How to write a dating profile for a man

A good profile will paint a picture for you. Apart from having a beautiful profile photo that piques curiosity, the greatest strategy to attract your ideal match is to write an outstanding “about me” section. 

In this article, you will get to know about how to write a dating profile that will attract gorgeous, intelligent women online and entice them to really respond to your messages. So, without any ado let’s get to the point. 

How to write a dating profile for a man

Your photo has grabbed her interest, and your username and headline have wooed her. What’s next? The thing you write. It’s important to get this properly done because it’s the foundation of your online dating identity.

Follow these for writing appealing:

  1. Avoid obvious or cliched lines, as well as anything that has a negative connotation. Your profile should be interesting and appealing. 
  1. When writing a personal profile, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do. According to a study, summarising all of your qualities in the lowest amount of space is unsuccessful when it comes to presenting yourself to qualified and competent potential suitors.
  1. Everybody can come up with a list of descriptors that may or may not accurately describe their genuine personality. How do you demonstrate that you are a good guy and that you know what you want in a date? Think and jot it down. Then, come up with three- six stories in which you are shown as having these attributes.
  1. Words like passionate, competitive, adventurous, committed, focused, determined, and artistic should not be avoided. Women will seek you out if you use a little mystery in your adjective choice.
  1. Do not just start your profile with a summary of your general information.
  1. You might embellish your condition or create a complex storey that reflects who you are. Encourage your viewers to imagine themselves on a thrilling ride with you. If she isn’t up to it, let her know that you will not be insulted if she continues to shop.
  1. Women want to know that you are self-assured, intelligent, daring, and successful. Concentrate your profile’s body on expressing those parts of your personality. It’s surprising how far a little imagination can take you.
  1. Make a link between your profile text and the headline so your reader can connect the two. 

Why do you need to write better on your dating profile?

If your images contradict what you claim in your profile, she’ll probably get the impression that something isn’t quite right. Consider one or two statements that you’d like ladies who see your profile to associate with you. Next, review your profile and photos to ensure that everything supports this image.

Why is good dp needed for a dating profile?

Your dating profile will be made or broken by your primary photo (display picture). Hiring a professional to take your photo in a natural setting is a great option.

 A group of neuroscientists identified the most enticing characteristics shared by successful display photos for dating profiles. They’ll work on any date or app just as well.

Remember these easy DOs and DON’Ts:

Choose photos in which you are the focus. Show off your hobbies and interests in your images to demonstrate a lifestyle she wants to be a part of. Use at least three, but no more than seven, images. DO NOT post any ab-shots or images of yourself half-naked (they don’t work). Don’t make use of raunchy or seductive images. 

Tip: don’t choose from photographs taken with a flash because it adds 7 years to your age.

The bottom line: Choose which aspects of your personality you want to highlight; start with a captivating introduction; show your reader who you are with personal stories; finish by letting ladies know what you’re searching for; and then encourage them to send you a message.

Creating a profile that attracts good looking women is difficult. Consider hiring a dating profile writer if you don’t have the time or are tired of not getting dates. 

All the best!

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