How to know if a Girl Likes You | 10 Hints You Need to Read

The process of figuring out if a girl likes you can be a confusing maze. What does it mean when she’s giving you the eye? Is that the same as affection? How do you know how to get her attention? Is I-like-you-or-not really just a binary thing or are there gradations of interest? To make things even more complicated, she may not be especially clear about what she likes, so how can you tell what’s just not-so-good and what’s truly bad? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. 

It’s actually one of the simplest things ever: watch for behavior changes. If she starts talking about you more, paying more attention to your appearance, and generally behaving differently than before, then it can be pretty obvious that she likes you. If you notice yourself getting a little giddy when she walks by, that’s another good sign. 

Good news: it doesn’t have to take too long to get better at spotting these signals. In this article you will find some hints that will help you determine if a girl is into you or not:

How to know if a Girl Likes You | 10 Hints You Need to Read

You might think that the idea of knowing how to tell if a girl likes you is complicated. In fact, this skill can be broken down into two simple categories:

  • Understanding what qualifies as friendly body language
  • Looking for signs that she’s interested in you.

The good news is, a lot of the work is already done for you—you just need to know how to look for certain behaviors and other cues that will give her away. 

Here are 10 signs to keep an eye out for:

Enjoying the conversation

If you are able to have a good long conversation with the girl then that means she enjoys your company and you make a good topic to talk about. If the girl is always asking you questions and is genuinely interested in your life, then it’s a clear sign she likes you. This also means that she finds your conversation interesting as well as entertaining. If the girl asks you out or asks if you want to hang out, it’s probably because she enjoys talking to you and wants to continue the conversation over coffee or something else such as playing video games at her place or yours.

Also, if the girl asks to talk over the phone when normally people text, then this indicates that they want to hear your voice because they enjoy talking with you too!

In case, if the topic of conversation ends but still the lady is keen on continuing to talk with you, then this shows that she finds ways to continue having a discussion with you because she does not want it to end just yet.


If a girl likes you she will talk to you as often as she can. When attempting to engage in conversation, you’ll find that her responses are passionate and energetic and that she’s interested in learning more about your life. This is how to know if a girl likes you: She’ll ask questions, share stories of her own, and generally seem excited by the opportunity to get to know you better.

In addition to talking more than necessary or reasonable, watch out for those moments when a girl is talking about something that’s only tangentially related to the conversation at hand. That glimpse into her personal life may be an attempt at flirting; if it’s not leading anywhere or feels too intimate — especially for someone who barely knows you — she could just be trying too hard.

Mirroring you

You’ve concluded that you’re dealing with a shy girl. That’s good news! A lot of the behaviors I’m about to mention are less likely to occur when a girl is naturally confident. However, they’re no less helpful in indicating her interest in you.

One such behavior deals with body language, which is interesting because this area can be the source of many signals—some helpful and some not (like crossing your arms, which might indicate disinterest). The particular signal we’re focusing on is called behavioral mirroring. It occurs when a person subconsciously mimics another person’s body language. We tend to do this when we like someone because it causes us to feel more connected with them. 

Now, be aware: behavioral mirroring isn’t always easy to notice, especially if the two people involved are sitting next to each other or standing close together for an extended period of time. But if you have been noticing that she occasionally does things like put her hand on her cheek when you put your hand on your cheek or shift from one foot to another in unison, take it as a good sign!

Complimenting you

Of course, if you’re a good-looking guy, she may be complimenting you on your looks. But if she’s telling you that she likes the shirt you’re wearing, or the way those new glasses look on you, it’s a sign that she might like you and is trying to flirt with you.

Pay attention to what she compliments you on. Is it something related to your appearance? That may be a sign that her flirting with your looks. Is it something else? She might have an interest in hanging out with you as friends or more than just friends!

If a woman is complimenting everything about your personality and accomplishments, then there is a chance that she is attracted to all parts of who are.

Another red flag in the mix: If her compliments don’t feel genuine, that can mean two things: She either isn’t into you and this is just how she flirts with everyone (in which case – no need for concern!), or maybe her feelings for you haven’t kicked in yet (and it will take time).

She asks if you’re in a relationship

Now, she could be doing this for a couple of different reasons. She may genuinely just want to know if you’re in a relationship or if you would like to go out with her or another woman she knows. If that’s the case, then there is no problem if you aren’t interested. However, if she is interested in you but doesn’t have the courage to say it outright, then she will probably drop hints about being single and see how you react.

