Smart Dating Advice for Women Over 60 Looking For True Love

Are you 60+ already? I doubt that considering your boldness and glow! (Oops don’t mind me flirting.) As an over 60s woman, you’ll be doing a bunch of dating. Going on a lot of dates is good practice and will help you improve your ability to read people. 

When meeting new people, there should be no expectations. The most important dating rule is to do things that you enjoy. If you enjoy museums, look for special events that will draw a crowd, or go browse the book if you enjoy reading.

In this article, I will fill you up with some things to keep in mind to date smart and as a result, find your True Love.

Smart Dating Advice for Women Over 60 Looking For True Love

For women over 60, smart dating entails adopting a dating strategy that is similar to a successful job search strategy. With each new date, try not to get your hopes up. Consider it an opportunity to get to know another human being. 

Some dating tips for women over 60 that I would give are as follow:

Seek a friendly connection first: Take a look around and eye talk with people. Make a move if you see someone interesting. It makes no difference what the “move” is. Just keep in mind to be genuine. You’re not looking for your soul mate (although it would be nice to find him).

Maintain a flexible mindset: Don’t put stop to your interactions, even if things are going well with someone. Continue to date other men and be open about it if asked until you’re ready to commit to just one.

Put forward what you seek: List the things you can’t live with him doing or being if you’re looking for a partner. These items will be unique to you and should be brief and precise. If you have a long list, you might be too picky and end up missing out.

Take time: One of the reasons to avoid going on a first date right away is that you might be able to weed out some men and avoid some dreaded first dates. Before meeting in person, communicate a little for a week or two.

Mutually decide the venue: A lunch date or something similar is ideal. You’re not stuck waiting for a meal if things don’t work out; if everything is going well, you can linger. My first date was a disaster, made even worse because I let him persuade me to meet at a romantic restaurant. Choose a location where you’ve visited before so you’ll feel at ease and know where everything is.

Go by yourself: Do not allow a man to persuade you to let him pick you up at your home, or suggest that he does so. Don’t tell him where you live just yet. If he’s already displaying one or more of your stumbling blocks, think twice about going on a date with him. 

Don’t be overly done: If you’re going on a date, make sure you’re clean and your clothes don’t stink. I usually wore appealing sweaters or knit tops with well-fitting jeans on the first date. If there’s a chance you’ll be walking, put on some sensible shoes. No matter how good you think your breath is, take a mint before your date.

Always maintain a courteous and polite demeanour: Don’t take up too much of the conversation. On a first date, complaining about relatives (even if justified) can make you appear critical and stodgy. If you’re paying for the date, never, ever complain about the price. It gives the impression that you regret taking them out.

Don’t rush intimacy: I believe that having sex on the first date, for women over 60 or anyone, is a huge mistake. Don’t let sex ruin what could otherwise be the perfect relationship for you. It’s far safer and wiser to wait until you’ve established a committed, monogamous relationship in which everything feels right. Believe me when I say that sex will be better because it will come from a place of love and not from a place of lust.

Don’t fool around: If you have problems that will affect your potential relationship, tell him about them right away. If these are deal-breakers for him, it’s best to get them out in the open and avoid hurting each other or getting your hopes up. Inquire if he has any issues that are similar to yours. It is always better to talk rather than play with someone’s emotions.

The bottom line

Contrary to the popular belief that older men prefer younger women, the majority of 60-year-olds prefer to be in a relationship with someone their own age. That’s because most older men are looking for someone with whom they can share a common interest, cultural legacy, and a warm personality.

The point to note is that if one partner dies, the person left behind may be able to make a claim on their estate, regardless of what they said in their will. Consider a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement, as well as a declaration of trust.

At last, I would say, if you finally find the one for you, don’t let the relationship ruin because of small things. Life is too short to doubt your feeling of true love… at least at the age of 60+.

Wishing you luck.

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