What Does The Heart And Check Mark Mean On Bumble?

Bumble is becoming increasingly popular, and you are most likely one who wants to learn more about it. Most users only know the app’s basics and don’t know how it works. You can date someone on Bumble if your connections match and he or she is interested in you, find new acquaintances, and network with individuals in your area.

Bumble is a new app that allows you to message other users depending on your location by swiping right or left on their profiles. Swiping right signifies you’re “interested in a person,” whereas swiping left means you’re not interested in anyone.

If you’re new to Bumble, you’re probably feeling like a gen y trying to figure out how to use a new dating app – but don’t worry, I’m here to assist you! For new users on Bumble, the heart and the checkmark are two strange symbols.

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What is the meaning of Heart on Bumble?

Bumble’s heart symbol is the SuperSwipe. 

A SuperSwipe is the Tinder equivalent of a Super Like, as you might expect, but Bumble‘s marketing experts cleverly disguised this fact with that clever name change. Someone truly likes you if you get one of these. 

A SuperSwipe is a super-like that appears for everyone without requiring them to swipe right on you first. SuperSwipes are included in your Boost or Premium membership, and you can also purchase them with Bumble Coins. 

However, Bumbles appears to be phasing out coins, which makes sense given that they were essentially a hat on a hat with two expensive alternatives.

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What is SuperSwipe? and how does it work?

One of the paid features is SuperSwipe, which tells a possible match that you’d like to learn more about or are interested in.

How it works is as follows:

  1. To let someone know you’re interested in them, tap the Heart icon on their profile.
  2. Whether you’re interested in learning more about them or not, you’ll be notified.
  3. 2 Bumble coins are required for each SuperSwipe.
  4. Only once you’d found a few suitable partners could you buy as many as 20 Bumble coins at once.

What is the meaning of the yellow heart on Bumble?

The Yellow Heart Icon on Bumble can be the sign of Bumble Superswipe, a rather limited feature that can be enabled by purchasing one Bumble Coin.

You can Superswipe pages by touching the heart symbol, which will send them a notification you want them to see before swiping you. 

Bumble believes that utilizing the ideal Bumble profile can significantly improve your chances of finding a match.

What is the Checkmark on Bumble?

Bumble’s checkmark signifies that a person has been verified. 

Bumble is the first dating app to use real-time photo verification in the United States. This may sound fancy, but all it means is that they ask you to snap a brief selfie to prove that you are who your photos claim you are.

On Bumble, verification is a straightforward process. It’s in line with their goal of making online dating more enjoyable. You can confirm your profile by pressing the ‘Verify’ button. You can also ask a match to verify their identity on Bumble if you’d like.

Bumble: Blue Checkmark Icon

The blue checkmark on Bumble could signify that the profile you’re looking at has confirmed itself on Bumble, which means you can be reasonably sure the photographs you see are real and not false.

Note: Don’t mix up the blue checkmark, which represents a verified profile, with the ordinary checkmarks, which correlate to a right swipe on the profile.

Bumble X and Checkmark

If you’re not a fan of swiping pages, you can touch the X to keep a profile or the checkmark to swipe the relevant profile. 

Note: To ensure that these symbols appear for your needs, you must scroll down a little.

What can you do when setting up your profile?

When you are setting up your Bumble account:

  1. Verify Your Profile
  2. Write About Yourself
  3. Add Prompts to Your Profile
  4. Basic Information about Work and Education
  5. Connect your Instagram profile and Spotify profile
  6. Include information such as height, exercise, star sign, educational level, drinking, smoking, pets, looking for, children, religion, and politics.

The bottom line

SuperSwipe is a new tool on The Hive that enables you firmly signal a possible match that you’re interested in them. 

You can notify them by tapping the new heart icon in their Bumble profile. It’s the digital version of approaching someone you’d like to meet, tapping them on the shoulder, and saying hello. 

A single Bumble coin is required for each SuperSwipe; you can buy up to 20 coins at once for usage in the app right away.

A blue tick always indicates a confirmed account on any social media site. Therefore, the blue tick indicates that the account has been verified.

Initially, Photo Verification was implemented to keep you secure and pleased. You can now flirt, connect, and network with confidence, knowing that the person you’re speaking with is who they claim to be by asking them to verify themselves on Bumble.

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