IMO App Review 2022 | It’s Hard to Recommended

IMO is a free messaging app that allows users to send unlimited messages and make voice and video calls. It allows users to send messages, photos, videos, voice notes, and other media or documents. It also supports group chats where you can have up to 100 contacts in a single group.

The IMO app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. This makes it easy for people who use different devices to stay connected with each other.

IMO was launched in 2007 by IMO Inc., which is headquartered in San Francisco, California. They have more than 300 million users worldwide who use the IMO app every day to communicate with their friends and family around the world for free.

In this review, I shall tell you everything I know about the IMO app and in the end, I’ll give my genuine views. Continue reading.


I’ve tried a lot of messaging apps, but IMO is one I’d be hard-pressed to recommend. After using it for a few days, I can’t say there’s anything about it that’s special. It seems to do what most other messaging apps do, but not much better. The interface is dull and the features are nothing new. Focusing on video calling IMO offers group chats, stickers, and photo sharing—all of which are available on many other platforms.

One of the main reasons to use IMO is that your contacts don’t need to download it because they’re able to text or call you via their existing phone number. However, if you do want to message someone on IMO directly, they’ll have to download (and register) the app as well. You can also make voice calls within the app to any phone number in the U.S., Canada, and China without extra charges—a feature that’s comparable with other apps like Viber and Skype (although those two offer free international calls).

Another thing that works for IMO is its simplicity. With no bells or whistles, it’s easy for anyone to use—but also somewhat boring when you’re used to more dynamic platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Pros and cons of IMO app


  1. Free to use
  2. It’s a free video calling and messaging app that supports group calls and group chats.
  3. It’s very easy to use and has a simple UI.
  4. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, so you can use it on any device.


There are some cons that I have experienced with the Imo App:

1) It doesn’t have an option for changing your profile picture, which makes it difficult for people to recognize you when you’re using your phone for business purposes.

2) There is no option for changing your status message or status color, so there is no way to let people know if you’re busy or not at ease (business).

How to Video Call IMO

 Here’s how to make a video call on IMO:

Open the IMO app on your device. If you don’t already have IMO, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play store.

Select the contact you want to chat with by tapping their name in your contacts list.

Tap the video call icon, which looks like a camera icon, located at the top of your screen. Your friend will receive a notification that you’re calling them, and if they answer, then your call will be connected!

IMO Video Call Not Working Solution

The popular video call app, IMO (short for “In My Opinion”) seems to be on everyone’s device these days; it’s easy to download and use. But before you go trying it out, be sure to check that everything is good:

If you don’t already have video calling enabled on your device, make sure that you do. You might need to enable it in Settings > General > About > Version & Build Number > Software Update.

Your network connection must be steady — otherwise, the app won’t function properly. You can test this with any simple internet test website like or; the app will tell you if there are any problems here. So if your connection drops below 20Mb/s, for example, then the app will stop working for a moment before continuing without a problem after the network recovers again (you’ll see a little green bar at the top).

The app has been updated recently, so make sure you have the latest version — and if not, then update as soon as possible!

How to Make Group Calls in IMO 2022?

Because the feature is so new, there aren’t many details about it on IMO’s website. However, I am able to take advantage of the group call feature! Here’s how to make group calls in IMO 2022:

Up to 10 people can be in a group call at once.

To start a call with multiple people at once, click the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and click “Start Group Call.”

To add an additional contact to your already-started group call, click the “Add Contact” button and select a contact from your contacts list. Then click “Call.” If that person accepts your request, they’ll enter the call with you.

If you want someone to leave a group chat during a live call, go into settings mode (the wrench icon) and then click “Remove Participant.” Select their name from the list of participants and then confirm that you want them removed by clicking their name again. They will be booted from the conversation.

How to Chat in IMO App 2022?

IMO App 2022 is a messaging app that lets you send text messages, photos and videos, voice messages, drawings, and even locations. You can also start group chats with up to 150 people.

It’s easy to send photos and videos in IMO App 2022 – just select the camera icon next to the text box where you type your message. This sends a photo straight from your camera roll, or you can take a photo or video directly on the app by selecting the relevant buttons on your phone’s screen (if you’re using an iPhone) or in the lower right corner of your Android screen.

