How Do I Change My Location on My Account If I Just Moved?, which was founded in 1995 and is now one of the largest dating sites on the internet, is one of the pioneers of online dating. This, paired with its massive marketing engine, gives it a significant online dating presence. has come up with some fresh and exciting ways for its users to get to know one another better. They’ve created seven brief games that members can play together to help kindle relationships. also hosts “Stir Events” in a number of major cities across the United States and internationally. Members can meet, socialise, and perhaps click in a group setting at these events.

A lot of’s features are available for free. You can browse for free, search for and view matches, create a profile, and send and receive “winks” with a free subscription. These free features are, of course, intended to entice you to sign up for a premium membership. Access to instant messaging, keeping track of your connections, and attending live events are all included in the paid subscription.

As advised by many dating advisors, it is better to keep your location updated in whichever dating platform you are seeking a partner. Nobody wants to be without options when it comes to finding The One. That is why many people prefer changing their location to make it easy for them to find matches. I am assuming you use In this article, I will tell you the procedure of changing your location on your account.

How Do I Change My Location on My Account If I Just Moved?

They may list your location as the nearest place or city if you live in a small village or hamlet. Please notify the Customer Care team if something appears to be amiss.

If you have truly relocated, your new town will not appear on your profile until you provide them with your new address. But it’s simple and far less stressful than relocating!

Simply go to ‘My account settings by tapping on your profile picture at the head of any Match page, then ‘change my profile,’ then the small pencil next to your username, and type in your new city. Your profile will be updated, and you’ll be able to connect with people who are interesting to you.

Is your location displayed on

Whether you use a desktop computer or a mobile phone to browse Match, Match is dedicated to protecting your privacy. They will not make your exact location public to other members if you use one of their mobile apps that has a location search feature.

How do you update the profile?

Simply press on the primary photo icon in the top navigation bar to change your profile. Locate the area on your account that you’d like to change. When you click the Edit button or the field name, that field will become editable.

How do I contact support team of

If you have a customer service concern, you need to call or go to the Customer Service page. does not have live chat, but it does provide a phone number. There are four different ways to contact them.’s best phone number is 800-926-2824 customer service, for which you can receive the specifics and use our free call-back service by finding and clicking the link above. 

The bottom line

Moving may be a difficult experience. It is, however, simple to update your location with us. Simply click ‘edit my profile,’ than the small pencil next to your username. Alternatively, the Customer Service team can do it in a flash for you.

Contact the Customer Care staff with the postcode for the town/city you want to show on your profile if you want to modify your hometown. After that, your account manager will update your information and give you an email confirmation.

If you know of any other ways to get in touch with or any of the above information is incorrect then please let me know so that we can continue to provide the finest information to our readers. I hope you find this helpful.

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