Green Circle Meaning in Detail: Question is a 1995-launched online dating app and website operated by The Match Group. The dating software is available on Google Play or the iOS store and may be used on a computer, a phone, or a tablet. Some people might be turned off by the fact that many people still use the app for casual dating.

One of the most common queries that individuals have is about the quality of singles on While some profiles were incomplete, it appeared that Match had done a good job of weeding out the fraudulent profiles. The fact that the site has a large number of users does not imply that it is of high quality.

When you are talking to someone you surely want to know if that person is online or when she/he was last online. Or maybe you just want to make sure if that person is just talking to a few or he/she is spending the whole day there, which determines whether or not the match is a quality one. On Match, each coloured circle denotes a particular activity condition. So today I am going to walk you through the details about these coloured circles. Green Circle Meaning in Detail

The circle indicates whether or not someone is currently active or online. The green open circle you describe denotes that he has been active recently, or that he has been online recently. 

He/she is not now online, however, if the circle is filled in (a solid green circle), he/she is currently online. 

The more recent they’ve been on, the smaller the hole or the closer it is to getting filled in. If there is no circle icon at all, that signifies there has been no activity for at least a month. Question

What is the significance of the yellow circle on the match?

If someone has checked in within the last 72 hours, a dot or a circle will appear next to their name on a profile. If someone’s name has an empty yellow circle next to it, that suggests they’ve been online for between 24 and 72 hours.

What is the significance of the yellow dot on a match?

The member’s last activity was between 24 and 72 hours ago. Empty Yellow Circle: Recently active: the member’s last activity was between 24 and 72 hours ago. You’ll notice more precise information in some locations, such as “Active yesterday” or “Active 2 days ago.” There isn’t a dot or a circle: The member’s last activity was more than 72 hours ago, making them inactive.

What is the best way to know if someone is active on Match?

If someone’s name has a green dot next to it, that means they’ve been online in the last 45 minutes. If someone’s name has a green circle next to it, they were online between 46 minutes and 24 hours ago.

What does a purple star on a match signify?

This is a Super Swipe with a star. You are expressing that you have already said “Yes” to this member’s profile by sending a Super Swipe.

On a match, what does the blue circle mean?

Yellow denotes compatibility. They’ve sent you a message, which is indicated by the colour blue.

Is it possible to dislike someone on Match?

To dislike someone, go to the match, go to the “people you like” page, find them, and click the gold star.

What happens if you block someone on

When you block someone on Match, your emails go away, you don’t appear in their search results, and they can’t see when you’re online.

Is it possible to tell if someone read your match message?

If you’ve opened your Message, you’ll notice “Read” in grey letters beneath the Message, along with a timestamp. Every sent Message will have an Email Read Notification status if you’re using the Match app. When you purchase Email Read Notification, it will appear in all of your Inbox message threads.

Is it worthwhile to pay for a match?

Yes, if you’re 28 or older and looking for a long-term partner. You’ll find plenty of high-quality matches because it’s one of the top dating services for single professionals. And if you’re over 50 and looking for love, it’s without a doubt the greatest site for you.

Is it possible to check how many times your profile has been viewed?

The “Views” feature at the top of any internet page will show you the profiles of everyone who has viewed you in the last 30 days. The number of new views since you last checked is updated in real-time by a counter on the tab; it clears as soon as you click into the section itself.

The bottom line

The person was last online between 46 minutes and 24 hours ago, as indicated by the empty green circle. The user was last online between 24 and 72 hours ago, as indicated by the empty yellow circle. If there is no circle at all, that means the user hasn’t logged on in over 72 hours.

I hope this was helpful.

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