100+ flirty dare questions for him and her

A game of ‘Truth or Dare’ with your partner can help achieve a lot! 

Truth or dare questions for your girlfriend or boyfriend allow you to get candid answers to questions you wouldn’t have asked otherwise, while also injecting some humour and kink romance into your otherwise mundane lives. 

If nothing else, the truth and dare will provide you with some beautiful or perhaps a memorable moment with your partner.

 So, if you’re looking for some good dare questions then you are at the right place!

Flirty dares for him

  1. Say something seductive.
  2. Wink at me every 5 minutes.
  3. Lick your own lips in a sexy manner.
  4. Lick your hand like a cat.
  5. Give a hickey to yourself on your arm.
  6. Suck my toes. (if he has a fetish)
  7. Sick an imaginary ice lolli. 
  8. Lick my arm.
  9. Send me a picture of your one body part which I haven’t seen yet.
  10. As seductively as you can, eat a popsicle.
  11. Directly from the bottle, pour chocolate sauce into your mouth.
  12. Consume an entire tup of ice cream
  13. Make a spur-of-the-moment Facebook post.
  14. Put on a Scottish brogue.
  15. Eat a raw egg whisked together.
  16. Take a spoonful of mustard and eat it.
  17. Put a spoonful of soy sauce in your mouth.
  18. For the rest of the day, don’t say anything.
  19. Make an Instagram live video of yourself dancing.
  20. Put on some sunscreen and have someone rub it on your back. 
  21. Keep your suit on for the remainder of the evening.
  22. In your underwear, eat your next meal.
  23. While blindfolded, someone gives you a one-minute back massage. If you like their style, you can kiss them afterward, but you won’t know who they are.
  24. Dance for 20 seconds with a few ice cubes down your pants.
  25. Send me a picture of yours which you never sent me.
  26. Kiss me in places you haven’t kissed before!
  27. You have 5 minutes to blindfold me and do whatever you want with me.
  28. For the next hour, change your Facebook relationship status every 15 minutes!
  29. I dare you to do a pole dance for me!
  30. Write a love poem to me in 5 minutes.
  31. Please send a screenshot of your most recent searches to me.
  32. Purchase a new piece of clothing for me.
  33. As if you don’t know who I am, you hit on me.
  34. Make a moustache for yourself.
  35. I’d like you to read the first text in your text thread to me.
  36. Take a spoonful of chilli powder and eat it.
  37. Wear all of your clothes backwards.
  38. Take to the street and perform a musical number.
  39. Make up a moon-themed rap song.
  40. Make the best foreign accent you can.
  41. Using your elbow, squeeze lemon juice and lick it.
  42. Tell me about a fantasy you’ve never shared with anyone else.
  43. Tell me something you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t been able to.
  44. I dare you to text me the naughtiest thing you can think of, and I dare you to look for the naughtiest thing you can think of on the internet.
  45. I challenge you to dunk your entire body in melted chocolate.
  46. Kiss a pillow, I dare you.
  47. I challenge you to tell me about your fantasy.
  48. Describe what it is about your favourite body part that makes you tick.
  49. I dare you to spank your butt and send me a video.
  50. Run your hands on you in a sensual way.

Flirty questions for her

  1. Sing a love song for me.
  2. Make a sound that you love the most in bed.
  3. Go to the washroom and put off your bra and come back to play.
  4. Describe the best kiss you’ve ever had.
  5. Demonstrate how you enjoy being cuddled.
  6. Demonstrate how much you enjoy getting massages.
  7. Wink in a seductive and lovely way.
  8. Make every effort to seduce me.
  9. Give me a lap dance.
  10. For a minute, pretend to be a stripper.
  11. Turn inside-out all of your clothes.(the ones on you)
  12. Approach the wall and converse with it as if it were your boyfriend.
  13. Make a phone call to your boyfriend’s mother and tell her she needs to lose weight.
  14. With the person on your right, swap a piece of clothing.
  15. Six ice cubes should be placed down your back.
  16. Allow the player on the opposite side of you to tickle you.
  17. Put on all of your clothes and enter the shower.
  18. Touch your nipples.
  19. Name one movie you’ve ever seen that you wouldn’t recommend to anyone else.
  20. Mention a person or a photo of a person who turns you on every time you see them.
  21. Describe a time when you felt loved, comforted, or cared for in your life.
  22. Describe the kind of man or woman you’d like to meet.
  23. If the game is being played in a restaurant, walk over to the guy sitting at the next table and tell him, “I love you.”
  24. Recharge my phone with Rs 500.
  25. Send me a video of you dancing to any song.
  26. What kind of relationship do you want us to have?
  27. Send me a voice message in which you express your love for me in three romantic ways, and keep our name in your status.
  28. Now is the time to take a picture of yourself and send it to me.
  29. Send me a photo of you with the fewest clothes on.
  30. Send me a photo of what you’re up to right now.
  31. Get a wild makeover for yourself.
  32. Make a demand that you be spanked.
  33. When going out in public, wear your underwear over your trousers.
  34. Take a handful of uncooked rice and eat it.
  35. Wrap duct tape around your hands.
  36. Make a single brow on your face.
  37. Obtain a rectal temperature reading from someone.
  38. For 3 hours, wear socks on your hands in public.
  39. give a hickey on my neck.
  40. Touch me sensually. 
  41. Touch the turn-on part of your partner’s body with your finger.
  42. Touch and point to the part of your partner’s body that you admire and admire the most.
  43. Make a seductive sexy dance, record it, and send it to me.
  44. Close your eyes for a moment. Pick someone at random from your contact list. “I LOVE YOU,” you text when you open your eyes.
  45. Try drawing your best tattoo-like designs on my back with a makeup kit if you have one.
  46. Make a list of the best bedroom experiences you’ve had.
  47. Give three guesses as to what colour underwear each player is wearing.
  48. Describe the worst bedroom experience you’ve ever had.
  49. Persuade me to have a fling with you right now.
  50. Write a short love song and perform it for me.
  51. Persuade me to prepare dinner for you tonight.

Summing up

Perhaps, you want to make certain that you can have a good time together. Choose only those questions which you think won’t offend your partner.

You can find out the craziest thing your partner is willing to do by asking her or him these dare questions.

Have a good time, buddy.

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