Zap Over the Zoosk: How to See Messages Without Subscribing

Is there a possibility at all to see Zoosk’s message without subscribing? If so, what’s the point of paying a subscription at all? 

The point to bear in mind is that Zoosk has free membership and a paid or premium one. The fact is you can see others messages but cannot send a mail-in reply or message to anybody too! The whole idea is to lure you into subscribing. But ‘Lures’ have a solution.

How to see messages on Zoosk without subscribing?

All you have to do is apply for a credit card or a gift card. You would have to register to get it, and it would be a trial one with just seven days validity. It’s a prepaid card too, and you have to use this while applying for Zoosk. Now, you need not worry about a subscription, and the card does expire. The main objective was to get into Zoosk membership, and that has been accomplished!

Renew the subscription. This is the way Zoosk attracts you with special offers, and you are unsure of the sender.

How to see messages on Zoosk without subscribing? Guide

How To View Zoosk Messages Without Subscribing Or Paying ?

  1. Get Zoosk
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on the message you want to read
  4. Scroll down to “Show All Messages” and click it
  5. A list of all messages will appear, with a checkmark next to the ones that are unread
  6. To delete an old conversation, click on its title in the list (the one with the blue banner) and then click Delete Conversation at the top of your screen.
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How To Send Messages On Zoosk Without Paying/Free ?

  1. Open the Zoosk app and click on the “Messages” tab
  2. Tap on a person you want to message
  3. On the new screen, tap “Send Message”
  4. In the text box that pops up, type your message
  5. Press “Send” when you’re done typing your message
  6. You’ll get a confirmation once it’s sent!

How To Read Zoosk Messages Without Subscription or Paying or Free ?

  1. Zoosk is a dating and social networking site
  2. You can read messages without subscribing to the service
  3. There are two ways to do this – one way is by using your friend’s account, and the other way is by hacking into their account
  4. The first step in reading messages without subscription is finding out if your friend has an account on Zoosk
  5. If they have an account you can use it for free as long as you know their password
  6. If they don’t have an account or refuse to give you their password then there are two ways to hack into their account – either through Facebook or through email.

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How To Message Someone On Zoosk Without Paying ?

  1. Sign up for Zoosk
  2. Search for people to message
  3. Choose someone you are interested in and send them a message!
  4. If they respond, keep the conversation going and see where it goes from there!
  5. Remember to be polite when messaging people online or you might get ignored
  6. This is a great way to meet new people without having to spend money on dating sites!

How To Get Zoosk Messages For Free ?

  1. Download a Zoosk app for your phone
  2. Create an account with the username and password of your choosing
  3. Enter in some basic information about yourself, such as age, height, weight, etc.
  4. Upload a photo of yourself that looks good on the site so people can see what you look like
  5. Follow these steps to get free messages from Zoosk!
  6. If you’re still having trouble getting messages after following these steps then email and they will help out as soon as possible!
  7. Have fun meeting new people by using this amazing service!
  8. Remember to check back regularly for updates and more tips on how to get free messages from Zoosk!

How To Chat On Zoosk Without Paying ?

  1. Zoosk is a popular dating site that offers free chat and messaging
  2. The catch is that you have to pay for the upgraded service, which includes sending messages, chatting with people in your area, and more
  3. You can avoid this by using their browser extension – it’s available on Chrome and Firefox
  4. This will let you talk to anyone without paying anything!
  5. It won’t give you all of the features of the paid version, but it’ll save you money while still letting you enjoy yourself
  6. Downloading the browser extension also lets Zoosk know that they need to improve their system so everyone can use it for free!
  7. If they don’t change anything about their pricing structure then they’re going to lose out on potential customers who want an easy way to chat online without spending any money first
  8. Connect with friends or make new ones now by downloading this extension today!
  9. Click here for instructions on how to download zoosk’s browser extension onto your computer (link).
  10. Be sure not delete zoosks from your extensions list either because if you do then when someone sends a message from zoosk it won.
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How to Unlock Zoosk Messages Without Subscribing ?

  1. Zoosk is a popular dating app that allows you to create a profile and browse other profiles
  2. You can send messages without subscribing for $5 per month, but it’ll cost you $3 each time you reply
  3. There are three ways to unlock this privilege – by inviting friends, completing offers, or purchasing coins
  4. Inviting friends will get you 10 free credits and 5 for the friend who accepts your invitation
  5. Completing offers will give you up to 100 free credits if they’re quick and easy e-mails or surveys like Google Opinion Rewards
  6. Coins can be purchased in packs of 25 for $10 or 50 for $20 (you’ll need at least 200 coins)


You can be confident that you will receive specific messages from time to time with attractive words. The problem is that you think it’s from one of those singles who is responding to your request made earlier. Unfortunately, you cannot read the message unless you pay or renew the subscription. This is the way Zoosk attracts you with special offers, and you are unsure of the sender.

2. How to send free messages on Zoosk? 

 You may not have subscribed to a particular dating online site. You could be attracted to a person in it, and if you try messaging that person, it would never reach her. A few dating sites do permit, but Zoosk would not allow it. In other words, you need to be s member. 

Zoosk, from their perspective, is correct with this approach as only people with a severe intent to date should participate in their site. 

There is an idea to circumvent this, but it would last only for a couple of days. The idea is to decide whether you are impressed with the dating site and would be worthy enough to join it. Sign up for a seven-day trial by using a prepaid card, and within these seven days, any offer from Zoosk is yours too. For example, messages, smart picks, chatting is all possible. 

Zoosk would demand a subscription fee once the seven days are over. If it had been a credit card initially, they would have taken it automatically, but with a prepaid credit card, that possibility is ruled out. The prepaid card gives you the option of quitting if you do not like the app at all.

3. How can you tell whether a person in Zoosk is a subscriber or not? 

The doubt always lingers in the user’s mind whether the person they are in contact with is an authentic subscriber or not. To have this doubt cleared, all one has to do is: 

• You can spot their profile picture next to other users.

• A green dot can be seen next to the user’s name. This shows that they are subscribers and active too. The choice of the device you are using to access Zoosk does not matter.

4. Zoosk read messages without subscribing

True that a non-subscriber to Zoosk can participate in many activities. One of Zoosk’s constraints is to prevent you from seeing/reading any messages even if addressed to you. This is the tactic used by Zoosk to make you a full-time member paying a regular subscription.

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