If she does ask about your past relationships or whether you are currently dating someone else, take note of her tone when asking the question. Is it casual and friendly? Or is there something more intimate in her voice? Does she lean forward when asking these questions? Does she seem like someone who isn’t afraid to make the first move? If it seems like the latter, then there is a good chance that this girl likes you.

She wants to know about your dating life.

  • Does she ask you about your dating life?
  • Does she ask you if you have a girlfriend?
  • Does she ask you if you are single?
  • Does she ask you if you are seeing anyone?
  • Does she ask you if you are dating anyone?

If any of these questions is a yes, then there’s a 99% chance that this girl has been interested in knowing whether or not she has competitors in your life. This indicates that the girl wants to make sure so that she’ll know when is the right time to move on with her flirting and seduction game.

She continues talking to you in a crowded place.

This one is pretty simple. If she’s not alone, you have to be really good at reading body language, because there are other people around and she can’t just walk up and kiss you. But if she doesn’t want to end the conversation, that means she likes talking to you. She wants to keep the communication going between you two.

You know she likes you when: She continues talking to you in a crowded place.

She stares at you.

One of the most important signs that a girl likes you is that she looks at you a lot. If she looks away quickly when you look in her direction, it could be because she does not want you to know she was looking at you. But if she holds your gaze for several seconds before breaking eye contact, then it’s probably because she wants to keep looking and is interested in holding your attention.

She also might try to make eye contact with you by glancing in your direction every once in a while. The important thing to pay attention to is whether or not she stares at you when you are not looking, which could mean that even though she doesn’t know how, or doesn’t have the courage, to approach you directly and look into your eyes long enough so that both of you can start talking naturally, there is still some kind of interest on her part.

Most people will smile and look away rather quickly when they catch someone they are attracted to watching them–but if they like what they see–they may continue smiling as they break eye contact with the hope that it will encourage the other person to come over and talk with them.

She texts you first or initiates texts frequently.

She texts you first or initiates texts frequently.

This is especially a strong sign if she sends you a text message first in the morning, asking about your plans for the day.

It’s also good if she initiates conversation when it’s late at night. She wouldn’t be texting you unless she was excited to talk to you and enjoy your company.

If she is happy because something good happened to her, she’ll want to share that with you too!

You see her often.

You never see her alone. She is always with a group of friends, but you notice that she always stares at you and when you look back she looks away.

That’s because she wants to be with you. She doesn’t want to seem too obvious, so she won’t come over and talk to you. Just smile at her, then go back to what you were doing.

She will come over soon enough.

You see her friends teasing her in your name

If you see her friends teasing her in your name, this is a sure sign that she likes you. When a girl likes you, especially if it’s a strong physical attraction, the people around can sense it and tease about it. If a girl is blushing or acting awkward or defensive when you talk about another woman who might be attracted to you, this means that she likes you (don’t flirt with other girls right in front of her!)

When her friends are teasing her and saying things like “we know how much Jane loves James; look at how red she is!” and she doesn’t say anything to stop them—even looks away embarrassed—then take that as a clue that she does like you.

Guys, if a girl is giving you any of the following signals, she’s just not into you.

1. She never talks to you.

2. She never looks at you.

3. She never makes eye contact with you.

4. She never laughs at your jokes.

5. She never touches you (unless she’s hitting or slapping you).

6. She never compliments you or notices anything nice that you’re wearing or doing with your face or hair (unless it’s to say something like “Wow! I’ve never seen anyone look that bad in those pants!”).

7. She flirts with every guy other than you while making sure you’re watching her do it (and possibly even saying things like “Hey, isn’t that the guy who likes me?”).

8. You ask her out and she says no and then tells everyone that was her plan all along because she wanted to make sure nobody thought she liked you when really she does because she’s secretly been in love with you for years but didn’t want anyone to know because then they’d all make fun of her for crushing on a human-like you! (that’s what her friends would say. Noting personal)

The bottom  line

If you’re getting mixed signals, then you should probably end things and move on. You should never stay in a relationship if you feel like it’s one-sided.

However, if she’s not being honest with you about her feelings or if she’s not interested in taking your relationship to the next level, then it might be time to cut your losses and find someone who is willing to give you the kind of love that you deserve.

But if she’s already told you that she likes you or wants to date other people, then don’t worry too much. Just know that she’s not interested in taking things further right now. Perhaps someday down the line, she’ll change her mind, but until then just continue being friends with her for now. 

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