NSA? FWB? BFF? We Need a New Lexicon for Modern Dating { With Each thing Explained }

When was the last time you were in a situation where you couldn’t decipher the meaning of the abbreviation your crush or date used? Or when was it that you used an abbreviation and your crush or date was like, “what does this mean?” 

If you could relate to the second question then let’s laugh together because I have had such a situation once and I was a hell lot of frustrated due to the fact that I have a crush on such a person who doesn’t understand the most common abbreviation. 

And if you could relate to the first question then buddy I need a sympathy hug because I am a noob in all these abbreviation talks. In this blog, we will talk about some most common abbreviations such as BFF, FWB, and NSA. don’t worry, I will surely tell you more than just these. Continue reading.

NSA? FWB? BFF? With Each thing Explained 

So coming back to the topic, let us now see what these words mean. I will explain to you the meaning of them in simple language:

NSA: The acronym NSA stands for ‘No Strings Attached.’ When people want a relationship but don’t want to commit, this is the situation. 

Although this is similar to an open relationship, it does not usually imply that persons in NSA partnerships will see other people. Many people prefer NSA connections because they do not want to be tied down to just one person.

FWB: The acronym stands for “friends with benefits.”. When two people are in a sexual connection, but there is no love or feelings involved, it is referred to as ‘friends with benefits.’ Identical to the film of the same name. FWB’relationships’ is, without a doubt, the way to go for a lot of millennials.

The entire FWB dynamic is difficult to handle for anyone. According to a study, 31% of FWBs end up with no lasting friendship. After the advantages expire, 15-17 percent advance to a love relationship, while 45-51 percent remain friends. It could just take a lot of open communication, patience, and adhering to basic ground rules.

BFF: the acronym stands for “Best friend forever”. A friend who is more than a sister or brother to you or let’s say he or she is someone who is one of the most important parts of your life is called a BFF. 

We use this acronym when we have to describe to someone that this friend of ours is not just a best friend but is a forever friend. A true BFF is the one who you can rely on. You know deep in your heart that they will always be by your side no matter how angry they are or whatever. You know they will show up for you when you are in need or have any problem. 

frequently asked questions

When Should You Use Acronyms?

We abbreviate long terminology to make our work easier to read, particularly when they’re used frequently or you are feeling lazy to type. If you frequently use the phrase “TTYL,” for example, instead of “Talk to you later” is a good suggestion because it is easier to read.

Also, when you use these acronyms during the chat, it is much easier to type and it saves time too. But did you know there are many people who don’t understand these acronyms? And when you are chatting with such people, it gets a little frustrating.

The only solution is that there’s typically no need to employ an acronym if a term is only used once or twice. Avoid using too many abbreviations because it is difficult to understand. Or if you’re going to use an abbreviation, make sure you define it first so your reader understands what it means.

Some common acronyms daters use

I’ve seen people use the following terms to describe the people with whom they were romantically or sexually connected in the recent week:

  1. BF/ GF (girlfriend and boyfriend)
  2. Sex Friend (with whom you are just having sex)
  3. Fuckbuddy (like a sexy friend but not a friend)
  4. Booty Call
  5. ONS (one night stand)
  6. Sketchy Hookup
  7. Kindred Spirit
  8. Paramour
  9. Co-conspirator (someone you’re sort of seeing, but not in any official sense) Boything/Girlthing
  10. Main squeeze
  11. Special someone
  12. Date (someone you took on a date)
  13. Date With Benefits / Sexy Date (someone you took on a date and subsequently had sex with)

Can such a relationship turn into a romantic relationship?

Perhaps yes, but don’t keep your hopes high for the relationship to turn into something more than the current status. Honestly, if you are just sex buddies or doing a one-night-stand then know that you are only going to hurt yourself trying to extract love from them for you because starting a new relationship takes a lot and doesn’t happen in a blink. 

The bottom line

So, when Should You Use Acronyms? When you feel like the person you are talking to is knowledgeable enough to understand it. and, if the person is understanding then please don’t overwhelm him or her with a lot of acronyms. 

Avoid using too many abbreviations because it is difficult to understand. Or if you’re going to use an abbreviation, make sure you define it first.

I hope this was helpful. If you want to know more about these kinds of stuff then let me know in the comments, I will try to cover up everything you ask me to write about.

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