How to Kiss a Girl | Make Your Kiss Erotic (15+ Tips & Steps)

A kiss is an act of physical intimacy that shows affection and creates deep bonding between two people. It can be brief, passionate, intense, or long, slow, and gentle. A kiss can also indicate love, passion, and sexual desire.

People’s first kisses are as varied as their personalities. Some are sweet, some are awkward, and some are a little painful. But whether you’re leaning in for an icebreaker kiss or your thousandth with a partner, there’s always room to increase the erotic energy. 

In this blog, I will give you 15+ tips and steps to kiss a girl and make your kiss erotic. 

How to kiss a girl?

Kissing a girl is an art. It’s something you have to learn and perfect in time. Kissing is an intimate act that only becomes perfect with experience. You need to be comfortable with your partner before you can really enjoy kissing them or sharing this momentous expression of passion, love, and affection.

Kissing is a very important part of a relationship. It’s the best way to show your feelings toward someone without saying a word. And it’s a wonderful way to express yourself when words simply aren’t enough! When done right, kissing can be just as much of an emotional experience for both parties involved as it is physical pleasure for the one doing all the kissing (and receiving).

How to make your kiss erotic?

Kissing is the most exciting and intimate act between two people. The average person spends roughly 20,160 minutes of their life kissing. This means trying new things is important, especially when it comes to keeping your relationship with your partner healthy. 

It’s also one of the most pleasurable activities in the world, so there’s no reason we should ever get bored of doing it. What are the tips for kissing a girl? Basically, try to avoid being sloppy and awkward, because there’s nothing sexy about that! 

You want an erotic kiss that gets you both hot and bothered. Here are five ways to make sure your kisses are as erotic as possible:

1. Get into the right mindset.

2. Don’t rush it!

3. Use your tongue wisely

4. Find out what kind of kisser he is

5. Put your hands to good use

15+ Tips & Steps to kiss a girl

However, there are some tips and steps you need to consider before you attempt any type of lip-on-lip action:

Steps  to kiss a girl and make it erotic:

Step 1: Lean in and kiss her.

Step 2: Get close to the girl before you lean in.

Step 3: Kiss her tenderly, on the lips.

Step 4: If she doesn’t pull away, move on to French kissing.

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds, then go back to regular kissing.

Step 6: After you’ve been kissing for a little while, break the kiss and look into her eyes. If she returns your gaze and doesn’t look away, she probably wants a kiss!

Step 7: Lean in closer if she doesn’t move away. If she backs away, don’t take it too personally — it probably just wasn’t the right time for her.

Tips to kiss a girl and make it erotic:

Do not get tensed

If you want to make your kiss unforgettable, then you need to work hard for it. Relax your mind and try to make your lips as soft as possible. Move your lips gently over her lips.

Don’t force yourself into her mouth. You should be able to feel the natural flow of the kiss. If you notice that she moves a certain way, follow that movement. 

Be consistent and show her that you are in control of the situation. Some women really like passionate kissing while others might not like it so much. The only way to find out is by practicing and feeling what works best for you and your partner.

Make sure that when you’re kissing, there’s no tension between the two of you. If you are tense or nervous, then she might feel it too and this can ruin the moment completely.

Prepare to kiss a girl by making things romantic.

The girl you’re about to kiss may be nervous, so try and make the moment as romantic as possible. If she sees that you’re relaxed and confident, it will be easier for her to feel relaxed and confident too!

How do you do that? It’s all about setting the mood. Turn on some music (slow is best) and light a few candles. If you live in a dorm room with your roommate, he’ll probably oblige if you ask him nicely to give you guys some peace and privacy.

You can even set the mood by simply turning on a low-light lamp or closing your blinds so no one else can see.

Initiate the kiss.

If you’re very confident, it won’t be a problem to ask her something like “Can I kiss you?” But, the reality is that most guys find this question very difficult. If you’re one of them, here’s a trick that will help you to get her permission without asking it directly.

Simply look at her lips and wait until she notices them. She will feel your desire and she’ll most definitely send you a sign that she wants a kiss too (for example biting her lower lip).

Lean in for the kiss at the right moment.

You should lean in for the kiss at the right moment. Some of those moments include when you’re both looking into each other’s eyes when you’re alone with her, flirting with each other, and many others.

There are many wrong moments to kiss a girl too. These include when she says she has to go, when she’s distracted with something else, and most importantly: When she’s about to leave.

Touch her hair.

It’s a great way to show affection while you’re kissing.

When you touch her hair, keep it gentle and don’t pull.

You can run your fingers through her hair, play with her hair, caress her hair or just tousle it slightly.

Keep your lips soft.

The first thing to remember is to keep your lips soft and supple. The pressure you’ll apply should be very subtle and usually won’t require much effort.

That said, it never hurts to ensure your lips are moist, especially if you are trying to make things erotic- an erotic kiss!

