best questions to ask your friends about yourself

I’m guessing you want to learn more about yourself. “Can you tell me something you notice about me?” I’d ask. “What are some of the things I do that you enjoy?” Do you like my sense of style, charisma, and so on? What is unique about it?

These are just a handful of the questions I’ve posed to my friends, and I would strongly advise you or anyone else to do the same. You’ll discover more about your friend’s opinions, about your pals, and maybe even about yourself.

It’s possible that you won’t always obtain the response you want. You must, however, accept this. If all you want is validation, I recommend looking for it within YOURSELF rather than asking people. There are articles and books available to aid you with this but see I’ve made things easy for you by writing down the best questions that you can ask your friend about yourself. That is okay if you don’t want to stress yourself or are unable to make time for reading such things and want to ask your friend. 

Following are some questions that you may ask if you are not getting the right words. Try asking some of these questions…

Best questions to ask your friends about yourself

In what ways have I helped you in seeing yourself in a new light?

Every human especially your friends have an impact. You know how it is like, it is like you tell the person about their quality that they didn’t know they had. Asking your friend this question will let you know how good of a person you are and what role you have played in their life.

What do you think the distinctions are between how you see me as a friend and how I consider myself as a friend?

Now this one is a little serious one. I would advise you to be ready for every possible response they will give. Also, you will realise how your relationship is with your friend.

In our friendship, what do we both have in common?

This one is a fun question for knowing how much your friend know you. For instance, your habit of sleeping late at night is the same as your friend or you both love coffee etc. it is amusing to discuss openly the common habits and share a laugh.

What would you alter about me if you had the chance?

I should advise you, though, that answering this question may lead you to learn truths about yourself that are difficult to accept. You should listen to the individual you’re asking if they actually think you should modify things. Some advice is better than others, and not everything someone offers is a good idea, but if the individual is truly concerned about your well-being, their reaction is quite helpful.

When we first met, what was your initial impression of me?

Again, depending on how close they are to you and the situation in which you question, the people you ask will give you varied replies. However, regardless of who you question, you can get some amazing responses from this.

Which of my memories do you cherish the most?

I wouldn’t ask this unless I was quite close to this friend, but it will undoubtedly bring you back, and it has resulted in a number of long chats with me about some of the nicest things that have ever occurred to me or my friend.

What was your first impression of me, and how do you feel about me now?

I think this is a fascinating question because it demonstrates how far the friendship has developed; in order to have a different opinion on someone, there must be some connecting and connection. 

As a result, simply ask your friend this question, and you’ll both be surprised at how different their current impression is from their first impression.

Have you ever been astonished by something I’ve done or said?

Regardless of who you’re speaking with or how close your friend is, they have a mental image of you. Based on their previous interactions with you, they have a good understanding of who you are and how you behave in different situations. 

However, when you make a decision that doesn’t quite match, or even goes against their preconceived notions, people can be taken aback. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “I never expected you to do that,” you know what I’m talking about. 

What is one thing you believe I will never do?

This is an excellent question for small groups of friends or an informal chat, but you could also ask it of those who are close to you and who are likely to know what you would or would not do. You’d be shocked at what some individuals can come up with, and seeing where people think your limitations are can be both funny and eye-opening.

What kind of person do you believe I am?

This is a great way to find out what other people think about you. Of course, if you want the right answer, you must ask the appropriate friends. 

Friends that like to joke around and don’t take themselves seriously are unlikely to respond seriously. That’s not to say you won’t get an interesting response if you ask; just keep in mind that everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

The bottom line

In general, you should avoid putting others in the awkward position of having to answer specific questions about you since they may not want to hurt your feelings or inflate your ego.

By asking these questions, you will not only be able to develop yourself, but you will also be able to identify true friends. Because if people truly regard you as a friend, they will not only applaud, support, and support you, but they will also be there for you. They will also criticise you in order to help you better.

It’s better to make it evident that you’re willing to listen to their ideas and thoughts whenever they want to share them. But make certain you mean it!

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