Mobile Dating: Gets Digital Facelift with Match 3.0

Dating apps are making it simple to locate the ideal match at any time and from any location. This post focuses on how to create a dating app so that you can focus on your company idea. Thanks to apps like Tinder, we now have a better chance of finding love.

Millennials have been at the forefront of revolutionising the dating business and gaining widespread acceptance of online dating. 12 per cent of 18-29-year-olds say they’ve been in a relationship with someone they met online. There are now over 1,500 dating apps or websites vying for the attention of unmarried men and women.

There was some good news for daters who want to discover love using their phones.’s long-awaited and extremely user-friendly Match 3.0 for iPhone users was introduced today. The message is unmistakable. Your mobile phone has everything to do with your ability to discover love online.

What is match 3.0?

The Match mobile app is no longer a replica of the online dating site’s desktop edition. The redesigned app now has a “Discover” page that incorporates two new features: “Stream” and “Mixer.” You may upload photos directly to the app in a number of places. You’ll notice a familiar aesthetic because each profile has a cover photo that looks like it belongs on Facebook.

Mobile dating users will recognise the new “Mixer,” since it may resemble Tinder. Users can now see a single profile and swipe left or right to pass or give your potential date the thumbs up to begin speaking. Many mobile dating applications are already including the swipe effect as a standard feature.

Match is enabling users to sign up on their mobile phones for the first time, as opposed to the desktop version. Over 55 per cent of their users use their mobile app to send emails and mobile accounts for 50 per cent of signups. For those ready to pay with a credit card, they’ve now openly highlighted their membership prices as well as the perks.

The bottom line

There are a lot of dating apps on the market, and you want yours to be the best. You’ll be able to figure out why your competitors are successful or unsuccessful if you do a thorough analysis of them. You can apply this knowledge to your own business and create a successful app similar to Tinder.

Users can now examine a single profile and swipe left or right to pass or give a thumbs up to a possible date. Over 55% of Match members use their mobile app to send emails, according to the company. They’re allowing customers to join up on their phones for the first time, rather than using the desktop version.

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