Will dating someone else makes my ex jealous [ Top 5 Reasons ]

It’s a complex process after you split with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’re serious about the girl/boy, you don’t want to wait too long because you might miss out. 

Don’t swoop in and take advantage of a terrible situation like a vulture! You must have heard the story of the war between animals and birds where the vulture was the one wrong. Make a delicate move for a girl you genuinely care for.

It takes time to get over a breakup, but when you’re seeing someone new, you want to be sure you are entirely over your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. However, it is common for people to bring up old girlfriends/ boyfriends or talk about previous relationships when starting new ones.

Remember, no one wants to date a guy/girl who is still thinking about their ex. But it is exciting and fun to know if your ex is jealous of your current.

In this blog, I will tell you if your ex is really jealous or he/she just doesn’t care.

Reasons why my ex is jealous of my current

Your ex isn’t over you yet:

Though, it is not a reliable strategy to make your ex jealous by dating someone else. It may cause her or him to move on by hooking up with a new guy/ girl, in some cases, which will make YOU jealous. That is karma!

Jealousy is an unpleasant emotion that most people dislike having to deal with. And it gets more difficult when you are not over the person yet, and they are close with someone else. It breaks you from within; it is not just jealousy but heartbreak.

Your current keeps you happier:

According to a study, people attracts to those people who seem to be happy and are jealous to know if someone in their life is keeping them person happy.

You may show him/her how happy you are by uploading images to Facebook and making them public, so she can view them even if she has unfriended you. 

If your ex discovers that you’ve merely been dating someone else in order to gain her back, she’ll lose even more respect and attractiveness to you.

It is natural to feel bad when you realise that the person you once had in your life is much happier with the person. You do end up feeling jealous.

Your ex can not get you back:

When your ex realize that they can not get you back because of whatever happened between you two, which made you split.

Imagine you want your ex back, but he/she starts to date someone who is just too good and your ex is so much pleased to have them in life, will you be jealous? Will you want to interrupt his/her happiness by asking them to patch up? 

Ask yourself first; keep yourself in their place and feel how they will feel. I understand they have hurt you but if you will do the same then what will be the difference between them and you?

Your current is more beautiful than your ex: 

Your ex will feel jealous when he/she see you dating another lady or man who is more attractive than they are. 

Many men are unaware that women are far more insecure than they let on. If your ex is a girl then there is no doubt she will burn in envy.

Although dating a woman who is physically more appealing than your ex can cause her to feel jealous, it can also help her get over you more quickly. 

Of course, just because your ex is jealous of you doesn’t mean they will suddenly ring you up and be like, “leave that person, I am coming back to you, I love you muuaahhh muuahh muaahh”.

Where do people go wrong when trying to make their ex jealous?

A guy/girl may become so engrossed in a deal to make his ex jealous that he/she loses sight of his initial purpose, which was to win her/him back. Rather than waiting months for him/her to return, her /his ex is initially jealous and then moves on to new men.

It may seem self-evident, but if you want to get your ex back, you must do so. Simply do what works to reclaim her/him. for example, post images of yourself having fun with other ladies/guys and then persuade her/him to meet you in person.

In most circumstances, dating other people to get your ex back might lead to more problems than it solves. 

If you want to get your ex back, it’s usually best to do so by inducing good emotions in her for example respect, attraction, and love.

The bottom line:

When you are dumped or go through a breakup, most individuals act out of character, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re thinking, “Should I make my ex jealous by dating someone?” 

The answer is No; you should not date someone fresh to make your ex jealous. It’s not only unfair to use someone innocent and sincerely likes you, but it could drive your ex further away from you.

Think, introspect, then do anything. 

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