A few things that can help with this:

  • Moisturize. There are lip balms on the market that are specifically designed to make your lips more kissable, although any moisturizer will do in a pinch. If you’re going on a date soon, be sure to have one of these handy with you so it’s not a scramble at the last minute (or worse: in the moment).
  • Drink water. Any time throughout the day that’s good for hydration is also great for keeping your lips plump and full (and therefore “better” for kissing). Try drinking plenty of water before going on a date or heading out with friends if you know there may be potential kissing involved later.

Make it last a few seconds longer than feels normal.

Another great way to make a kiss more passionate is by taking your time with it. There’s no need to rush. As you kiss her, extend the moment a few seconds longer than feels normal. This will keep her wanting more.

During these few extra seconds, drawback and look into her eyes while still holding onto the contact of your lips on hers. Now move forward again, but this time put your hand behind her head or on the side of her face as you kiss her. The reason this movie works so well is that it lets you change up the regular routine of kissing so it doesn’t get old or boring for either one of you

Try to breathe through your nose at first.

It’s a good idea to keep breathing through your nose if you can, at least until things get more passionate. The tongue is full of bacteria and it’s not necessarily dirty or unhygienic, but it is different from the air in your lungs. So when you breathe out of your mouth, you’re really sending a strong message to the other person that you want them to kiss back.

But if the kiss starts out with both parties breathing through their noses instead of their mouths, then you don’t have this problem at all—and both people are more likely to relax and enjoy the kiss without feeling like they have to do something back!

Use your hands to hold her and caress her body.

Let’s talk about hands. When you start kissing a girl, you can use your hands to help hold her and caress her body.

There are all kinds of ways to use your hands when you kiss:

  • Use one or two hands to hold her face, neck, or upper back.
  • Move both your hands around her waist and place them on her lower back. You can pull her in as she pushes into you, creating tension/release which is fun for both of you.
  • Put one hand on the side of her neck and stroke the back with your fingers. This is a super sensual move… especially if you run your fingers through the hair at the base of her skull.

Close your eyes and focus on her lips, not hers.

When you first start kissing after staring, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to kiss this girl; imagine flying to Mars with her and building a home together.

hen shoot back down to earth and think about what this kiss could lead to in the future. But don’t get too excited because if your pupils are too dilated when you look at each other’s eyes, she’ll know something is up! 😉 After you’ve reeled your mind in from fantasizing about becoming an astronaut with this girl, open your eyes slowly and look at how cute she looks right now, kissing in the moonlight under the stars… or streetlight… or whatever light is present while you’re kissing outside.

Pull back naturally at the end of the kiss and compliment her on how she kisses!

After the kiss is over, naturally pull back and look at her. Tell her how good the kiss was and how great she is at kissing. Notice any changes in her eyes: Did they widen? Did they squint? Did you make a connection with each other?

If you think this is all too much to remember, that’s okay… I have covered you with a list of all these steps right here. This will help you if your memory gets a little hazy when there’s so much on the line!

  • Observe her body language to make sure she wants to kiss first
  • Move closer to her and give short kisses on the cheek or anywhere on the face
  • Once she responds positively, gently makes eye contact before leaning in for the final kiss
  • Start by gently caressing her lips with yours and see how she reacts – if it feels right, press harder and let your tongue explore inside her mouth
  • Kiss passionately but remember not everything needs to be hard – be gentle sometimes too!

Who kisses whom?

In some cultures, kissing is not a regular part of the culture (e.g., in parts of Africa). In others (e.g., in most of North America), it is considered impolite not to greet someone by kissing them on the cheek. The practice can also be seen as a sign of friendship or goodwill.

Of course, if you are in a romantic relationship with someone, you may kiss him or her on the lips at any time!

In some countries, kissing on the lips is more common than in others. Some people may consider it inappropriate to kiss someone they are not romantically involved with while others may find it perfectly normal. It all depends on your cultural background and upbringing.

How do you know when to kiss someone?

Many signs indicate when someone wants to be kissed: prolonged eye contact; touching your face; leaning toward you; smiling at you; holding hands; playing with your hair; etc.

Kissing a girl is a big deal. It’s something to be planned out, thought over, and re-thought.

 If it goes wrong, she’ll never want to kiss you again. If it goes right, well… you get the idea. So if you really want to make this first kiss one she’ll never forget, read on and follow these steps.

Try to find some privacy. This isn’t necessary for the kiss itself, but it will make things easier for the two of you before you get started. And if you are in private, then take advantage of it—you won’t have to stop kissing her when your friend walks by or the bus pulls up and there isn’t someone else with their nose in your business.

Make eye contact. When it looks like she’s ready for a kiss (she’s probably looking at your lips), look at her eyes and slowly move your gaze back to her mouth. Making eye contact will let her know that you’re serious about this.

Take the initiative; don’t ask permission! A girl likes a guy who takes control of the situation… assuming that he doesn’t do anything stupid or dangerous with his control-taking ability. And if she doesn’t want to be kissed, she’ll tell you.

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