100 fun questions to ask your friends

Are you puzzled as to how to have a good time since you can’t recall the last time you were having fun? 

Some people grow so exhausted, bored, and stressed that they turn to a variety of bad habits to pass the time. I’ve got you covered with some simple ideas to brighten up your days. It’s simple to have fun, but there are several factors that may be stopping you from doing so, or your life may have gotten monotonous! (you are not alone)

This article will provide you with a variety of questions that you can ask your friends and play one of the most loved games: Q&A.

I assure you of some good laughs.

100 fun questions to ask your friends

  1. Do you have the funniest moment?
  2. Do you know why you can’t lick your elbow and under your waist?
  3. Which app do you use the most on your phone? For what?
  4. If you could make pineapple, would you be the best at eating…?
  5. Have you ever disliked something only to alter your view later on?
  6. What is your favourite game to play on a board?
  7. What’s your favourite way to drink coffee?
  8. Have you ever made an impulsive decision that you later regretted?
  9. What name would you select if you had the option?
  10. What movie did you see that you didn’t enjoy but that everyone else did?
  11. Which reality show do you secretly love watching?
  12. Do you have a knack for maintaining secrets?
  13. What is the ideal song for a gym session?
  14. What kind of fear do you have?
  15. What is your darkest, most irrational fear?
  16. Tell me your deepest darkest secret.
  17. What is the worst thing your phone could tell about you if it could talk?
  18. What do you do when you have free time?
  19. To kill an elephant, how many ants would you need?
  20. What’s the most obnoxious noise you’ve ever made?
  21. Are you a winner or a loser if you accept the challenge of losing a game but winning?
  22. Is it the question, then, if violence isn’t the answer?
  23. What is something that has a strange odour but you still sniff it?
  24. What animal would you be if you were reborn as?
  25. What’s anything you’ve never shared with anyone?
  26. Which period of your life would you prefer to relive?
  27. What was the make and model of your first automobile? 
  28. What was the most bizarre dream you ever had?
  29. Do you have any childhood memories of babysitting?
  30. What was the worst date you’ve ever had?
  31. What are your thoughts on Hollywood studios?
  32. Have you ever had your heart broken?
  33. Are there any people who you despise?
  34. Have you ever had a treehouse when you were younger?
  35. What was the wisest choice you’ve ever made?
  36. What songs remind you of your adolescence?
  37. Which smell is your personal favourite?
  38. What is your favourite time of year? why?
  39. Which of the following is the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  40. What is your favourite type of ethnic cuisine?
  41. What would you do with the money if you won the lottery?
  42. What kind of skills do you have?
  43. What is your favourite late-night snack?
  44. Is there anything you can do to show you have a fun personality?
  45. Which legendary creature, if you had it, would make your life better?
  46. How would you show your stupidity to get a parking place if there were stupid parking spaces, such as handicapped parking spaces?
  47. What was the craziest thing your friend did to try to help you but ended up ruining things even more?
  48. Have you ever encountered a work of art that made you question the artistic community’s taste?
  49. Which animal most closely resembles your personality?
  50. Have you ever given someone a gift that you received from someone else?
  51. Do you sleep with plush animals in your arms?
  52. What was the last piece of breaking news you saw on the news that made you wonder what news is?
  53. Have you ever had a craving for or tried your dog’s food?
  54. Can you go a week without using your phone?
  55. Have you ever taken a day off from school?
  56. Would it make you feel bad if your roommate discovered that you grind your teeth at night?
  57. What is one thing you do in public that you pretend to despise?
  58. Have you ever been persuaded of anything you afterwards discovered to be completely false?
  59. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done that makes you chuckle now?
  60. Which superpower do you wish you had?
  61. When and why would you choose to be born if you could have been born at any period in history?
  62. If driving a car too quickly is prohibited, why are cars designed to do so?
  63. Why do vampires drink blood when they can get Vitamin D pills instead?
  64. Is it possible to have a bedroom without a bed?
  65. What’s up with SpongeBob SquarePants and his round parents? Is this a sign that it has been adopted?
  66. Would you wish to have you as a love interest if a parallel-world version of you appeared?
  67. Make a joke that is too complex to comprehend.
  68. How would you respond if you awoke to see a giant fly on the wall next to you?
  69. Would you rather eat a cake made of fabric or wear an outfit made of cake ingredients?
  70. Would you ever allow your parents to choose your date?
  71. Are you a believer in fate?
  72. What is your favourite dish to prepare?
  73. Are you a good character judge? Have you ever gotten it completely wrong?
  74. Have you ever sought the advice of a psychic? What went wrong?
  75. Have you ever written a love letter to someone you care about?
  76. What gives you the creeps?
  77. Have you ever thrown a party for someone?
  78. What aspects of yourself would you like to improve?
  79. What is the funniest thing you remember?
  80. What is your prized property, and why is it so?
  81. Is there anything you can’t imagine your life without?
  82. Have you ever quit in a macho style only to then be forced to return?
  83. What’s one traditional dress that you wish didn’t exist?
  84. Do you believe you’d be permitted in to a club where only sexy people are allowed?
  85. What characterises your personality more, a potato or an eggplant?
  86. When would you use slow motion in real life if you could?
  87. How would you create a smart environment if you could use any technology, actual or perceived?
  88. Assume that when you buy something you like, your opponents get a commission. Do you think you’d still buy it?
  89. Which attributes do you think people would buy if you could sell them through ‘buy through links’?
  90. Do you suppose it was just for fun that someone mixed up the names of Iceland and Greenland and forgot to rectify it?
  91. Even though you don’t have to tap on it, why is it named tap?
  92. Do you believe that death is a wonderful thing because all of a person’s sorrows logically end there?
  93. Do you want to get locked in an elevator with someone? 
  94. Do you use a top sheet while you sleep? Why do you think that is?
  95. Which exotic animal would you choose as a pet if you could have any?
  96. If you won the lotto, what would be the first thing you’d do?
  97. What’s your go-to method for loosening?
  98. What do you like to do with your alone time?
  99. What was the most memorable concert you’ve ever attended?
  100. Do you have a particular form of workout that you enjoy?

The bottom line

So, don’t waste any more time now that we’ve acquired some excellent amusing questions to make things better on any occasion. In each situation, enjoy having a fun chat with everyone. Also, do not forget to laugh!

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