You can also send GIFs, stickers, and emojis – select the plus icon next to where you type your message on Android phones (it looks like this +) or tap the arrow icon on an iPhone (it looks like this >). Then choose one of these options:

Photo & Video Library: Choose a photo from your camera roll.

Camera: Take a photo from within IMO App 2022. You’ll also be able to create video messages using this option.

Can You Delete Messages in IMO?

Yes, you can delete messages in IMO. Unfortunately, the functionality is pretty weak. If you want to get rid of a group of messages, you have to delete them one by one. When you delete a message that hasn’t been read yet (which is most of the time), your friend will still see it as if it were delivered, but they won’t be able to read it. If they already opened the message before you deleted it, they’ll see “this message has been deleted.”

IMO doesn’t keep copies of your messages on their own servers either—they’re encrypted and stored on your phone until you remove them—but that doesn’t mean that your IMOs are private because anyone on your contact list could take a screenshot or record their screen with another app or piece of hardware and capture whatever was written there.

Setting up IMO App 2022

In order to fully experience the IMO App 2022 for all it has to offer, you must install the app and set up your profile. Setting up your profile is pretty straightforward. After installing the app, you can simply fill out a form that asks for your phone number, name, password, and some optional information. This will allow other users to find and add you as a contact on their own devices. It’s also possible to connect with contacts from other apps by signing into various accounts in your IMO App 2022 settings.

Once you have set up your profile (or profiles) on IMO App 2022, you can use it to send text messages or start group chats with contacts that are already present in the app’s messenger service (of which there are many). You can also make audio calls between devices using an internet connection—and these connections work remarkably well even when traveling abroad without WiFi access because of interoperability between IMO’s network and other major carriers’ cellular networks around the world! To initiate a video call from within IMO App 2022: just tap on any available user’s name/number listed under “Contacts” at the top left corner of your screen; select “Call” from this menu; then select either voice or video chat options before calling them up directly via this interface.”

Is It Safe to Use the IMO App?

An IMO app review from 2021. The IMO application is also available for Android and iOS devices. If you use this app, then you can know about its features, functions, and performance. IMO is a great application for video calling and messaging. One of the best things about this app is that it is completely free to download and use. You can use it on any device without any problem. In this article, we will discuss some important aspects of the IMO app such as: how to install it on your device? How to configure IMO on your device? And whether or not you should get one?

IMO is a free application that allows users to make video calls and send instant messages (IM). The main advantage of this app over other similar ones like WhatsApp or Line Messenger is that it does not require registration with a user ID/password before using it which means there’s no need for an account creation process when starting up an account; all you have to do after downloading the app onto your phone/tablet PC etc.]

Downloading the call app for iPhone and Android devices

It’s easy to download the app for your iOS or Android device. On iPhone and iPad, the IMO app is available in the Apple App Store. The app can be downloaded for free by anyone age 17 years and older, although it does have a rating of 18+ because of its adult content. One caveat: If you live in a country where Apple’s App Store is censored, you’ll need to use another location to get access to the IMO app and other apps blocked by your region’s censorship standards.

On Android devices, you can download the IMO app at Google Play. There is no separate version of IMO for kids; if your child has an Android phone, they can download this version of IMO as well. However, some features like voice messaging are only available on the full-featured version that requires manual installation through Google Play

Conclusion: Nice app, but not one of its type.

IMO is a messaging and video chat app for Android and iPhone that lets you make video calls to other IMO users, but doesn’t allow deleting messages.

You can use IMO to make one-on-one video calls or start group chats of up to 100 participants. (I wouldn’t try calling that many people at once, though—the more callers in a chat, the more likely your phone will freeze or crash.) You can also exchange photos, videos, stickers, and GIFs; as well as record audio notes and share them with others through the app.

The major drawback of IMO—and one I consider an immediate dealbreaker—is that it’s not end-to-end encrypted. This means that anyone who wants to see the messages you send through this app can do so easily; all they need is your phone number and access to IMO’s database.

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