Which dating app has the most users

Lets Find out Which dating app has the most users here.

Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, among other mobile-based apps, have boosted the popularity of dating apps. 

In this article, I will tell you about the most popular dating apps and their number of users.

Top dating apps: Most users

  1. Tinder: 57 million users
  2. Badoo: 200 million users
  3. Bumble: 100 million users
  4. Hinge: 1.2 million users
  5. Tantan: 20 million users
  6. Happn: 50 million users
  7. Grindr: 13 million users
  8. Plenty of fish: 

Tinder revolutionised the online dating business with a simple technique of swiping right if you’re interested and left if you’re not. It simplified dating, but it also shifted the focus away from long-term partnerships and toward casual hook-ups and clichéd openings.

With over a million registered users, Badoo is the most downloaded dating app on the planet. Match.com and its associated sites have lost market share as a result of it.

The rise of Bumble has signalled a shift in dating beliefs, as users have begun to reject Tinder’s casual hook-up culture. Bumble is a free dating app in which women must initiate contact first. If the guy does not respond within 24 hours, the possible dates are lost. Bumble also offers a BFF option to assist you in meeting new people, but it isn’t our main focus.

Then came an IAC-owned app, Hinge, that shifted its entire platform to focus on long-term relationships.

One of the most popular is Tantan, which is run by Mono, a Chinese social search company. Although casual dating is not as popular in China as it is in the West, Tantan, dubbed “China’s Tinder,” has amassed a sizable user base of singles, especially college students.

As with the other apps on the list, which use geography to discover matches in a broad sense, Happn is laser-focused on matching users with people they’ve recently seen.

Although Tinder, Bumble, and most other dating apps feature options for homosexual users, Grindr was the first app designed expressly for LGBTQ people and is still the most popular.

Coming down to the most popular app for older people is Plenty of fish. Plenty of Fish has been operating for the past two decades, making it one of the old establishments. It has successfully moved into the smartphone age, becoming one of the most popular apps among senior citizens.

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Is Badoo better than tinder?

As I write a lot about dating apps, many people including my friends ask me this question so today I decided to write it down in detail. 

Andrey Andreev founded Badoo in 2006, with its maiden launch in Moscow. 

Tinder made its debut on college campuses in 2012 and quickly picked up steam. 

Badoo has a good name for being a hookup site. Though there are a few members that are hoping for a long-term relationship in this app too.

Tinder is also a most famous casual dating app where anyone and everyone can find a date. From homosexual person to trans, everyone is available on tinder to date or be in a long-term relationship.

Badoo has Basic membership is provided free of charge., Signing up is simple because All you’ll need is to provide your email address and phone number to confirm your identity. Connections to real-time locations and lookalike is a feature provided by it. Badoo allows you to start a chat with people nearby and post videos and photos after creating a profile. 

Tinder has a User-friendly interface, Matching based on location and Messages are sent for free. To join Tinder, all you need is a Facebook account. To generate a profile, the app will use all of your information (location, gender, age, work, educational background, and so on). You’ll be able to send messages and meet new individuals after that’s done.

Cons of Badoo are Pay to boost your profile’s visibility, status, and encounters; Credits purchased will expire and there isn’t a matching algorithm.

Cons of Tinder: same as Badoo there isn’t a matching algorithm; there is a limit on swipes and Pay scale depending on age

There are no matching algorithms, thus a match is selected by how much both people enjoy each other. Despite the fact that both sites have a “hookup” image, there are users on both platforms who are hoping for a long-term relationship.

Dating app revenue

In the highest revenue-per-user region, Tinder is the most popular app, especially in North America. 

The high worth of Hinge is due to its demographics, which predominantly consist of North American college students.

 Due to its recent success in the US market, Bumble is the more valuable.

As more people across the world are signing up for dating apps, the industry is likely to develop steadily. 

Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge cater to a wide range of people, from undergraduates to professionals in their forties. 

OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and Match.com, for example, cater to older and more serious partnerships.

Frequently asked question

What is the ratio of men and women using dating apps?

According to a survey conducted by a site, overall there is more than fifty-one per cent of men on dating sites and apps, while women are less than forty-six per cent. 

These online dating statistics vary depending on the site and location. Some dating apps have more women than men and vice versa. 

There are also platforms for the LQBTQ community which makes the ratio differ.

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