Hago App Review | A Great Way of Making New Friends While Gaming

Hago is a free app that has more than 50 mini-games and the best part is that you can play this with your friends anytime. You can use the in-app chat feature to talk with your friends. 

The app also has group chat rooms where you can talk to people having common interests, making it a great way of meeting new people from all over the world. Apart from playing games and chatting, Hago also allows users to share their favorite music and videos with others.

Hago App Review | A Great Way of Making New Friends While Gaming

How does it work?

Hago is a space for gamers and non-gamers alike. The app includes very simple games that are easy to play, like the classic rock-paper-scissors and complex games that can be very challenging. There are also many other features besides games like chatting and voice messaging.

If you’re not in the mood for playing a game at the moment, there’s always something else to do on Hago. You can chat with your friends while they play or read up on news articles posted by other users. You could even check out some trending videos!

The Interface of the Hago App

The interface of Hago is easy to use, navigation is simple and you will find yourself exploring the app. The home screen of the app has a variety of games and also has a chat function. The chat feature will allow you to connect with your friends on the app. 

The app allows you to add friends as well. You can also play games with strangers which can make the whole experience of games more interesting. The interface of the app is clean and well-designed which makes it easier for people who are not tech-savvy to use it.

The app is designed for people who want to play games and make new friends.

The Hago app is a social media app that makes it easier for people with similar interests to connect and interact with one another. On the surface, this may sound like a standard social networking site, but in reality, Hago is more than that because it offers so many different ways of making connections.

Hago’s main features are games: The app has a number of casual games that users can play together or even against each other. This gives you a great opportunity to meet new people who share your hobby and make friends through gaming.

There’s also an option to talk privately with anyone via text messages or voice chat, which can be done either by using the phone number or by simply scanning QR codes on their devices.

How to Open a New Account on Hago?

The process of opening a new account on Hago is very simple. The app provides you with the option of signing in via Facebook, Google, and Phone (OTP). Upon selecting the desired method of login, you will be required to fill out your profile. You will have to enter a few details such as; your name and age along with providing an email address or phone number. Once this process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email or text depending on the method of signup selected by you.

Once the verification is complete, you will be taken to the home screen where there are tons of games to choose from. The games on offer include; Duel Master, Poker Master, 4-Letters, and many others. Moreover, if there’s any particular game that’s missing from the list then there’s also an option for users to create their own rooms and invite friends along for some fun!

How to Add Friends in Hago?

Open the app and visit the “Me” tab, which is available at the right bottom corner of your screen. Tap on the “Contacts” option. You should see a list of your friends.

  • In case you want to add more friends to your list, tap on the “+” sign next to “Find Friends”.
  • A new window will pop up, asking you to enter either their Hago ID or mobile number.
  • Entering a Hago ID is recommended as it will be easier for you to find them in matches and play games with them as well as send messages and make calls anytime you want.
  • If you don’t know their Hago ID, then use their phone numbers, but remember that it would be difficult for you to find them when they are offline or busy playing a game on their device.

How to Play Games in Hago App?

First, you need to create your own account on Hago. You can create an account by signing up with Facebook, making a new account on Hago, or logging in with Google Play Games.

Second, you can add friends to play with by entering their game ID. If they are already registered on Hago then it will be easier for both of you to find each other and start playing. This is a great way of maintaining old friendships while creating new ones.

Third, join your friend’s game: when your friend opens a room for the game, he/she will get an option for inviting his/her friends via social media or direct link. You can click on the link and join the room within seconds! You can also simply visit the “Game Room” section and join any random person who has invited others to his/her room or start your own room by tapping on the “Create a new Room” button at the bottom of that page under the “Game Rooms” section.

A Great Way of Making New Friends While Gaming on Hago

Hago is a great way of making new friends while gaming. The app has some built-in games that you can play with your friends or strangers. You can add friends and chat with them using the chat feature in Hago.

The developers of the app regularly update the app with new features and that’s one reason why Hago has been able to continue growing exponentially.

The app is available on Android, iOS, and several other platforms at no cost.

How to Chat with Friends on Hago App?

Chatting with your friends on the Hago app is very simple. The chat function is similar to other chat-based applications, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In order to start a conversation, you need to tap on ‘Friends List’ on the home screen. This will redirect you to the Friends tab in Hago App. Next, you have to tap on the friend’s name whom you wish to message. 

This will open up a conversation window wherein you can start chatting with your friend. You can even send images and links via this application just like any other social media app out there. Moreover, it also has a video calling option which allows you to make video calls with your friends directly from this app

Conclusion: Hago app review

This review of the Hago app should have given you a good idea of what this application does, who it’s for, and how it works. It is a great way to make friends and play games all at the same time. It’s not hard to see why so many people love this app, as it has been rated over 100 million times on the Google Play store.

So if you are interested in meeting new people while playing fun games, then go ahead and download Hago today!

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