A good question to ask your crush [ Updated lists ]

I can sense nervousness, your heart palpitating… ahh you have a CRUSH on someone and let me guess ummm you are talking with your crush or are you meeting in a few hours?

Ahn! Well, you are at the right place.

Some crushes are mutual, such as adoration or infatuation for someone who has accomplished something extraordinary. It’s crucial to keep in mind that strong feelings aren’t always ‘love.’ When you have a passing crush on someone who isn’t your loved spouse. 

You want to spend more time with that person than merely being friends. You probably have a romantic crush if you fantasise about kissing, holding hands, or cuddling with that beautiful human. And to make your fantasies come true you need to take a step by making a good impression on him/her. 

In this article, I will help you out in selecting the right questions to ask your crush. I’ve prepared a list of questions to ask your crush. These are merely conversation starters; if you’re in the correct frame of mind, you’ll need to continue the conversation with a slew of follow-up questions.

A good question to ask your crush: Here are the lists

What about humans attracts you the most?

Talking about the general stuff people don’t often discuss is good. This means letting a person you’re crushing on express how they feel about you if you suspect she’s crushing on you. 

Pay attention to what she says, and don’t be startled if he/she mentions certain red flags that seem to apply to you, especially if you’ve known each other for a long time.

Follow up questions

Why do you think so?

If he/she answers something you haven’t expected or is unusual then ask her/him to elaborate her point. By this, you are making her/him feel HEARD. 

Have you met someone like that?

If the answer is like, “I love people who have a great physical appearance but are also genuine, mature and classy.” then ask him/her if they ever met such a person. 

You may carry on the conversation like this.

Do you believe that there is life after death?

Most of the time, when you have a crush on someone, you have no idea who they are, what they think, how they see this world or life. When you realise she/he isn’t compatible with you, the deep infatuation you’ve been feeling can fade away in a blink. 

A good question like this gives you the opportunity to delve inside your crush’s thoughts in terms of their values, opinions, religious views, and so on. If you’re serious about pursuing a relationship with him/ her, these are important elements to consider.

Follow up questions

What makes you think that?

No matter what their answer is- yes or no- you can ask this question to them.

Why do you think there is no afterlife?

If they say they don’t believe in the afterlife then ask this question.

How do you think the afterlife is?

If your crush agrees to the fact that they do believe in the afterlife then take the conversation ahead by asking them to describe how it could be something like a fairy tale or like in the movies. 

What can someone who likes you do to make your life better?

This question is an interesting method of showing how much you want to make a meaningful impact in her life, and it is one of the most powerful questions to ask your sweetheart. 

There is nothing more fascinating to many people than someone who is not just interested in being with them but also willing to aid and advance their life goals.

Note: After you ask this question, it’ll be difficult for him/her not to take you seriously. But keep in mind that actions must back up words, so there’s no point in asking if you’re not serious about being a helpful partner. 

Follow up questions

Is there someone in your life who is… you know?

This question is simply for asking your crush indirectly whether they have any person or not.

Do you think I am someone who can make someone’s life better?

This can break your heart or make it stronger, so ask this question only if you are brave enough to take their answer. Remember, they may lie too.

What would you alter if you had the power to change one thing about the world right now?

People are frustrated about a variety of things in the world, thus this question comes in handy if you want to start a serious talk with someone. 

Ensure you’re updated on current affairs since it would be horrible if he started talking and you couldn’t follow up because you didn’t have anything to say about the issue.

Follow up questions

What is something you don’t like in this world?

This is a perspective-revealing question and will reveal what they think about the world and whether your views and tier views match or not. 

Why is it that reality is not pleasing enough to most of us?

It is a deep question. If your crush is interested in talking with you, you both will end up talking about this topic for more than an hour without any 

What is your most well-kept secret?

If you don’t ask this question, you’ll never know what you’d learn about a straight man. While the answer may be far from what you aim to achieve in the end, the question can help you and him build a stronger bond.

Follow-up questions

Why is it a secret? Why haven’t you shared it with anyone? Have you told this to your best friend?

This is an indirect question to ask your crush if they are the closest to their best friend or not.

Have you ever been the victim of infatuation?

This question will reveal their choices about a person who attracts them. I am not saying that you should try to be like their dream person but improve yourself to be better than their dream person. If they refuse to open up, don’t press it because you might end up being ghosted by them.

Follow-up question

Do you like accessories on humans?

When you are asking this, notice your crush if he/she is putting on excessive accessories or not even putting on any because this might backfire if by any means they take you wrong. Your goal is to know them and not hurt them.

Why were these luxurious jewels and clothes came into existence when their sole purpose of it was to protect the human body?

Now, this is a question that will open up your crush’s mind. If they are like typical human saying stuff like, “that’s a crap you are asking” or “is that even a question” I’d suggest you just run away and never look at them again if you don’t want all your money to go in his/her dresses.

But yes, if you have sophisticated thinking too then you may skip this question and some other questions.

The bottom line

Through these six questions, you should be able to tell if your crush is someone you want to commit to or someone you want to date casually or forget about, based on their reactions. 

When you’re attracted to a person and talking to them becomes a major deal, it’s only normal that you won’t be able to find the perfect words to express your thoughts, even after getting to know them. However, by asking compelling questions that keep a conversation going, you might convey and even state your intentions. 

People who are ready for a committed relationship usually respond with some depth; those who are wanting to have a good time without committing to anything usually respond with a superficial and shallow response.

If these 6 questions aren’t enough, check out my other blogs with 100+ good, interesting, funny and deep questions to ask your crush.

And yeah, lastly, don’t forget to share your experience with me. 

All the best!

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