The Only How to Delete Your Zoosk Account Permanently Resources You Will Ever Need?

Lets Begin the Procedure How to Delete Zoosk Account permanently on Iphone or Phone?

Before deleting Zoosk from your device, it’s best to think about why you installed it in the first place. The decision of deleting it temporarily or permanently also has to be made. Of course, that decision hardly matters to you, but Zoosk is more concerned about it. 

The concern for you is that you would lose all those photographs, chats, addresses for which you paid money. So if you want a temporary break, it’s best to deactivate it and rejoin at a time that suits you best. 

On the other hand, if you have decided that you cannot go through with Zoosk’s offers, it’s best to delete the account permanently. 

In the ensuing paragraphs, we provide you with a guide that explains step after step solutions on removing the Zoosk account from the iPhone, Android, and the app.

Deactivating the Account you have with Zoosk.

Learn How to Delete Zoosk Account Permanently on Iphone

Here are the steps on how to deactivate your account.

Step1: Log into your account and stay logged in.

Step 2:  You can only deactivate it. Permanent deletion is not under your control.

Step 3: Now, you need to contact the Support staff of Zoosk and inform them of the deactivation. 

Step 4: As mentioned above, deactivating is within your limits. You can change the existing profile in Zoosk and make sure it is a 100% mismatch. 

By doing so, you ensure that your personal information is no longer available in the public domain, and anyone who attempts to contact you will end up as a failure. 

Step 5:

Access Settings. Just tap on the gear icon, which is resident on the right upper corner of the home page of Zoosk.

Now select Settings. 

Step 6: Locate the “Account status (status of your account) in the Section called ‘Account Section.’

• Next to the Active message, you would find ‘Edit. ‘Please click on that. 

• The ‘Deactivate Link’ would surface. Click on that. The screen would move to a page requesting you to stay with Zoosk. 

• Now, to deactivate, click on the ‘Deactivate Zoosk’ and deactivate the account altogether. 

Step 7: 

Zoosk is not ready to let you go. Instead, they would encourage you to stay. They also seek a reason why you wish to leave. 

Step 8: you don’t need to give a reason, and it is up to you to say anything. The choice is yours.

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Method 2: 

How to remove Zoosk from Facebook: 

When the user downloads Zoosk, most of them will connect it via Facebook too. Hence the deactivation process includes the removal of Zoosk from Facebook too. Here are the steps to remove Zoosk from Facebook; 

Step 1: 

Connect and log into Facebook and stay connected till the Deactivation process is through. 

Step 2: 

The Settings menu has to be accessed now. You can do it by tapping on the inverted triangle found up at the right corner on the home page. Click on settings.

Step 3: 

Click on Apps which are located on the Menu’s left-hand side. 

Once that is done, all the web apps will appear on your screen, and these apps are connected to your Facebook profile.

Step 4:

Search for Zoosk in the list of apps and mark X in the check-box next to it. 

Zoosk will seek confirmation on the removal, and you would reply with a yes.

It is best to remove Zoosk altogether from the Facebook timeline too. Just check the box and click on ‘Remove.’

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Cancellation of Zoosk on iPhone /iPad. 

Step 1: Phone settings to be located. 

Step 2: Run the app “Settings’ on your phone. 

Step 3: If you scroll below, you will find ‘iTunes & App Store. ‘Select and click on that. (The Apple ID and Touch ID have to be entered at a later stage.)

Step 4: Zoosk Subscription to be disabled:

• Access the Account Settings page and click on Subscription. 

• Zoosk Subscription would appear, and now you choose ‘cancel Subscription. 

• Click on ‘Confirm,’ which would indicate that you will no longer allow the renewal of the Subscription automatically. (In case Zoosk does so, you are eligible to receive the refund if deducted). 

The above is the process on how to remove the Zoosk account from your iPhone.

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Zoosk account to be deleted from Android: 

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove your Zoosk account from the Android device: 

Step 1: Open the main Menu of Zoosk. 

• Run the Zoosk application on the Android device ( phone or device) 

Step 2: Enter the Email address and password you have used to access Zoosk and log in. Following this, select the icon ‘Menu’ and click on that. 

Step 3: Deletion of Zoosk from Android Device.

• Now, choose ‘Settings’ and follow it by clicking on ‘Account.’ ‘This would bring up the Zoosk account page. 

• Click on the Edit menu, which is found alongside Account status. 

• Click on Deactivate now. This would delete the Zoosk account and deactivate it.

Please note that reasons on why you are quitting Zoosk have to be given.

How to deactivate your Zoosk account using the Zoosk Android app from your smartphone. 

  • Access the Zoosk App on the Android phone owned by you 
  • In the left-hand corner, there are three lines. Tap on these three lines 
  • Your nickname would appear next to an icon shaped like a gear.
  • Now tap on the account 
  • Tap the pencil close to your Account status.
  • Click on Deactivate and follow the instructions. 

Here are the repercussions if you deactivate your account

  • Your profile will become ‘invisible.’ 
  • No members can access it too
  • You would lose your subscription benefits forever
  • This includes the refunds 


  1. How do I remove someone as a connection?

You can visit using a laptop or computer. From the left-hand menu, select “Connections” and then choose the profile for the connection you wish to remove. To confirm your action, click “Yes” on the “Remove Connection” button.

2. Can I temporarily hide my profile?

It’s true! Zoosk lets you temporarily hide your profile from the site and still keep your connections, message history, and profile when you return. To do this, you need to pause your account, which lets you temporarily conceal your profile.

3. How to unblock someone on Zoosk?

When someone has accidentally blocked you from a particular web browser, you can unblock them by opening your web browser, going to Sign into your Zoosk account, and the top right corner of your screen will display your Zoosk display name. You can then select Block Members from the left navigation menu after selecting Account Settings. You’ll be taken to your blocked members page. You can unblock someone by searching for their name and clicking Unblock.

4. What happens when I pause Zoosk account?

Whenever you pause your free Zoosk account, your profile is hidden to Zoosk and won’t be visible to other Zoosk subscribers until it is unpaused. Zoosk members cannot send you messages or send you any other kind of communication. Neither Zoosk nor its members will email or contact you.

5. How do I deactivate my Zoosk account if I subscribed through Apple or iTunes?

  • You must first cancel your Zoosk subscription before deactivating your account. You can cancel your Apple device-purchased subscription via the Apple App Store, or through iTunes using the computer. This is the case if you purchased the subscription through an Apple device or iTunes.
  • Your subscription will expire at the end of the remaining days.
    Your account cannot be deactivated until the remaining days of your subscription have elapsed. Your subscription expiration date can be found in the subscriptions section of your account settings.
  • Zoosk allows you to deactivate your account once your subscription expires.

6. Do i Need to Contact Zoosk to Ensure Your Account is Deleted ?

Its Totally Depend on you.

7. Why can’t I deactivate my Zoosk account ?

Zoosk’s account deletion process is somewhat complex, and you can only deactivate your account from the site. To permanently delete your account, you must first remove Zoosk from access to your Facebook profile, and then contact Zoosk.


In case you wish to return, go to Zoosk. Just key in your email and password to activate the account once again. The point to be noted is that you are not entitled to any subscription or the benefits that would have existed on the date of deactivation.

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