you when you die? It is a hard question which you NEED to answer honestly.

  1. What difference would it make if I died tomorrow?

If you don’t work on yourself, you won’t make any difference by dying and I hope you aren’t looking forward to this.

  1. Where would I live if I could live anyplace in the world?

This is a mindset introspection question. Your life can be made or destroyed by the type of mindset you have. This is what makes it an important question.

  1. Is it true that I expect others to love me as much as they expect them to be loved by me?

Your past may haunt you poking you and reminding you that you don’t get the love you give others. But here you are supposed to realise that how much love you give others and how much love you give to yourself.

  1. Does it affect me when making personal and business decisions?

After you have asked the above question, you need to now analyse that do you become rude when your ex in the office ask you for help? Is it really that you loved your ex a lot?

  1. Do I like how I treat the ones that matter most to me?

I know the sheer pressure of work make us do so but are we sorry? Are we working on it? Are we improving any bit?

  1. Is there enough gratitude and appreciation in my heart and mind for what I have?

For everything, we need to be thankful; No matter how big or small. If this attitude we adopt, no one in this world can make us unhappy. Because happiness comes from within us.

  1. Is it possible that I assume things without actually existing?

I have this habit and I came to know about it when I was questioning myself for being hurt without any reason. I realised I was assuming a scenario where I saw only negative for myself done by people which hurt me a lot. If this is the case with you then it is time to ask.

But most of all…

What matters is that we want to improve as a person; YOU want to improve as a person. I am really proud of you that you are taking a step to be a better person in your eyes- The world does matter but you are your priority.

Remember, your goal is to know your weakness and work on it, not to take it to heart and run to the therapist.

Sending you positive vibes…

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